Well meet again lyrics pantera shedding

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well meet again lyrics pantera shedding

Here is the song lyric of Pantera: and you can also sing and watch music video watch he video of Pantera - We'll meet again (live 20th may · Pantera. The Art of Shredding Deed is done again, we've won If there's nothing to have, well then there's nothing to save . and meeting God you're own way. Paroles Shedding Skin par Pantera lyrics. Fiche de Shedding Skin Pantera lyrics. artiste. Visiteurs Don't ask, cause you know damn well where I've been.


On behalf of the rest of Pantera, Phil Anselmo ' Several lyrical topics appear on Far Beyond Driven. Nick Cave was a genius. I will say the lyrics [on 'Good Friends'] tell a true story. I made a lot of mistakes as a youngster, and to reveal to this particular person who it was about, why it was about, what happened that particular night, would not be a very kosher.

I can't do it. To this day, I won't do it. It would just be in bad taste. At this point, I don't think that person would want five minutes alone with me, unless we have a sip of white wine. It was just this little groove that we had. We listened to it and at first, we went, 'What the fuck is that? I don't know what the fuck he was thinking with the lyrics.

well meet again lyrics pantera shedding

You can look back at your lyrics and snicker. I'll always do, whether I'm embarrassed over it, or whether I'm embarrassed over it, or whether I'm embarrassed over it. You can tell growing spurts and pains and where you were in life, so I don't know. Strength fucking Beyond Strength is the old puffin' the chest up, 'look at us now,' we're as cute as [we're] fucking extreme.

Therefore, with 'Becoming,' it is what it says. Honestly, we had arrived. A serious relationship with me at that age? Forget it, fuck off. And then tear them down and piss all over them or build them up only to tip over. Try and find the dead target on that song and I'll shake your hand, because I really don't know.

It might take a psychologist or something. It's a temper tantrum, really, put to music. I know for a fact, I guess, that I dabbled in pain pills and stuff like that because I was miserable, and that's always a friggin' dead end, dead road, a terrible path to take.

But at the time, I didn't have any other answers. Phil Anselmo said, "'25 Years' was written about my father," the singer begins. I think I put in some pretty clever wording here and there, and it might be that wording that they had been searching for themselves for quite a while when it comes to anger. The Driven Downunder Tour '94 — Souvenir Collection box set released in Australia and New Zealand contained a copy of the album with the original artwork.

The LP re-pressing by Rhino Records also uses the original artwork. Release and reception[ edit ] At midnight on March 22,Pantera launched the release of Far Beyond Driven with an extensive record store campaign. I'm born again with snakes eyes Becoming Godsize I found my life was slipping through my hands. Perhaps Through death my life won't be so bad. I can see you, can fuck you, inside of you. Staring through Your eyes. Belittle your friends to serve me, to suck me, To realize my saving grasp.

I'm born again with snakes eyes Becoming Godsize I see you had your mind all made up you group of Pitiful liars. Before I woke to face the day, your master Plan transpired. My song is not believed? My words some- What deceiving? You've waged a war of nerves But you can't crush the kingdom Can't be what your idols are.

Can't leave the scar. You cry for compensation. I ask you please just give us You took me for A fool. You used complexion of my skin for a counter Racist tool. Taken advantage of because you know where I've come [from]. Is this too much for them to take? Too young for ones conclusion, the lifestyle won. Such values you taught your son. Look at me now. One day we all will die, a cliched fact of life.

Force fed To make us heed. Inbred to sponge our bleed. Every Warning, a leaking rubber, a poison apple for mingled Blood. Too young for ones delusion the lifestyle cost Venereal Mother embrace the loss.

well meet again lyrics pantera shedding

That's how Look at you now. You're broken Inherit your life. While you snored and drooled, I fucked your love. She called me Daddy. And I called her baby when I Smacked her ass. I called her sugar when I ate Her alive till daylight. And I slept with her all Over me, from forehead to ribcage I dripper her ass. Sometimes I thought you might be spying, living out some Brash fantasy, but no. You were knocked out.

But we were All knocked out you know. In a way I serve too many masters. We didn't know you'd break the bottle that the magic Came in to use those jagged shards to slit our wrists And neck. And you'd do it too, you're that kind of dude. But you wouldn't know what you were doing because I didn't, your girlfriend could have been a burn Victim, an amputee, a dead body. But god damn I wanted To fuck.

Pantera - We'll Meet Again

I'm serving too many fucking masters. But through blood I inherited a life that could destroy you. I drink all day. I smoke all day. I've done it all but tap The vein. These hard lines and sunken cheeks are text book reasons All these Christians come alive and try to sell you My soul for a goat, yet I'll outlive the old. You know it's bad, some may say sad, a hangover is Inspiration.

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Like a junkie I hurt for it. A bad trip, the Emptiness. I never sleep, or always sleep a lack of Fulfillment to me is me. These hard lines and sunken cheeks are part of What the Christians mean to immortalize my situation.

My soul for a goat. Yet I'll outlive the old. To get close to some Undivine ejaculation point. Simply to thy ghost I cling. Simply to thy ghost I reject. Simply to thy ghost I give spit.

Tempter, tempting, tempt me. You know that I'll Submit. For this is my weakness and it saves me from relationships With those Christians. You know they'll sell you my soul For a goat. At battle with a mass astringent. The bond That blends the weak to the wise. It's a safe assumption that you'd want to save me now. But I'll never face castration. For your sacred sow is left slaughtered. Bird brained World saver.