Well meet again hetalia russia

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well meet again hetalia russia

We'll Meet Again. By: George deValier. WW2 AU. London pub owner Arthur Kirkland is driven to distraction by loud, brash American fighter pilot. The forty-second episode of Hetalia:Axis Powers was broadcast on November 6, Russia introduces Ukraine again, as a button pops off of her blouse due to the She apologizes and hopes that they'll be able to meet again someday. one" with him, as well as disgust that he could like someone other than her. Russia (ロシア, Roshia) is a main character in the series Hetalia: Axis Powers. He is the tallest of the Allies, as well as the tallest of all the nations (together with Sweden . In the first strip depicting the meeting of the allies, America tells the This was called back on America's birthday, where Russia gives.

Russia asks him if he too is also alone. Russia holds out his hands and tells the hamster to go to him. The hamster looks at him happily and Russia tells him to be friends with him. The hamster scratches at his out stretched hand. It them shows a depressed Russia sitting by him self as Ukraine explains to Prussia that he seems to be in shock after being rejected by a hamster.

Friendship Mochi Russia comes up to Mochi Italy. Mochi Italy is extremely nervous as Mochi Russia snuggles up to him and begins licking him.

Prussia tells Russia to pledge his loyalty to him. Russia yells Prussia that he should consider his situation before picking a fight.

The narrator explains that on April 5th,on the frozen Lake Peipus, the Novgored Republic and Teutonic Knights faced off against each other. Russia tells Prussia that they're also on ice, but Prussia says that he doesn't care.

Russia and Friends - Hetalia Archives

Prussia orders his army to charge and they all run closer to Russia. Russia again tells them to stop it but they don't listen. The ice breaks under their feet and they fall through as Russia yells that he told them so. Russia grabs the back of Prussia's tunic and pulls him out of the water. Prussia says that "that was close" as an out of breath Russia turns around and smiles at him. The auburn-haired nation turned to me from talking to a tall blond nation.

He leaped to his feet and embraced me with two kisses on Isabella's cheeks. How nice to see you again. Before he could say something, Isabella went to go sit down beside Canada. To her dismay though, France sat on the other side of her. The nations stared at them as they did the math.


She then heard choking from the other side of the table. Isabella looked up and widened my eyes. Across from me was a familiar blond haired, green eyed, ridiculous eye browed, England. Her eyes darkened and before she knew it, her fists had clenched so tightly her knuckles were white.

England's eyes widened in surprise but he quickly recovered. I was perfectly happy as New Amsterdam. A lot of states still hate you! She made a choking noise. I am very cute, da? Isabella's hand shot up and he looked at her and nodded. There were several groans.

well meet again hetalia russia

His childhood was tough, troubled, and full of forced servitude, bullying, and constant pursuing by other countries. However, in the face of war, General Winter is his best ally.

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When Germany denied him the greeting and pushed his hand on his face to ensure he didn't kiss him, Russia immediately became very sad and pouted, beginning to walk away, before Germany insisted that he greet him anyway but with a kiss to the mouth. Russia then said he would blow him a kiss, instead. He ends many of his sentences with 'da', an informal form of 'desu' used to confirm the topic of the sentence, the ubiquitous form of 'to be,' as well as the Russian word for 'yes'.

During the Soviet period, when Russia was upset, he would begin to chant " KolKolKol " to threaten and frighten others into submission. However, there has been speculation that there are other possible meanings for 'kol' than those involving kolkhoz: Tsar Ivan The Terrible 's favorite way to deal with disobedience was impaling.

So, Russia is possibly trying to intimidate people by the threat of impalement, although he is saying the noun 'kol' which means 'stake', in this context being thrust towards a person.

well meet again hetalia russia

There is also the possibility that Russia could be issuing a warning to others. Another interpretation offered by the Japanese fandom is that "kolkolkol" is "korukorukoru", which sounds similar to "korosu", the Japanese word referring to killing. However, in the Comic Birz serialization featuring Russia, instead of the usual kolkolkol, the normal sound effect for an intimidating aura was used, and Russia stayed silent, making it possible that this was retconned.

He's an early riser, but "only God knows what he's doing at any given time", and has little patience for lateness. He is said to be superstitious and believes in many legends and traditions, such as knocking on wood.

well meet again hetalia russia

Russia mentions that he has been "tweaking" technology as a hobby. He was able to interfere with Finland 's cell phone and audio devices, causing them to ring constantly, and said this was easy for him. He did this in order to force Finland to spend the day with him. However, this was stopped by Estoniawho Russia referred to as his rival tweaker. Whenever he does anything, vodka is somehow involved. He loves sunflowers so much, he dreams of one day living in a warm place surrounded by them.

He is fascinated by the common water faucet, a reference to water pipes being a favorite war trophy of Russian soldiers. He is often seen carrying one around. It's said that he'll pull the pipe out and put things that don't belong in it, such as food, only to pull them out and eat them later. However, he simply blushes and acknowledges it as something that "just pops out of me, sometimes. This, however, may just be an excuse so he will not have to do so, seeing as how he didn't wear it as a small child before Ukraine gave it to him, [21] and that in some artwork he is actually seen with it off.

America In the first strip depicting the meeting of the allies, America tells the other allies that their role is to back him up. Russia then asks what America's role will be, and America declares that he will be the hero.

For the most part, America and Russia are shown to dislike each other.

well meet again hetalia russia

He stays calm and voices concern for Lithuania until he threatens to America that Lithuania is his possession. In the 7th episode of the Birz serialization, America claims that Russia is the "bad guy" because he was once friends with Germany and kisses everybody as a greeting. Russia responds by offering to make America's gums bleed, which America calmly declines. Later, England complains about America's provocative attitude, but Russia tells England that he finds it to be one of America's positive points because it shows his youthful spirit.

Then he adds that the provocative ones are also more fun to snap in half. Russia complies, but labels the condoms "extra small". This was called back on America's birthday, where Russia gives America a huge box of "extra small" condoms as a present. America responds by boasting that the box will last him a month, which Russia jokes is lewd of him.

Russia and Friends

Russia gives America another "present"; a ticket to a "vacation" in Siberia with no return ticket. America says he'll be sure to blow his nose with it when he gets a cold. Then they laugh while an intimidating aura emits from both of them. For example, on Halloween, they ally with each other for plans to scare England. Belarus Russia is Belarus' older brother.

While Belarus loves her brother to the point of obsession and wishes to marry him, her feelings are not returned. Russia finds Belarus beautiful, but he sees her only as a younger sibling and is frightened by her behavior.

She is shown to stalk him, as well as stick by his side to intimidate others. It's notable that, despite Russia's fear of her, when Belarus is not actively attempting to get him to marry her, they can get along peacefully and he at least values her opinion.