Raila and uhuru to meet

Kenyatta, Odinga meet with pledge to unite Kenyans after chaotic polls | Africanews

raila and uhuru to meet

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Sunday stated that he would like to meet Opposition Leader Raila Odinga. According to the President, the main aim of the meeting. Obama set to meet Uhuru, Raila in July. After Kenyan tour, the former US president will head to South Africa to give lecture. Daily Nation. Business woman Biliah Adhiambo was disappointed, saying it was too late for Raila to meet with President Uhuru after all that has been.

Get out of here. Apparently, the policeman had his pistol holster strapped on. The policeman walked away quietly.

raila and uhuru to meet

The high-profile defections would have sent a message to Raila that he was now truly on his own and that it was time for him to pack up and retire. To President Uhuru, the message would have been different: Indeed, the day after the handshake, Ruto made a trip to Uasin Gishu County, probably to reassure his base that all was well. In such a scenario, the handshake then would have been a presumptive strike meant to forestall and pre-empt Ruto before he upstaged both President Uhuru and Raila.

We still intend to vote for William Ruto in The union of Ruto and Uhuru prior to the elections was motivated not just by the fact that both politicians faced crimes against humanity charges at the International Criminal Court, but that they belonged to communities that have been at war since the s, when President Daniel arap Moi, a Kalenjin, orchestrated ethnic clashes between the Kikuyu and the Kalenjin.

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Split between settling a debt grudgingly and however painful it is and charting their own political path — meaning finding a Kikuyu politician to back for the presidency come — the Kikuyus will welcome any political move that will free them from their anxieties and from skipping a debt that was painfully imposed on them.

In essence, they were saying that Mugo had prophesied that the Kikuyu would be dominated by a small tribe for a while. But after that, the Kikuyu would retake the leadership of the country and would not again cede it. The Kikuyu people cannot trust him. This position has been entrenched by Uhuru Kenyatta himself who told us that if Raila assumes the presidency, he will come for us.

Following the second presidential election of October 26,among the most economically hard-hit Kenyans were the Kikuyus.

Their businesses have hit rock bottom and a majority of their youth are jobless and remain unemployed — a trend that even the political elites are concerned about.

A friend who is a stockbroker and who works for a securities firm surprised me when he told me that his firm had to move from their posh offices in downtown Nairobi because business was really bad.

Many Kikuyus have invested in stocks and bonds; some of them have been trading for the last 50 years.

Kenyan president and opposition leader meet in bid to heal divisions

He claimed to have lost millions of shillings in six months. A Central Kenya politician said that the NASA-instigated boycott of products and companies associated with Uhuru Kenyatta and his Jubilee party had threatened to destabilise many of the businesses operated by Kikuyus around the county, be they long-distance buses that travel to western Kenya and the coast region or retail shops that sell Brookside Dairy products and Safaricom accessories.

Even today, as I write, it is not easy to find a retail outlet in western Kenya that openly sells Brookside milk. Peterson Njenga, a tax consultant from Kikuyu town who has been doing some work in western Kenya recently, told me.

It almost sounded like it was contraband. I got the impression that shopkeepers stocked Brookside Dairy products at their own risk. A more worrisome question that is being discussed in hushed tones is: This is the talk in Kikuyu-owned restaurants, eating joints, social gatherings and homes.

Look the country is a lot less tense and at peace. But what is he up to? Does anybody for sure know?

raila and uhuru to meet

Between andhe also briefly worked as a teller at the Kenya Commercial Bank. Mary's school, Uhuru went on to study economics, political science and government at Amherst College in the United States.

He backed Kibaki for re-election in the December presidential election and was named Minister of Local Government by Kibaki in Januarybefore becoming Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Trade in April as part of a coalition government.

Accused by the International Criminal Court ICC of committing crimes against humanity in relation to the violent aftermath of the electionhe resigned as Minister of Finance on 26 January Political life[ edit ] Uhuru Kenyatta initial entry into politics came through his election as the chairman of his hometown branch of the then ruling party, KANU, in At the time, many saw the election as a calculated move to prepare Uhuru for bigger things to come.

In the general electionUhuru Kenyatta contested the Gatundu South Constituency parliamentary seat, once held by his father jomo Kenyattabut lost to Moses Mwihia, a Nairobi architect. He was nominated to parliament inand subsequently appointed to the cabinet as Minister for Local Government.

Following this, he was elected as one of the four national vice-chairmen of KANU in the same year. This move by Moi was seen as a ploy to install Uhuru as a puppet so that even in retirement, Moi would still rule the country through Uhuru and presumably insulate himself against charges of abuse of office that plagued his presidency. The result of this was a vote against the adoption of the draft constitution by a noticeable margin, which was a great political embarrassment to Emilio Mwai Kibaki.

However, further court proceedings followed. In the events that followed the annulment, Kenyatta was seen as lacking direction and being a reactionary leader.

The supplemental budget was to cover the budget gap that had arisen due to slow economic growth. The government required an additional Kshs 38 billion, but compromised on a figure of Kshs 22 billion and non-essential proposed expenditure was postponed as a result. After voting on the bill brought forward by Kenyatta, Gitobu Imanyara brought up discrepancy questions as to what exactly had been approved by the house. The Deputy Prime Minister initially defended the budget that had been passed but later admitted that there were computer or typographical errors in the budget bill.

An investigation by the CID and a parliamentary committee was ordered by the Speaker, to question him on the discrepancies. In furtherance of his political support for Kibaki's PNU at the time, he was accused of organising a Kikuyu politico-religious group, the Mungikiin the post-election violence. Overall, the post-election violence of is said to have claimed about lives.

raila and uhuru to meet

Uhuru maintained his innocence and wanted his name cleared. On 8 Marchwhile serving as minister in Kibaki's government, he was indicted after being summoned to appear before the ICC pre-trial chamber.

He was to appear at The Hague on 8 April alongside five other suspects.