Meet and greet los angeles clippers new uniforms

Handing out grades for Nike's final batch of City uniform designs

Twenty-nine of the league's 30 teams have new City designs (the Jazz are . The Lakers use their City uniforms to celebrate legendary players. DeAndre Jordan models the Clippers new uniform for the season. ( Photo courtesy of Los Angeles Clippers). The Clippers unveiled. The L.A. Clippers have unveiled this year's Nike City Edition jersey. inspired by the USA Basketball team uniform, which won in in Los Angeles.

Or maybe it's just a relief to see a Hawks uni that doesn't have neon-toned graphics or faux-textured fabric. Except this one actually works, with the blue elements really popping against the black background.

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Too bad about the vertical lettering at the base of the shorts, though, which feels like an afterthought. This is a slight variation on a throwback that the Knicks wore inand then they wore the corresponding white home version in Overall, this one feels like a placeholder or fallback option, like they couldn't come up with anything else that worked, ran out of time and just went with an old reliable.

B Memphis Grizzlies — Paul Lukas UniWatch November 7, If you go to the Grizzlies' website and read the story behind this uniformyou'll learn that it's a tribute to Memphis' old pro wrestling days, complete with gold side panels that are meant to look like a wrestling belt.

Fun idea, but at the end of the day, it feels like just another gray uniform in a sport that already has too many of them. Interesting concept, middling execution. Are the Pacers and Grizzlies trying to save on design fees or something? The one-sided striping is a shoutout to Indiana's old "Flo-Jo" uniforms from the s, which is a nice touch. Overall, though, this uniform feels uninspired.

It's not a disaster, but it seems to have no real reason to exist, and the world would go on spinning just fine without it. B- Sacramento Kings — Paul Lukas UniWatch November 8, What do you do when you have to come up with a new design but you kinda liked last season's design?

Los Angeles Clippers May have leaked their new City Edition uniform

If you're the Kings, you keep the same core uniform but swap out your chest logo for some lettering and hope nobody notices that it's a downgrade. Last season the Blazers had one of the better City designs, featuring a subtle plaid pattern that was a tribute to former coach Dr. That's a great concept that deserved to be part of their permanent uniform wardrobe -- but because the City alternates have only a one-year shelf life before they're swapped out, the plaid design is now gone and has been replaced by an uninspired black-and-gray design.

Last season's design was a tribute to Kobe Bryant. This year's is all about Magic Johnson, with little Magic-themed design touches on the waistbandshorts and elsewhere.

There's subtle messaging embedded in the jersey pinstripestoo. But when you get past all of that -- most of which will be invisible when you're watching a game -- you're left with a purple uniform with black pinstripes -- ugh.

And why put the city name and the team name on the chest? Yes, I know, because this is the City alternate, but it still looks too clunky. It takes guts to revive a lemon and try to make lemonade of it, so let's at least give them some points for courage. Comparison of Cavs' mids road uni left and newly released City alternate uni right. But the basketball outline feels rote and just distracts from the lettering.

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Not bad, but it could be better. The "LA Clippers" wordmark. Sorry, but this just doesn't work. Instead of reading as "L. The white home uniform.

Los Angeles Clippers May have leaked their new City Edition uniform

Have to admit that the logo looks better on the jersey than it does by itself. The red uni number feels right, and the red and blue trim elements work very nicely. There's still no zip, no pizzazz, and the chest insignia doesn't feel like it stands for anything, but the overall presentation isn't unsightly.

This one could grow on us. The red alternate uniform. This, on the other hand, is embarrassing. Come on, people -- it looks like a practice jersey. And the design is particularly bad for players with single-digit uniform numbersbecause the single numeral can't match the weight of the "LAC" logo.

The black alternate uniform. The team says a black alternate uni will be revealed at a later date, and materials that leaked in April suggest that it will probably look like this.