Where 2 oceans meet but dont mix

11 Incredible Points In The World Where Major Bodies Of Water Join Together

where 2 oceans meet but dont mix

2 oceans meet but don't badz.info but badz.info shows 2 different ocean water bodies meeting in middle of Alaskan Gulf, where a foam is formed at the. It appears as if the two oceans are colliding rather than mixing. Because of the salinity and density differences, a thin wall was produced which does not allow. Mythbusting 'the place where two oceans meet' in the Gulf of Alaska It's also a falsehood that these two types of water don't mix at all, he said. But rivers aren't the only way that glacier sediment finds its way into the Gulf A new public use cabin, under construction on the south shore of Eklutna Lake,. 2.

where 2 oceans meet but dont mix

But we cannot find the original video simply by doing a reverse image search click here to learn how to do an image seach. The false information has been shared so many times that there are now hundreds of variations on the same post.

So to find the original video, we have to start with the process of elimination: Find the first time this video appeared online.

where 2 oceans meet but dont mix

To do this, click on "Tools" at the top of your Google search, then "Time" and then click on a "Custom range" date period. By using this tool, we can narrow down the results year by year — and if you go back toyou can see that there are only two results for that year, one of which is a YouTube video. This clearer, better-quality video published online in July shows exactly the same scene. Entitled, "When the river meets the ocean," it indicates that it was taken on the Fraser River in British Columbia in Canada.

Maryan Pearson, who posted the video, says she took it when she was aboard a ferry between Duke Point and Vancouver. What explains the strange sight? Wuld check it out in a million years tym, wuld take permission from heaven to visit the earth Re: When you never read or try to, you will believe everything they give you to swallow.

where 2 oceans meet but dont mix

I bet the guys that wrote the "holy" parts must have seen this sort of phenomenon occur somewhere before and they like you just have done attribute it to a "god" I've taken the liberty to highlight the important bits of this article, and i hope it will enlighten you a little A picture from the Gulf of Alaska that has been making the rounds on the Internet for the last few years -- though particularly in recent weeks -- shows a strange natural phenomenon that occurs when heavy, sediment-laden water from glacial valleys and rivers pours into the open ocean.

There in the gulf, the two types of water run into each other, a light, almost electric blue merging with a darker slate-blue. You also may have seen a variation on the photo featuring the same phenomenon, taken by photographer Kent Smith while on a July cruise in the Gulf of Alaska.

Footage Of Natural Phenomena Between Two Oceans Will Leave You Speechless

That photo too has been circulating the web for some time, though the misconceptions about it seem to be less thanks to Smith's explanation of the photo on his Flickr page. That one has also been making the rounds on Reddit and social media for years, and had racked up more thanviews by early on that one page alone, Smith said.

That original photo, however, originates from a research cruise of oceanographers studying the role that iron plays in the Gulf of Alaska, and how that iron reaches certain areas in the northern Pacific.

where 2 oceans meet but dont mix

In fact, he was the one who snapped the pic. He said the purpose of the cruise was to examine how huge eddies -- slow moving currents -- ranging into the hundreds of kilometers in diameter, swirl out from the Alaska coast into the Gulf of Alaska. It empties out east of Prince William Sound, carrying with it all that heavy clay and sediment.

where 2 oceans meet but dont mix

And with that sediment comes iron. This is one of the primary methods that iron -- found in the clay and sediment of the glacial runoff -- is transported to iron-deprived regions in the middle of the Gulf of Alaska.

As for that specific photo, Bruland said that it shows the plume of water pouring out from one of these sediment-rich rivers and meeting with the general ocean water.

Where 2 Oceans Meet And Do Not Mix, Unbelivable Right? - Religion - Nigeria

Such borders are never static, he added, as they move around and disappear altogether, depending on the level of sediment and the whims of the water.

After all, in this Internet age, nothing spreads faster than misinformation. I've never been to Ikogosi but friend went there for easter, didnt have d chance then but maybe some other times.

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