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Polk's Miami (Dade County, FLA.) City Directory

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Riding-there are excellent stables in the Miami a. Boating-a great whether you bring your own boat or depend upon local facJhttes. Sailboating also is unusually popula1 in Bisc:: Miami not only offers an opportumty to play, but gives an opportunity to watch and cheer t. Champ1ons m every hne enter the b i g tournaments here, Thrills of Big-Game Fishing-Small Fry, Too More than varieties of fish inhabit the Miami waters, from the big game-fighters of the Gulf Stream to the pan-sized varieties o f bay, canal and stream.

Spe cial licenses for fresh-water fishing are obtained at the Dade County Courthouse and at some fishing camps. Living Costs Miami offers its visitors living costs comparable to similar standards of living in any American city, and also a complete range from the most modest ways of living to the ultra-exclusiveness of the smartest social circles.

Artificial house-heating is seldom necessary; in fact, most homes are built without heating accommodations. All points within the city limits are accessible by bus transfer. Gasoline approximately per gallon. Climate Miami is located in the sub-tropical zone, and sunshine prevails nearly every day of the year. East and southeast winds prevail, bringing air that is literally strained over the Atlantic Ocean.

Miami boasts a healthiul and comfortable climate, with an average temperature o f 81 degrees recorded in August and 69 degrees recorded in January Miami's atmosphere is uncontaminated with dust, smoke or obnoxious gases. Miami is the refuge in winter for thousands o r Northern residents, and in summer, for residents of cities suffering from humidity and heat prostrations. Miami has never had a heat prostration-a point of great importance to everyone.

Fog horns rust for lack of work at Miami, as dense fogs a1e exceedingly rare. The fogs that do occur last only an hour or two and without exception are dissipated during the early morning hours. This condition has p1oved very valuable to aviators for training in safety the year 'round. Health Miami is fast becoming a haven of refuge for many of those unfortunate individuals who are subject to attacks of hay fever, asthma and catarrh. These maladies do not prevail in Miami to the same extent as in other localities.

I t is doubtful if there i s a city in the U S as free from dust, smoke and pollen and ragweed as Miami. Pollen is the irritant in the majority of hay fever cases. For several years Miami has had a definite program of "ragweed eradication," particularly along the wate r front.

The equable climate, free from the sudden changes which prevail in many parts of the country, tends to lessen the incidence of common colds and to make them less serious when they do occur. Extensive studies have been made concerning the effect of smoke, dust and fog on the human system and the extent to which they cause irritation of the respizatory passages.

AU three have a tendency to obscure t o a greater or less degree o! It is because the atmosphere of Miami is so re markably free from these substances, that it offers a wealth of ultra-violet rays unequalled by any city in the U.

S Sufferers from chronic diseases, such as high blood p1es surc, heart and kidney diseases, rheumatism and chronic skin diseases, arc assisted to ultimate recovery by the actinic therapy available in Miami' s constant sunshine. Miami sunshine a n d the remarkable tonic qualities of the salt air have worked cures i n many cases of children suffering hom rickets and other children's diseases. Standards of Housing The City of Miami was incorporated inand has been built along decidedly modernistic lines, with the majority of homes fully equipped, with all modern conveniences.

The cost of materials and construction is suf ficiently low t o enable a great majority of families t o own their own homes. Jt not only furnishes ideal bathing beaches but the sub-tropical waters of the Gulf Stream, with vari eties of game!

Fishing boats are ava1lable da1ly at moderate prices. Musical concerts and public gatherings for cultured residents ; theatres, horse and dog racing, and other commercial amusements are always popular. Included among the recreational activities are tennis, night diamond ball, golf, sailboat racing. Bayfront Park has a beauti ful amphitheatre with a seating capacity of 1, Bor-' de ring on Biscayne Bay, this park is beautifully landscaped with different varieties of plants and trees.

It is indeed a scenic wonderland.

Polk's Miami (Dade County, FLA.) City Directory 1969

This structure has reflectors and one of the finest lighting plants of any minor league ball park. Its cantilevered roof eliminates all posts. Its 9, seats, 2, of which are box seats, 2, reserved, and 3, grandstand, are permanent-type chairs, the la.

Dugouts and dressing rooms are large enough to provide adequate facilities for major league teams here during training season. Date o f completion: July 1, 1 Other major improvements included addition of a permanent west end grandstand Newest addition to the Miami sports skyline and the world' s first Commodore Ralph Munroe Marine Stadium. First of its kind in the nation. Approved for American Power Boat Association racing. Site of diversified racing and water shows. Theatres Metropolitan Miami has 58 motion-picture theatres and seven legitimate theatres.

There are numerous public meeting places, including auditoriums, stadia, arenas, and halls for any type of entertainment that may be presented. In all, available public meeting places in the Miami area provide seating capacity for more thanSchools Miami is proud of its schools, which lead the state of Florida in education.

  • Matriculation

The type of architecture used in the design of school buildings i s distinguished and beautiful, as well as being especially adapted to take advantage of Florida' s sunshine and pure air. Public schools excel in primary elementary, junior and senior high school grades, and afford ample accommodations in every section of Metropolitan MiaJni for visitors' children as well as those of permanent residents.

The public school system in Dade County consists of centers with 6, classrooms elementary9 with public kindergartens ; one university, two colleges, one Jr. College and 92 parochial schools, 35 junior high schools, 8 junior-senior high schools and 13 senior high schools offer compl e t e courses for college entrance, as well as commercial and trade courses.

Com mercial courses include shorthand, typewriting, bookkeeping, accountin g and commercial art. Adequate equipment i s available, and complete courses are offered in manual training, radio, agriculture. There is also a ground course in aviation. The University of Miami, located in Coral Cables, otrers ricul a in all the arts and sciences, with well-known professors in charge. In addition, the University offers a comprehensive cur riculum of Latin-American s tudies.

Courses of special studies are offered in day and evening classes for the benefit of visitors. Day and night courses are available. The medical school provides training leading t o the M. There are over churches located in Metropolitan Miami. The stranger i s welcomed with a cordtahty and smcenty that makes him feel he is a t once an part of the community. Most of the churches have fine son;e of the finest in the South, and church properties in the Mi amt area are valued at many millions of dollars.

Railroads and Seaboard Coast Line railroads ists contmu1ng. Fast trains to the East and Mid-West make connections to all parts of the u s and Canada. Chicago and other Northern points, making Miami only one business day by rail from many Northern cities.

Both railroads offer new streamlined train service. Air Transportation Miami International Airport is one of America's largest in point of traffic, and in number of persons employed within its confines. As the closest U.

It handles more import-export cargoes than any other air' port in the U. Eastern, Delta, National, Northwest Orient, and Northeast air lines and their affiliates connect to every section of the nation. Its schedules and those of other air lines put Nassau and Bahamas, within an hour' s flight, and points as far distant as northern South America, six hours away.

Miami The harbor embraces the artificial basins, ships and channels that have been dredged along Biscayne Bay in front of Miami and Miami Beach, in the bay and through the shoal water to the Atllantic Ocean.

The entrance to the main channel is directly east of the city of Miami. The sea bouy marking the channel entrance 1 through the reef is about two miles off shore. The inner harbor is in Biscayne Bay; the Miami River emp: The Port of Miami is served by the. The Seaboard Coast Line a lso uses the municipal belt line to reach the piers. Ground-breaking ceremonies were October 27, Four large transit cargo sheds have been completed. Summer of marked the beginning of work on a rail and vehicular bridge from the Port site-a half mile east of the pres1 ent port in Biscayne Bay-to the mainland, between N.

E, 5th and 6th Streets. Three major operating areas are included in the new county seaport, which will handle both passengers and dry, general commercial cargo. This newest and most complete port in the world is designed to be a thing of beauty, cleanly operational, economically efficient and easily accessible. Comparative data between the present port of Miami and the Metro Seaport under construction is as follows: Storage Facilities Passenger Facilities O!!

Open air storage and con tainer operations Refrigerated space, cubic feet Warehouse space insidesquare feet T r a nsit shed space, square feet Open air storage and con tainer operations50 to 75 acres. Passenger Terminal construction to begin. Port will be opened for cargo which can be stored outdoors. Land scapin g will begin and the first office building con structed. Port will open to big cargo ships with open air storage facilities available.

Passenger terminal due to o pen. Last phase o f paving and landscaping to begin. Second transit shed will be completed and work will begin on a third. This was made possible through the deepening of the entrance channel to Federal Is vested in the County commission with administrative exercised through the County. The County has power to estabhsh, construct, maintain and operate public landings, wharfs and docks within the city, to lay and collect reasonable duties, t o regulate the manner of using other docks, to dredge and the.

Pilotage IS pulsor y for foreign vessels. Arthur Causeway in Biscayne Bay to cover acres. Local Trading Area Miami is the leading resort city of the South and a prominent international winter playground. It is the center of a retail trade: Following are some or the other advantages to be enjoyed by mdustTialist s locating in Mi: Miami is the international atr gateway or the Amertcas with speedy and eHicient transportation a nywhere in U, S.

Direc t air connection with all capitals and major cities of Caribbean area a n d South America, with their market of 90 , people. Excellent improved highways, making truck shipment s practicable and economical.

Community connected by rail t o all points in North America. Community has coast-to-coast transportation connections, and is within 1 0 hours' flying time t o any point in U. S, 1 5 Gasoline i s taxed at per gallon and cigarettes at per pack. For information regarding formation of corporations or corporation taxes, please direct specific inquiries to the Secre tary of State, Tallahassee, F lorida.

Agriculture Thousands of acres of fertile farm lands o n which winter truck crops, citrus fruits and tropical fruits are grown, are locat ed in the Miami t r a d ing area. The growc1s of fruit in the agricultural sections are exceedingly optimistic for the future development o f this, the only tropical sectiD n in the U S A vastly increased interest has been awakened throughout the country in regard to agricultural advantages i n the Miami and south Flor Ida area, for peopl e who are s eeking permanent locations suitab l e for ideal living The warm climate o f south Florida during the winter months and the richness of the soil enables farmers to cultivate several crops from each acre of ground for local consumption as well as Northern markets.

Some or the principal crops harvested in February and March are whit e potatoes, string beans, cabbage, peas, strawberries, tomatoes, squash, corn and cucumbers. Dade County is the tomato-growing cent e r of the state In the Redland section, approximately 30 miles sout h of Miami, some 14acres are devoted t o limes avocado' pears and mangoes. Avocados, mangoes, guavas, papayas and other tropical ftuits are grown in this area, exclusively in this country, as there i s no other part o f the U.

The "Back Country" Is opening up a fertile empire, and all this territory is contributory to Miami s prosperity and growth as a commercial cit y and shipping point. There are many vari eties of palms. This is the only spot in the U. S where the royal palm and the coconut palm grow equally well. Flowers b loom the year around, and fresh of some kind are always on the market. Parks Dade County has acquired and developed county parks to a very great ext ent, All these parks are administered by the Board of Count y Commissioner s through a park committee, with direct supervision exercised by a superintendent.

Lands acquired have been developed from natural hammock. Other lands have been developed into wayside parks and p laygrounds. Numbered among the outstanding park. Join in the joy of liv ing at Dade County' s newest camping park. Elliott Key campin g facilities are presently accessible only by boat, South of Miami is Everglades National Park, third laxogest in the Park System and the only one devoted to the con servation of tropical flora and fauna. Containing 1, acres the park was de.

vmi rats meet rdck

Ibis, egret, roseate, spoonbill, water turke: Y and other tropical and sub-tropical birds abound in its tangled Jungles and sawgrass savannahs. Dave Posey, of St.

Petersburg, sa tied orr with! This hand some, one-ton boy killer whale is the newest star of the Miami Seaquarium. After lying cross-country from Seattle to Miami, he has settled happily into his chilled whale pool, where he meets trainer Jimmy Kline.

Though killer whales have been known to eat porpoises, seals, walruses and other whales, this fellow is happy on a diet of herrings, which he takes gratefully from his trainer's hand. Visitors can make the tour by s ightseeing bus, by public transport or in the family car-whichever is most convenient. Just north of the city is the Spanish Monastery, oldest edifice in the Western Hemisphere.

Now in use as a church, the ancient cloister was brought to this country from Spain, stone by stone.

VMI: Rats Meet Cadre

One of Miami' s most popular attractions is the Wax Museum, located at the northern gateway to the city. Life-sized dioramas of famous political, military. The facility, which includes an authentic teahOuse, orn: Most meaningful of all Miami attractions is the John F. Kennedy Memorial Torch of Friendship. The tour continues and takes visitors to the world-famed Orange Bowl, site of the annual New Year's football classic and attendant pageantry. The gtant stadium seats more than 70, Located just 15 minutes from downtown Miami via Rickenbacker Causeway ia the Miami Seaquarium, featuring a killer m3n-eater sharks and performing porpoises.

Other attractions include a sea lion amphitheater, two large viewing tanks, 28 separate small tanks and a monorail system which takes Sightseers on a slow moving tour of the grouuds.

A 6hort distance across. Bear's Cut Bridge lies Key. Biscayne lll06t colorful tie to its past, going back to days of pirates, ship wreckers and Indian uprisings. The park Is a Dade County facUlty. On the drive back to mainland! The modern concrete and s teel st3dium has a 6,seat grandstand and parking for 4, cars. It s mile and two-thirds powerboat race course is f-requently the scene of ex citing competition.

A mainstay among the Magic Tour attr3ctions i s the Parrot Jungle where scores of rare and exotic birds-including brightly colored macaws, cockatoos and parrots-lly free.

A 45 minute show in the jungle's Parrot Bowl features specially trained birds performing a variety of tricks.

vmi rats meet rdck

Miami's Serpentarium is both a top attraction and a source of venom used in medical and scientific research. Venom is ex tracted daily from deadly cobra, vipers and other reptiles At the Monkey Jungle, a tribe of Java monkeys roam through' out a rain forest of trees and vines while visitors watch from 'caged walkways.

Here, too, is Bulu, who at pounds is one of the largest gorillas in captivity. Tropical Paradise, formerly known as Parrot Paradise, near downtown Miami, recently underwent a complete refurbishing and now includes a Polynesian Garden and waterfall, a Seminole Indi an Village and a variety of tropical wildlife. An alligator wres tling act and a trained animal show are among the feature attractions Fairchild Tropical Gardens, spread over 85 acres, offers the largest collection of tropical plants in the United States.

Sports enthusiasts may get their measure of thrills at the three thoroughbred race tracks in the area-Hialeah, Tropical and Gul!

Jai-Al3i, the world' s fastest and most dangerous game, Is played at the Miami 1-ronton and harness racing is a nightly fea ture at Pompano Park. Beautiful Hialeah is visited more during the off-season than when the horses are racing in the winter.

Its year-around appeal is found in the track's exquisitely landscaped grounds and the huge flock o! Hub of the park Is Flamingo, with its fine fishing and sightseeing accommodations. Housed witllin the huge Italian are art objects dating back to the First Century.

The Museum of Science, only a short walk from Vizcaya, de picts the story of man and his surroundings, with the emphasis on South Florida and its tremendous variety of sub-tropical plant and animal life. The museum also orters one of the finest public ob servatories and planetariums in the south. Coral Castle, outh of Miami, is a Magic Tour feature guar anteed to stir the imagination.

Here the late Edward Lcedskalnin hewed out of coral rock a fantastic array of figures and forms dedicated to an unrequited love. Of special Interest to families is Enchanted Forest Park with its natural oak hammock and fern garden.

There are also jungle trails, a pet area, a playhouse and pony and amusement r ides for children. Sightseeing by boat i s always a favorit e among visitors.

Protect that valuable equipment music Notator-X makes music from Midi Comms Just how viable is the information highway? Lias id lo Your programs can be written with the integrated, multi-window editor where there is a complete range of features that allow you to create, edit and run your BASIC programs without ever leaving the comfortable interactive environment: The editor takes full advantage of the new features of Workbench 2 and Workbench 3 and there is a version of the editor that emulates many of the advanced features of Workbench 2 under Workbench 1.

It takes source code either directly or via the include statement and produces fast, efficient code; it is also possible to pre-tokenise your source code to obtain maximum speed of compilation. Nl You can link with assembly language and SAS Lattice C programs and compile to memory for testing or compile to disk to produce your final, standalone masterpiece. N s t i n c t The Debugger There are times when your program does not behave in the way that you planned.

This is a medium-code-level debugger, which displays the source code and object code of your program at the same time. The standard Amiga names are used, as described in the ROM Kernel manuals, making it easy to translate examples from C. We recommend 2Mb of memory and a hard disk if you intend to work on larger programs or to take full advantage of the new operating system features. We will quote you a firm delivery date on receipt ot your order which will be no longer than 28 days and usually within 5 days.

CIL - parent to CBM UK - filed for liquidation in the Bahamian courts, although they claim to be in the final stages of talks with a potential investor. Despite having their headquarters in the US, Commodore are registered offshore and therefore unable to enter the Chapter 11 bankruptcy system.

Small dealers giuen the Hmiga edge But the Bahamas equivalent is similar to Chapter 11 in that it enables bankrupt companies to trade while they reorganise, and with protection from creditors.

Lllhat does it mean for you? Some offices around the world have closed but many of the manufacturer's key sales divisions continue in business, including the UK, Germany, Italy and Scandinavia. The Philippines-based Amiga assembly plant has stopped making the computer, although Proudfoot is confident there is enough supply to meet demand for the next few months.

He would not comment on speculation that the potential buyer is from the Far East, or on their plans for the Amiga range if the take-over is completed, Commodore started in business 40 years ago as a typewriter repair company, eventually moving into the personal computer market during the mids. Offices in several countries were closed last year during a period of reorganisation aimed at slashing costs.

This was achieved but the company were then hit by recession across Europe and a downturn in the games console market which led to disappointing CD32 sales.

Developers around the world promise to continue their commitment to the Amiga. A spokeswomen for ICL's customer services said the firm have a strategic partnership with Commodore and as far as she was concerned business would continue as usual.

The Roanoke news. (Weldon, N.C.) , July 21, , Image 1 · North Carolina Newspapers

AmiVR is believed to be the first proper VR product for any personal computer - although at the moment it is limited to American machines. The package consists of software and an interface to connect two unexpanded AGA Amigas - used to generate separate images for the left and right eyes.

Software synchronises the left and right graphics and a headset - bought separately - plugs into the interface to display the images. Public domain, shareware and driver programs will be available for downloading. Modem users should dial and those wanting to talk to the firm can telephone Simple PD search EVER been faced with the daunting job of trying to find the right piece of public domain software for your needs?

PD Search is a new Manchester-based library that, when told of their customers' needs, digs out a suitable program from their collection of disks. If they don't have the software themselves. The library say they will find it from another company at no extra cost to the buyer. WITH Commodore still unable to supply their and S colour monitors, several dealers have started selling two alternative Amiga screens, Users tired of using their family televisions are targeted for the Sharp 14in TV.

It features remote control, 40 channels, an on off timer and RGB Scart socket. A Scart cable is claimed to make the display much crisper than when the screen is used with normal television cables. The Kent-based dealer has joined forces with Debenhams to come up with stores aimed at all types of shopper, from beginner to expert.

Each has specially designed areas where customers can test the latest games, productivity software and hardware - including a large range of Amiga products. Ten stores are already open and the rest will be up and running within the next few months. They include Bristol, Glasgow. Silica can be contacted on With AmiVR, although only specially-written games and applications will appear three-dimensional. Megagem boss Dan Wolf said AmiVR s aimed at people wanting a low-cost virtual reality system, although it could also be used in medical and military I applications.

Amiga resolutions can use the Microvitec which automatically configures to the full span of modes between 15kHz and 38kHz. Most shops and dealers have been unable to supply Commodore screens since before Christmas and it seems unlikely that any will be built in the near future.

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Some processor operations have speed increases in excess of fifteen times. The drive includes a strong aluminium casingan anti-click device, virus blockerCyclone compatible chip and the latest built-in backup hardware which allows X-Copy to copy and verily. NEWS I [rime unit searches for software thieues illegal copying but will also tell authorities of the existence of pornographic and obscene images.

Electronic bulletin boards are often used not only to pirate software but also to access illegal pornographic material. Its activities used to be carried out by the Federation Against Software Theft and the new unit will work with police and Trading Standards officials to recover pirated programs.

Loader says the unit is.

vmi rats meet rdck

With the format now accounting for more than half of all CD games sold. A recent Gallup chart showed software for the console taking This compares to The Chaos Engine and Liberation. Commodore says that after a sluggish start to its life, the CD32 now has 80 titles available for it and more than in development. The upgrade's combination of software and hardware is claimed to enable owners of the card to have 48 simulta- neously-addressable Midi channels.

Star send printer prices tumbling PRINTER manufacturer Star have announced price cuts across their range of dot-matrix, laser and colour thermal models.

Star's marketing manager Annette Tariton said: Additions contained in version 2. And to split one track into several containing just one pitch. It can also control the number of measures per line and staves per page when printing notation. It comes with 4Mb of memory - expandable to 32Mb on board oa Mb with an extra module H and is claimed to make A S run 12] times faster than standard.

It gives a real-time frame grabber and Both machines come with Wordworth, Print Manager. Dpaint IV and a bundle of four games - Chaos Engine. Pinball Fantasies and Nick Faldo's Golf. Continuing, not only to support our products, but to consistently improve them over time. It operates between 11am and 4pm between Tuesday and Thursday. Dial Compatible with all workbench modes, the Auto-Scan has high performance electronics and an ultra fine tube for sharp, crystal clear images.

Designed and built to exacting standards for 14" screen 0. Rumors, both factual and fantastic, are flying about companies that may purchase the Amiga technology. So many Amiga users on the Internet, denying that the Amiga could possibly die. Have inspired the following joke: How many Amiga users does it take to screw in a lightbulb? One to change the bulb, and 99 to deny there's anything wrong with the original bulb.

The shareware version of DICE has always been a high- quality C compiler, but the commercial version is a fully-integrated development environment. The Vmake visual Make utility makes project management a snap - and it can be reconfigured to suit your own needs, or even to manage other programs.