Wauseon motorcycle swap meet

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wauseon motorcycle swap meet

Jul 21, AMCA Wauseon National Meet. Back to All Events badz.infonnationalmeet .org. Share. Earlier Event: June 14 Later Event: August 3. Wauseon is a city in and the county seat of Fulton County, Ohio, United States approximately . Motorcycle Meet is held annually in Wauseon. It is one of the largest antique motorcycle swap meets and judging events in the United States. The event features a large swap meet and with flat track antique racing on the half mile along with the Ohio Speedway Long Track Championship. Along with the.

As usual, the limestone cushion half mile was in fine form, "This is not a fluke! The only "un-flat" area is a slight hump between turns 1 and 2. This is unavoidable since trucks and horses roll out of the two gates between these turns on a daily basis, but most racers use this to their advantage, rollin' with the punches — track personality I call it.

Gallant speedway motorcycle racers showed up to rumble at the Fulton County Fairgrounds oval, from the Ohio State surrounding area Michigan, Indiana and Illinoisincluding Ohio.

After getting the hot laps out of the way, it was time to start up the heat races. Then on with the mains, which are the B Main and the A Main. To me, B main means before the A Main, which it is. Dan Weicht 1 Indiana, defending his 2nd year in a row and Speedway Long Track National 1 plate always shows up to complete, unfortunately so do a lot of other guys. When you're holding down a 1 plate, you always get the wolves trying to knock down your door.

This Main was no exception. A horrible break for Chris Hathaway 82 Indiana B. Bike Stopped Again carb problems shot down his chances to dethrone the champ. DNF, he graciously bowed out, a true sportsman. Locked into position, the green start took off and I mean took off!

This race from start to finish was a cookin' battle between Danny and JD. It reminded me of last year's race between Jack Warren 82 Michigan in his 70's sorry Jack. John Debats got the holeshot not like the previous year when his two speed tranny went south. John Debats held the lead into turn 1 but momentarily lost it coming out of turn 2. This was the beginning of a knock down drag out winner take all romp between Danny and John.

AMCA 35th Annual Wauseon National Swap Meet

In four short furious traditional speedway laps, the lead position rocked back and forth three separate times between Danny and John. It was like the devil himself was trying to pitchfork their rear tires. Man it was exciting, as many times that I've witnessed action like this, nothing beats a great speedway race, no offense to the other classes, but Speedway "wicks it on" — all the way through — even in the corners.

DDAre you the double D I met? You were there with Paul? Double D We had an awesome time. Will definitely be back next year and will be able to stay longer next time. It was a great meet! DD hogluvr I was walking by a spot with my hands full of parts on my way out when somebody kept yelling "hey old man! Of course every guy walking by turned their head, including me! I think they may have actually been yelling at me but I didn't recognize them so I didn't stop.


Maybe they just spent the day yelling that to see how many people turned and looked! Seadub Paps Shelby and I had a wonderful chat though. Tom Faber and I also got to shoot the bull. My buddy Dave of Wayback Wheels and I also had a good reunion again.

Dave helped me out with several nos parts needs for my 42WLA over the years. For me now a days I also got to touch bases with many other friends I only get the pleasure of seeing once in a blue moon.

wauseon motorcycle swap meet

Rain was a turd and an accident at the races ruined the races this year. I don't know if what I heard is true or false I saw the person take a terrible spill and was informed he initially received two broken legs. It was later that night when I was also informed he passed at the hospital.

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Can anyone verify this???? Paps No one Knows the facts??

Wauseon National Motorcycle Show and Swap Meet

The actual races never took place after that terrible accident. No one knew the facts about that either. No one died at the races. But then, I wasn't there so what the hell do I know I did search their newspapers and found nothing linked to the races but in town at the stores, gas stations, and Walmart, folks said one fellow passed on at the hospital.

Wauseon National Motorcycle Show and Swap Meet 2014

I wondered why the actual races were cancelled completely, especially after people paid to attend, me included, and we did not get what we all paid for. A loss of a life could justify zero races and zero refunds.

wauseon motorcycle swap meet

Soon after the races started it started to rain like mad and the races stopped. Saturday morning many were wondering if races would run Saturday evening. From your comment I guess that did not happen. Write to AMCA and request they honor tickets in Paps Soon after the races started it started to rain like mad and the races stopped. Correct on the heavy rain. We were informed they would run them Saturday but they did not.