Relationship between athena and odysseus

The Bright-Eyed Goddess & Odysseus' Relationship

relationship between athena and odysseus

And so, with Athena's help, Odysseus is granted freedom from Calypso's prison. However, once Calypso sends Odysseus off with a ship and. This means she never falls in love and would never have any descendants, but there was a special relationship between her and the hero Odysseus. Odysseus . Athena. As goddess of wisdom and battle, Athena naturally has a soft spot for Although she reassures Odysseus during the battle with the suitors, she does.

In the form of Mentes, a comrade Odysseus, Athena inspires Telemachus, giving him hope that his father is still alive and that the only way to find out the truth about his return is to go search for him personally. Athena even gives Telemachus instructions on how to find his father.

She instructs him on the exact mode of transportation he should use and offers some kind words that bolsters his downtrodden spirit.

Again, in book two, Athena keeps the story going by making sure Telemachus continues on his journey to find his father. However, Athena reassures him with her supportive words. Some of the tasks that were associated with long distance travel 2, years ago are too difficult for a mere fifteen year-old to accomplish in solitude.

The Bright-Eyed Goddess & Odysseus' Relationship

These tasks included finding a ship and crew, and stocking up provisions. Telemachus plans to leave quickly and silently in the night so as not to awake the suitors who might try to delay his departure.

relationship between athena and odysseus

In addition to trip planning services, Athena provides Telemachus with social advice that will help him get the information he needs to find his father. The Trojans received the horse really gratefully, and because the horse is too big they even tore down their city gate.

The Goddess Athena in the Odyssey

At night, the soldiers sneak out from the horse and set fire to destroy the Troy. Athena was so appreciate that she started to help Odysseus a lot. I think it started out like this, but I don't think that Athena never loved him by her heart.

Odysseus may be the human that Athena likes the most. It is not because of his looking but the brilliant brain. I think if they are both human, they would become friend and mentor or maybe even husband and wife. Odysseus helped Athena in no reason and a goddess like Athena unexpectedly would admire such a human being man.

In some way, I think they are alike, too.

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Both of them are smart in the warfare. Nevertheless, one is a goddess that consider as a virgin goddess and the other one has a wife. However, he is better off with a god indifferent to him than with a god holding a grudge against him. Another type of relationship is one in which the gods would punish mortals for certain things, using divine intervention to negatively influence their lives.

However, the crew ignores the advice and kills some cattle for food. This is a blasphemous act and they are punished for it when Zeus sends down lightening and thunder, and they all lose their lives.

Relationship Comparison Between Odysseus and Athena essay sample

Only Odysseus survives, and he barely does so. Another example of such relationship is shown through the fear that the mortals had of displeasing the gods.

relationship between athena and odysseus

Aeolus himself is scared to help them for fear that he himself will get on the bad side of a god.