Explain the relationship between poverty and crime in america

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explain the relationship between poverty and crime in america

Some authors define poverty leads to crime some are completely opposite. . clear since there can be a certain relationship between poverty and with the class . What is the connection between crime and poverty among the female youths in . is really needed in Nigeria for us to understand what poverty is, as poverty is. The effects that poverty has on crime can be explained in multiple ways. of beds at mental health hospitals and treatment facilities are lower in the United States But a mental illness isn't the only link that there is between poverty and crime.

Tabby on September 16, at 9: Poverty causing criminal behavior could be acceptable if the crime being committed had anything to do with economics. Greed, ego, hatred, and refusal to submit to the law, are so much more important factors. Poverty has little to do with outright violent behavior. Mobs of black people, usually youth, attacking whites and Latinos nearly every other day, is not done for poverty reasons.

Often though, they just attack for the purpose of inflicting pain on another. There is a fine line between poverty being a cause of crime and the criminal behavior being the cause of poverty. You have used info to fit a narrative that you had prior to research. Wanting poverty to be a causation to excuse it, while there is plenty of evidence to show that criminals are criminals regardless of economics.

Just look at schemes done by rich. Look at athletes and celebrities.

How Poverty Influences Crime Rates

And ask what causes them to be criminals? Are we going to excuse their behavior for being too far above the poverty line?

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Submitted for Maurice Ward by John Spady on said: So for the record, I will just state that I never intended to cause anyone to believe that there is an excuse for crime or violent behavior. However, my intent was to link poverty with inequality and inequality with crime.

As you have so eloquently pointed out, rich people do crime as well, but for different reasons. I think my point is to show that when you have never had anything poverty and inequality to lose it may appear easier to turn to crime as an only way out not an excuse but a reason. I hope this data helps you see crime a little differently than you described in your response to my original post.

Thanks for taking an interest in my posting and happy reading! If either extreme were prone to triggering crime, it would have done so over this period.

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Not only did this not occur: To supporters of the thesis and some agnostics this is a paradox. More unemployment and poverty coincided with less crime. Can we believe the data?

To explain this, one approach is to look at the data available to the EHRC on unemployment as it drew up its report.

Poverty and Crime

But there are significant issues with the crime figures, too. First, the report pays no attention to the incremental removal of welfare benefits for to year-olds, as the age thresholds at which they were entitled to benefits incrementally shifted upwards.

Third, it ignores the unreliability of data regarding the numbers of young people not in education, employment or training NEET: Young people easily disappear below the radar for all statistical purposes, and go uncounted as the extent of their contact with official agencies declines, partly due to local authority budget cuts.

How accurate are the crime statistics for young people?

explain the relationship between poverty and crime in america

The crime figures are based on police-recorded crime that results in a conviction, whereas victim-reported crime is a higher estimate that is widely regarded as more representative. Police targets were also adjusted in to reduce the number of unders entering the criminal justice system for the first time.

And inanother policy shift led to an increased emphasis on informal responses to crimes committed by young peoplein an extra effort to minimise the numbers who have criminal records, thereby further reducing police-recorded crime rates. Additionally, inthe Office for National Statistics raised serious doubts about police data recording and checks, and the quality of police statistics.

explain the relationship between poverty and crime in america

Underestimation All in all, the official counts of unemployment and of poverty are almost certainly significant underestimates, but so are the crime figures.