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In , Thunder Roads Ohio supported and helped to promote HUNDREDS Yankee Lake Motorcycle Swap Meet and Annual Biker Ball Yankee Lake. Next Regular Meeting– - Bills & updates, Meeting. 23 bring a dish to pass and a wrapped gift for the Yankee Swap. I was not able to attend July 25 – “An Evening with the Symphony” o. July 26 – 10th Mt. Div. Band? p. . The winner was Chris Sowalski of Deerfield & Sixth Lake. continues to be an exciting year for high lake country of the region. The Arlington TX Swap Meet. Although this is . National Meet. Wauseon, OH Meet . Hebron, CT. () badz.info August Evergreen.

So bring your stuff or just bum around-drink and rummage through the various offerings by local vendors. Scootergoods Magazine 29 www. Scotty did more then a food story this month. The Brooksville Raid is the Holy Grail for Civil War reanactors as they pit their skills against one another to win the battle. I wonder if the troops are using smart phones now in an effort to stamp out gorilla warfare?

Scootergoods Magazine 30 www. Having just returned from driving the Yankee horde out of Brooksville again I thought I would give a small lesson on it. Yes it did happen and as it was the 34th annual event it was also the th anniversary of the actual event that took place. Yes the Blue bellies did come asshore at Bayport to destroy supply lines, sugar, beef, molasses, anything that might help the south in any way.

It was a small force and they were on the move to town to burn and pillage anything they could, but were met by a small detachment of CSA soldiers as well as some armed townsfolk who basically said BULLSHIT! Not on our turf not in our town. So with this came the skirmish know as the Brooksville Raid. I was glad to be a part of the Raid again this year as in the last 30 I have been to as Captain of the 8th Fla.

ALL should try to make one, its real cool and a great history lesson. Well instead of going to a sit down restuarant fulla stiffs, you can now get Pub Grubb at your favorite Biker Bars. The Sandtrap in Weeki Wachee has a nice menu of grubb. These are just a few of the Biker Friendly places that have recently started to offer quality food at very reasonable prices.

So screw the fast food joints! Please check out our advertisers pg. Scootergoods Magazine 33 www. The Grill Is Open!! What do I have to say?

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Live Entertainment Please continue to follow us on Facebook for any additions or changes to the schedule. Scootergoods Magazine 36 www.

Also if you prefer V8 then your full daily serving of vegetables is only a few swallows away. Cancer Society reports it is suggested Capsaicin is able to kill prostate cancer and lung cancer cells by causing them to undergo apoptosis.

OK now for the other stuff. In animal studies, risk of colon cancer is lowered by intake of astaxanthin, and immune-related problems of diabetes are also reduced. Provides manganese which supports your metabolism and nourishes your bones. If an automobile is in a position to hit you, plan an escape path in advance.

Scan ahead, and take in as much relevant information as you can. Be aware of every car that might turn into your path, and particularly aware of a few common, dangerous situations.

Scootergoods Magazine 39 www. I am sorry to say that is where I left the group to attend another engagement. Thanks for having me along.

Laughed my ass off most of the time there. Picture 12 women on one golf cart with Teddy Handle Bars buried in the middle. Should have known - it rained - just enough to F it up!


Not one of the better turn outs but everyone still had a good time weather not an excuse for this one. So here is the dope on it. Brooksville Blanches Cortez Blvd. Oscar Meyers WeinerOne crashed on the interstate. Becky Fudd seta new world record for the most beer consumed from a rubber titty. The Boink Brothers set a new record for the most boobs tweeked in a day. On the 4th of Jan. I also went to Webster for the swap meet and bike show. On the 12th of Jan. One County at a time. Scootergoods Magazine 53 www.

Skyway Ave Homosassa, Fl.

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The Veteran Support Fund is the groundbreaking initiative of three generous and visionary families that are determined to rally American families, foundations and corporations nationwide to impact and transform the lives of the 2.

To learn more about the Founders of the Veteran Support Fund and their mission, visit www. Now Biker Moonshiner Don Wood star of the Moonshiners,TV series a docu-biker drama based on the illegal craft, will comemorate thehevent by riding off from the Boot Hill Saloon on a cross country ride. YEP Q will be on the other side of the bar with us having a few cold ones. Details Bellow Scootergoods Magazine 58 www. We had a very enthusiastic crowd of Bikers and Biker Babes with us last year!!

So if you where unable to attend come this year. Below is a picture of last years Mob of my awesome friends that went along. After being screened by NBC executives for content, the short debuted less than a few hours later. Billy has become a global oddity exploited on the worldwide web. His public persona has taken several forms over the last decade. He was a fast-punching boxer who made shrewd capitalistic moves outside the ring.

He also became the freak who kept selling tattoos until he had vandalized his face by selling it all off. Now he has about 38 tattoos, but he has deep regrets for the 20 on his PAN and is trying to raise money to get them removed. In there where NO airbags, or any other features currently on modern cars.

The race was won by Nascar legend Lee Petty. And speed you ask? Well Cotton Owens had the fastest qualifying lap They even had a convertable class. Can you just imagine going that fast in a stock car with only a roll bar.

As far as brake technology went, those guys had a better chance throwing out and anchor and praying. Now tickets and packages range from In the race lasted 3: Drafts til 4pm Scootergoods Magazine 65 www. You can dine right outside with a view of the peaceful salt marsh.

Call ahead at and see what other great menu items are being served. Full Liquor,with several premium beers offered also. And of course domestic spirits as well. So grab your honey and all your friends and ride over to the Bayport Inn.

We sat outside with the resident gators. Coconut shrimp, Calamari and Gator were all good. Burgers are big, too. We got two delicious grouper sandwiches and icy cold beers. Grouper was phenomenal- its not on the menu but you can order it! We sat outside on the deck with the most quaint and peaceful view. All servers and bartenders were very nice and accommodating.

A true gem of a restaurant! Scootergoods Magazine 66 www. Good luck KMW, hope ya sell bikes and keep fellow Americans working. Lien is accusing were at the time even undercover NYPD cops.

Alexian Lien was driving along the West Side highway with his wife and young child when he rear-ended a motorcyclist that slowed to bump the front of his car on purpose. The group consisting of sport and dirt bikes became enraged and chased down Lien like a scene from Mad Maxx, eventually smashing the window and dragging him out of the SUV when he got caught at a red light. The then pack proceeded to beat him senseless. What do you think? Does Lien have a case? You can take a gander at the news video for yourself www.

Florida Ave Floral City, Fl. Scootergoods Magazine 71 www. The Dam Pub Hours: Also A fellow biker told me they have some pretty sweet looking woman singing Karaoke there too when they have it.

Call for more information. A i r b o a t R i d e s Scootergoods Magazine 72 www. We have been receiving calls saying some of you heard The Villages bought us out. Not true The Villages did buy part of the property west of us. Nothing to do with Windy Acres. We are looking forward to another fun time April Hope you can join us.

The Scootergoods Staff will be there, along with Scootergoods Magazine 73 www. A few years ago, Dottie Mattern set a motorcycle speed record of Mattern has never avoided a challenge, and now she is preparing to take on the Cannonball Ride aboard a Indian Sport Scout. The purpose of her ride is two-fold: Dottie has ridden motorcycles since her college days at the University of Maryland. Lunch will be catered free of charge to all guests!

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Special tours of Tommy's personal world class insulator collection will also be available on Saturday. Please note that this is a RSVP event that will require advance planning, so please inform us as far in advance as possible if you plan to attend.

All inquiries and RSVP replies should be directed to the event coordinator: Please leave a message if no answer. The site is located just o f f Highway 30 and one mile West of Highway There is no cost to set up and lunch will be provided to those in attendance. Many great Midwest collectors and friends have joined us over the years and made this a fun and relaxed event and we hope to continue such tradition this year.

Come join us f o r a great time in the Hawkeye State! Dealer set-up at 7: Early Bird admission at 8: Free admission in the afternoon. Kids under 12 free with adult. J I'm Walker or email: Free admission f o r everyone and no table charge f o r dealers! Dealer set-up 7am-8am, open to the public 8am-3pm.

Held at the American Legion building at N. Belle Plaine, KS Please RSVP your table if you would like one. Come one; come all. Trade insulators and related items. Swap hunting stories and have a good time with collector friends. Please bring a food item for the insulator picnic. Saturday, June 15 from 9. Host will provide a chili feed with all fixins for early set-ups on Friday. Saturday the 29th, Setup from 7am-llam. Some tables available; please bring your own if possible along with a potluck dish f o r lunch on Saturday.

We're holding it early this year to avoid conflict with the National. Come early or stay the weekend. Free BBQ lunch served on Saturday. Some tables available; bring your own if you have them. Please RSVP so we can plan the food and drinks; side dishes are welcome. Starts at 10 am or when you unpack and continues into the afternoon.

Bring your own table or blanket. We will have burgers, hot dogs, and pop available or BYOF. Exit 17 Freeport o f f Route 28, South approx. Watch for show sign.

For info contact the show hosts: Take the first left past the hospital and you're there. We will set up outside the Historic Murray House. Inclement weather will see us move into the house. Drumheller is a busy place during the summer so accommodations should be booked early. There are lots to do in town so bring the family along.

Here are some sites to help you along: LENA or lbraman telusplanet.