Where did thierry henry meet arsene wenger wife

where did thierry henry meet arsene wenger wife

In an extract from the Blizzard, Thierry Henry has spoken about what made It was agreed the two would meet a couple of days later at the New York . There was a woman and a couple of kit men who wanted to take care of . The same goes for Arsène [Wenger] before the Champions League final. Arsène Wenger OBE is a French football manager and former player. He was the manager of .. David Dein had remained in contact with Wenger after their first meeting, and frequently sent him video tapes of . It was Wenger's intention to partner Anelka with Henry, but the former's departure meant the plan was scrapped. Arsene Wenger announced on Friday that he is to stand down as Arsenal Arsenal legend Thierry Henry has urged the club's fans to show.

How could I not support them? So the first professional game I went to with my dad was an Arsenal home match, against Derby. Railings collapsed in part of one of the stands. My mother had kittens. But I loved it. But it was John Radford and Ray Kennedy and, especially, Charlie George — he of the FA Cup-winning, Double confirming, screamer against Liverpool inafter which he lay like a spread-eagled messiah on the Wembley turf as his teammates came to shower him with their love — that I imagined myself being when I played football in the park behind my house with whoever turned out most weekday evenings, or in our back garden by myself, kicking the ball for hours against the garage wall.

Charlie George awaits the congratulations of his Arsenal teammates after scoring in the FA Cup Final YouTube screenshot When I moved to Israel at age 20, I brought Arsenal with me, following the team as best as one could 35 years ago, on the BBC, buying the occasional British newspaper, before cable TV and the internet gradually made the geographical distance more surmountable. For he ushered in an era in which, we must admit it, the rather defensively minded club was reborn as a footballing symphony of speed and grace and joy.

League the season before Wenger's arrival, [72] and continued their poor form into the following campaign, losing several matches in a row.

Why don't you think it out? I like the spirit round the game and at Arsenal I like the spirit of the club and its potential. What does this Frenchman know about football? He wears glasses and looks more like a schoolteacher. He's not going to be as good as George [Graham].

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Does he even speak English properly? Wenger's arrival at Arsenal was greeted with perplexity by some of the club's players, supporters and the local media. Glenn Moore's report in The Independentdated 24 Septemberhighlighted the mood: The English players often set up pranks on Wenger to relieve hostility and nicknamed him "Inspector Clouseau", due to his clumsy nature.

He is this gangly wise man". It is a serious matter if you can just create things that are not right. Early success In preparation for the forthcoming seasonWenger took the Arsenal squad to Austria, which would become the club's usual pre-season base. Ronaldo … not so sure. Ronaldo executed a skill to go past an opposition player, not gratuitously. Not everyone is Zizou, Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo.

The game is too focused on the individual. But within the team, not without. I grew up with Michael Jordan, who scored up to 60 points in some games at the beginning of his career. He scored fewer when Scottie Pippen and Horace Grant came to Chicago, but he started winning titles too. He was a star within a collective. The love of football will always be there. I cannot say or think: Not the same thing. At Clairefontaine, Christian Damiano and others educated us.

Whether we lost or won, we had an identity. We had to play a certain way, we had to respect football. They put that in my veins. We all reflect the education we received.

When my parents sometimes complain about my being hard, I answer: But always in the name of love and respect for the game. When you talk of identity what do you mean? A club, a style of play? Have a good game. It was the same at Clairefontaine.

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But we also had to win. Another time, he forbade us to tackle for a whole game — he only wanted interceptions. In other words, he wanted to teach us how to read the game. No, because victory is forged in identity.

where did thierry henry meet arsene wenger wife

It is when you forget the principles that winning becomes difficult. If you were to become a manager, could you go anywhere?

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The important thing for a manager is to affirm his identity, whatever it is. If your identity is defending, no problem.

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You can win that way. They are aesthetes, they want everything to be beautiful. You act that way when you love your work. When you paint a picture, it is so that people look at it and like it. How do you feel now, 20 years after that first game? I think a lot about the extra training sessions — work pays off. I kept telling myself: As a manifestation of respect? Towards the quality of my work, yes. What if you had to pick one memory from those 20 years as a footballer?

Because everything started there.

where did thierry henry meet arsene wenger wife

The rest of the story, everybody knows it. Will Thierry Henry the manager be as demanding as Thierry Henrythe player? For me, the pleasure lies in improving and being demanding with yourself.