Where will meet you in french

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where will meet you in french

|In French phrases, French vocabulary, Vocabulary. |By Marie Here are 10 ways to say goodbye (or otherwise end a conversation) in French. BUT, I've never had to use French in a business situation, and if there's . In English, "Nice to meet you" and similar can certainly be flirtatious if. To complement Philippe Lhoste's answer, if you are on familiar "tu" terms with this person, of course, you can replace "vous" with "te": J'ai hâte de te rencontrer.

However, this image can be frustrating if the only thing you really want to conjugate is your verbs.

where will meet you in french

If I had rejected all conversation exchanges as sleazy, I would have missed out on productive friendships with people like Elena, an Italian living in Cambridge who I saw every week for over six months. When we first met, she was looking for work and her English was as basic as my beginner's Italian. As we both improved over time, she found a job in a canteen, and then in university administration, whilst I was just happy to pass first year.

Not all were so long-lived; some of my more transient encounters have also been the strangest. This was the case with Florent, who arrived exactly on time having made a two-hour journey on foot from Shoreditch to our meeting in Brixton. I ended up at 'ammersmith! These were not a waste of time, however — as well as the obvious linguistic benefits, I now know who to call if I need directions to somewhere obscure, or an arty print of a London bus.

Basic Greetings

Comments on the Guardian's recent live chat on the cultural power of languages suggest that many would-be linguists are inhibited by shyness when it comes to speaking.

Regular, structured practice can help to build up the confidence needed to engage in more spontaneous chats when working or travelling abroad.

where will meet you in french

Beginners worried about lengthy silences may find it useful to bring along a crib sheet or a textbook to use in their half of the session. The global desire to learn English means it has never been easier for language learners in the UK to find a conversation partner. Classified pages such as gumtree. There are many variations on the simple one-to-one swap: If you have another particular skill, you could create original combinations of exchanges, such as "my web design for your Japanese" or "my Urdu for your ukulele".

Group exchanges can also be found in most big cities, although these are sometimes geared more towards meeting people than honing the subtleties of your accent. Organisations such as Franglish organise multi-lingual "speed-swapping" style events where you have just seven minutes to get to know each participant.

I have a confession to make — I did once snog my conversation partner, the innocent first intentions of our series of non-dates forgotten in a frisson of mutual attraction.

“Hello” in French – Plus 10 More Useful French Greetings

But I clearly recall receiving that very reply, more than once, in professional settings. I never attached anything to it and I very much doubt there was any subtle flirtation going on.

where will meet you in french

Make of that what you will, but at least you know where I come from. As far as I'm concerned, there's nothing flirty about it.

where will meet you in french

They will understand if you say it and not take it to be a weird flirty move even if they'd never ever say it in an office, because people tend to be a little more tolerant of second language speakers. FWIW, though it doesn't strike me as inappropriate, I've never heard it in any French or bilingual office I've worked in. This seems to be an office-specific thing. Bear in mind that you may have trouble understanding their accent especially if your teacher was from Europe and they're from Quebec or vice versaor they may do the thing where they respond to you in English and you respond to them in French.

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This is not generally an insult. Just go for it and act like it's something you say naturally. Isn't it rather important whether the poster is asking about France or French Canada?

How to meet people in Paris ?

I mean, there are plenty of commonplace French phrases that sound weird when taken literally by anglophones; "je vous en prie" as a formal thank you is a good example of something that also sounds very fussy and stilted to American speakers, but isn't really.

Yes, which is why I state where I was coming from, so that the asker could judge the answer appropriately.

where will meet you in french

If the question was about French people from France, the asker would be clear on whether my experience applied or not. Perhaps you ought to ask those who didn't include such information just how their answer applies. It's not flirty unless you say it in a flirty tone, it's a bit old fashioned though. As long as you use d a normal, business-y sort of tone, there's nothing flirtatious about it.

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In English, "Nice to meet you" and similar can certainly be flirtatious if you bat your eyelashes, lean in, speak like Marilyn Monroe, etc. If your body language and tone are all about the business, then the word will be too.

Leaving this comment for posterity's sake posted by BobbyVan at 9: Just don't hold their hand and stare into their eyes, say it, and then linger.