Walking dead 502 strangers when we meet

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walking dead 502 strangers when we meet

The following are images from the episode, "Strangers". Strangers Gallery. Edit · History · Talk (0) AMC TWD Strangers · Strangers1 TWD Sasha. Veja mais ideias sobre Fear the walking dead, Daryl and rick e Movies. funny- Walking-Dead-Memes- exactly what I was thinking when this happened!. "Strangers" is the second episode of the fifth season of the post-apocalyptic horror television Actor Andrew J. West addresses Gareth's presence in the episode, saying: "I read that script and when I got the last couple pages, I was just "Five Times The Walking Dead Followed The Comics Perfectly: Tainted Meat".

The group celebrates that night with a feast. Rick announces that he has decided to follow Abraham 's Michael Cudlitz proposal to head to Washington, D. Gabriel sneaks off to be alone in his office, sadly looking at a photo of himself with the woman that became the walker from the food bank. Carol, who is still coming to terms with being exiled from the group previously, leaves to walk alone outside, and comes to find Daryl in the car they found. As she is about to talk to him, they see a car race by with a white cross in its back windshield, which Daryl recognizes as the car that took Beth.

The two get in the car and set off to follow without telling the others. As the feast dies down, Bob steps outside the church weeping, having not told the group he was bitten by a walker at the food bank.

He is knocked out by a hooded figure, and when he wakes, finds himself watched by Gareth Andrew J. WestMartin Chris Coyand four other Terminus members, all seeking revenge towards Rick's group as their actions forced them to abandon Terminus and wander. Gareth says they have devolved into "hunters" and the shot expands to show that they have cut off Bob's leg and are eating it.

walking dead 502 strangers when we meet

Gareth casually states, "If it makes you feel any better, you taste much better than we thought you would". Production[ edit ] Actor Andrew J. West addresses Gareth 's presence in the episode, saying: I was smiling from ear to ear. Gimple] had told me was that I was in episode two.

I kept reading and got to the final pages and my God. I'm a fan of the comic book, too, so that was informing what I was reading and I recognized certain things. But it was a huge surprise and a pleasant one at that for me to be able to get to do something like that.

The group's arrival at Father Gabriel 's church. Gareth 's monologue in final scene resembling Chris in that issue of the comics. The shot of Bob discovering that his left leg is missing resembling Dale without his leg in the comics. Rebecca Hawkes of The Telegraph gave the episode 4 stars out of 5, calling the episode "beautifully surreal.

But "Strangers" managed to juggle the large ensemble very well while also keeping the story fresh and dangerous. The episode also raised legitimate questions about how to handle new faces on the road now that it's a clear given that people are far worse than the undead in this new world.

The episode opens with the group walking away from a burning Terminus, smoke billowing in the distance.

Carol and Tyreese are shown beside a stream collecting water. As the group continue their journey up the empty road they enter the woods and come across a lone walker, Michonne takes this one and kills her. They continue walking and the group are then shown around a campfire for the night. Rick approaches Carol and tells her that he owes her everything, but she says he owes Tyreese.

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Daryl and Carol are shown sitting in silence. Daryl asks why but gets no response.

walking dead 502 strangers when we meet

Rick whistles to tell everyone to keep close together. Abraham talks to Rick about finding a vehicle — he still wants to head to Washington.

Episode 502: Strangers – Recap and Discussion

Suddenly, in the distance they hear someone yelling for help. The group take care of the walkers and encourage him to jump down from the rock.

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He looks petrified and the group look suspicious. Trusting strangers is definitely a no go area these days. Gabriel throws up and then thanks them for getting rid of the walkers. Gabriel explains that he only needs God as a weapon and jokes that he called for help and help came in the form of our group. He asks if they have any food, as his has been lost to the walkers. Carl steps forward and gives him a few small pieces.

As they begin walking towards the Church Rick asks if he was the one watching them. Gabriel attempts to make a joke with the group who are less than impressed. Carol finds books relating to religion, handwritten by Gabriel. The group all return outside as Rick hands the key back to Gabriel.

Abraham is still insisting on moving to Washington but no one else is interested. Rick asks where Gabriel got all his supplies.

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He explains that it came from an annual food drive. It lasted a while but he began scavenging. The group say they can handle a dozen. Bob and Sasha offer to go and say Tyreese can stay behind to watch Judith. Rick and Carl have a moment about trust. He tells him to never let his guard down. Rick believes that Gabriel is hiding something. Rick, Gabriel, Sasha and Bob are now shown heading towards the location where Gabriel was afraid to go near because of the walkers.

Daryl explains they need to start over, she saved everyone. She opens the trunk to find a battery which appears to work.