Warrior brothers meet for first time

Meet the self-taught brothers behind the hit web cartoon 'Game of Zones'

warrior brothers meet for first time

On Saturday, the sweet-shooting, biological Splash Brothers meet again. This time, they will both be in uniform as Steph's Warriors visit Seth's Kings, six games into the younger Curry's first season on a guaranteed NBA. Warriors, Rockets on verge of West finals meeting, but Chris Paul isn't looking it to the Western Conference finals for the first time in his career after . to be some kind of issue with Chris Paul's brother, C.J., during this game. Improve every relationship and show up as the man, husband, partner, father, and brother you were born to be. The New Warrior Training Adventure is a life.

Its eight total episodes to date have been viewed millions of times, but this is all a far cry from the show's origins. It was an immediate smash with NBA fans.

Less than a year before, though, Adam was living in L. Craig was getting his masters degree in astrophysics on the East Coast but would soon move west to join Adam. The two would sometimes collaborate on projects, including a cartoon called Sports Friends for Yahoo. But because of Bleacher Report's NBA ties, among other factors, a basketball-focused approach won out.

warrior brothers meet for first time

That's when the brothers really knew they had something. He thought it would help both loosen up and motivate his team ahead of their title defense, so he fed the brothers team inside-jokes to include and asked them not to worry about hurt feelings.

The final product left Warriors players in hysterics, as proved by this clip of the team cracking up while watching. Previously, Adam and Craig did everything from animation to voice-overs themselves, using their own self-taught techniques — what they call a "Galapagos of animation. This added creative power allows for new possibilities big and small.

For example, the show can now include galloping horses, which are notoriously hard to animate. And the Game of Thrones spoof universe has been expanded into a more general realm of medieval fantasy. There is also a Stride Warrior program for vets. On my first outing with Momma, she and her husband LJ took me snowboarding.

I never thought I could do it: At one point I said to Momma: I was in the pool floundering and turning in circles.

The swim coach jumped in with me and asked me what the hell was I doing. Take your damaged arm put it in your hand in your pocket. Use the good one and the good one only. Something clicked in my head. What else can I do? I went and saw the shooting coach, and then cycling and archery.

The Curry Brothers Meet Again in Sacramento - NBA G League

I took a bronze on freestanding rifle shooting. Momma gave me the saying and I live it every day of my life now: You learn to live with it. And adaptive sports are one of my tools for living with it.

I will survive this.

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Archery, Track, Volleyball Current location: Cancer I was stationed at Yokota Air Base in Tokyo, Japan, and was almost at my five-year point of remission from testicular cancer. I had just gone through my annual scan and doctor visit without a hitch, felt healthy, and was focused on my career and enjoying family time overseas.

Brother Meets Newborn Sister for the First Time! *emotional*

It turned out that my ribs were ok, but the doctors saw a tumor in my chest wall and wanted to get additional imaging to investigate. I never returned to Japan after that. While there, I received an email that said the Air Force Wounded Warrior Program had an introductory adaptive sports camp coming up designed just for people like me. I made a ton of friends and benefited from talking to other warriors who had gone through similar experiences.

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I am still recovering from some of the negative effects of chemotherapy but am in remission again, have been returned to Active Duty and am a member of the Air Force team at the Warrior Games. I feel very blessed and excited for what the next two weeks will hold for my teammates and I, and for what the Air Force Wounded Warrior program will do for others in the future. Volleyball, Cycling Current location: When I was told my medical limitations would limit my deployments and my ability to do my job, life as I knew it came to a sudden halt.

I began to lose purpose with myself and our family. I began to feel as a burden. For so long I worked hard and believed deeply in what I did. In the winter ofa teammate who was also getting ready for medical retirement approached me. She patiently spoke with me for over two hours. In January I joined the program. It brought me back to the spirit I had held for so many years, the unconditional mindset of not accepting restrictions on my life—of finding an adaptive way of thinking and finding ways to get me back into living.

Before my medical issues, I was an avid outdoorsman, triathlete, diver and sky-diver.

warrior brothers meet for first time

It all fed my competitive nature and desire to shatter through any wall put before me. Now, with their assistance over the last six months, I not only woke up that sense of purpose, I also placed as a primary athlete with the Wounded Warrior Team.

warrior brothers meet for first time

I will proudly represent our Air Force, our staff and coaches, our Team and our recently lost teammate, Master Sergeant Richard Gustafson. No one fights alone. Air Force Master Sergeant Events: Cycling, Field Current location: I was angry, bitter, and resentful. I wanted to be left alone.

I pushed people away. I hurt my family and friends and grew more bitter and angry by the day. To the point where I choked. I am the least athletic person on this side of the planet, and my name is not synonymous with any sport.