When pony and johnny meet up at church scene in outsiders movie

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when pony and johnny meet up at church scene in outsiders movie

In The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton, the old, abandoned church on top of After meeting Cherry and Marcia, Ponyboy and Johnny hang out in a. She also created Sodapop, Ponyboy, Johnny, Dally, Cherry, and all the other From the burning of a church steeple to an actor living on practically five During the auditioning process up to 30 people at time would come in and act for Ponyboy and Johnny to act against in the closing scenes of the film. Johnny stood up for Cherry when Dally was being dirty.. Cherry claimed Dally gave Johnny and Pony directions to the church.. Pony and.

Luckily the local fire department was there to intervene to put out the flames. Rob had his 18th during the movie. Matt had just turned I immediately made myself their mom.

Rob called me Mom half the time. I had their backs, I was looking out for them. Though Macchio noted that the process was not comfortable, it was indeed a great acting exercise.

How does a 60s greaser know or care about Tai Chi? Surprisingly both actors were not teens when they got accepted for the roles of Darrell Curtis and Johnny Cade. Patrick Swayze and Ralph Macchio were adults when playing their leading roles in the film, the rest were in their mid-late teens. The Ultimate 'Outsiders' click to play it. Question by author Sodasgal. Michael and Patrick 6 What technique did Francis Ford Coppola employ on the movie set to encourage conflict between the Soc actors and the Greaser actors?

Question by author 80sMovieFan. Gave the Soc actors fancy copies of the script and nice hotel rooms, ect. Sandy The movie did not show Sandy, but she was mentioned. One night, Ponyboy asked Sodapop if he was going to marry Sandy, and Soda said that he loved her. How much does the hamburger deluxe cost and what is it served with?

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You can see this when Dally, Johnny, and Ponyboy decide what they are going to do. She threw it in his face She wouldn't drink anything from him if she were "starving in the desert". At least he had a normal middle name! Dallas Johhny seemed to look up to Dallas.

Darrel voiceover, as a transition to said scene: You don't ever think. I wish that you could concentrate on something else just once in a while. I'll ask you, all right, kid brother? The camera pans a little to the left as Sodapop continues to talk to Pony. Now, we notice Dallas Matt Dillon caught the conversation, as he sits on an old car nearby, smoking.

What are you doing out of the cooler, Dal? And what are you doing walking by your lonesome on the street? It is my business.

Fire at the Church

Look at my nose. He is a smart-ass kid. I'm going to go hunt some action. Little kids are allowed. I can't get in no trouble with the cops. Darry says the court will split us up for sure if I do. I want to go see a movie, like the good old days, right, Johnny?

when pony and johnny meet up at church scene in outsiders movie

He climbs the old car and jumps down turning a somersault. Two-Bit gets in the blue vehicle and asks his friends a favor. Johnny to Dallas, who is about to go: See you guys later. Now the view changes and we see the house from the garden. Johnny gets up and slowly leaves the scenery.

Change of scene It is nighttime. We see the house of th Curtis-brothers in a medium-long shot. Cut, now we are at the window Ponyboy stands at and looks out of as his brother Soda talks to him. Who could figure it? Darry yells at you like that he don't mean nothing. It' just that he got hit with a lot of responsibilities after Mom and Dad died. He ain't used to them. He loves you a lot.

when pony and johnny meet up at church scene in outsiders movie

How come you dropped out of school? The only things I was passing was auto mechanics and gym. If you shut up, I'll tell you something. You got to promise me you're not gonna tell Darry. I'll probably wait till you're out of school, though so I can help Darry with bills and stuff.


Now you see Pony turning to him, he wants to know more. Again, an upside view to the bed and then fade-out, the new exposition is over. All in all, the difference is: Arrival in Windrixville In the theatrical version, the sequence was shortened, i. This new scene begins with a shot of Pony and Johnny from behind, looking at the landscape. Then, more shots of the two follow going through the terrain, until they finally stop and an oilfield, where two workers make a break, is shown. Johnny, as they watch the workers from some distance: Ask them where we are.

The story won't be in the paper yet. Ask them where Jay Mountain is. Can you tell me the way to Jay Mountain? Johnny says, this time on-screen: At that, the camera follows them from the inside and after a while moves outside, and you see the two breaking the blocked-up window and make their way into the Lord's house. Another Elvis-song is played during this. In the theatrical version, this sequence is shortened. After the cut to Pony and Johnny on the hill, you immediately see they set foot in the church.

In the theatrical version you only see him allegedly watching his big brother Darrel fixing breakfast and him calling he should get up.

when pony and johnny meet up at church scene in outsiders movie

In the long version, Darrel appears twice, as well as Sodapop once, who jumps on Pony's bed. This and the fact some short shots of Pony were made even shorter in the CN, leads to a difference of: In the CN-version, though, there is a scene implemented in between, showing Ponyboy washing his face outside the church at the pump.

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Shortly after, you hear sounds from a distance, so Pony runs away and hides in a manhole. It's Johnny, though, whistlingly and with the shopping in his hands going to the church.

Pony reveals himself and a short dialogue takes place. Pony, after crawling out of the manhole: What did you get? Dallas told us to stay inside. The theatrical version continues with this shot. After the "visit at the hairdresser" Scene removed from the Complete Novel-version After the "hairdresser-scene", different scenes take place in each version. The theatrical version not only shows the rabbit in the mirror a bit longer, but subsequently Ponyboy's and Johnny's silhouettes in the lake.

The two talk about the new haircuts. It's like being in a costume you can't get out of and I hate it. We're in big trouble.