Relationship between body fat and obesity

relationship between body fat and obesity

It is used as the same for both sexes and for all ages of adults. The relationship between BMI and body fat percentage (BF %) has been studied. Furthermore, we have investigated the relationship between the BMI and body fat determined by dual energy x-ray absorptiometry (DXA). Relationship between Body mass index (BMI) and body fat percentage, estimated by bioelectrical impedance, in a group of Sri Lankan adults: a.

The participants were randomly recruited every 3rd person who volunteered from those attending a research center located in an exhibition venue during a medical exhibition conducted by, Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo Sri Lanka in Pregnant women were excluded.

Height, weight and body composition measurements were carried out by a group of medical graduates after supervised training.

relationship between body fat and obesity

Informed written consent was taken from all participants. Confidentiality was maintained during the storage, retrieval and analysis of data. Body composition measurements Anthropometry Measurements were taken using standardized equipment.

relationship between body fat and obesity

Height of all participants were measured using a stadiometer secaGermany in standing position without footwear to the nearest 0.

Weight was measured with minimum clothes using a calibrated electronic scale with digital readout secaGermany to the nearest 0.

The system consisted of two handgrips with two electrodes each and a footplate with four electrodes. All procedures carried out according to manufacturer instructions [ 20 ].

What is the correlation between body fat and body weight?

The electrodes between the left and right grips were short-circuited, along with those for the left and right feet. Study subjects stood on the footplate and gently grasped the two handgrips with arms held straight forward at 90 degrees. During the measurement, the instrument recorded whole body impedance from the hands to the feet by applying an electric alternating current flux of 0. Whole-body composition was estimated using standard equations provided by the BIA manufacturer.

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Statistical analysis Subjects were grouped into males and females. General linear model analysis was first used. This was performed in males and females separately. Statistical analysis of data was carried out using the SPSS version The obtained results showed that the majority of examined adolescents are in the group of healthy weight.

These results are in accordance with Freedman et al.

In the Republic of Serbian children are genetically higher and have a balanced body composition. Serbs make up three-quarters of a dinar type of man, which is characterized by tall and slender physique, strong bones and developed muscles [ 25 ].

The BMI of examined girls and boys with healthy weight. Data in the upper left and lower right quadrants present limitations of BMI. BMI generally overestimates adiposity on those with more lean body mass e.

What is the correlation between body fat and body weight? | Body Mass Index (BMI) - Sharecare

Body composition for fit person is better calculated using measures of body fat [ 27 ]. Obtained results emphasize the limitations of BMI as a marker of adiposity among non-overweight adolescents. Because of the variability in the levels of fat mass, weight—height index needs to be carefully discussed.

The high levels of BMI-for-age are associated with substantial increases in fat mass, so the index is most useful as a measure of obesity. Conclusions Based on obtained data, in this study, it can be concluded that the majority of adolescents in the Serbian Republic have normal body weight, with a tendency of increase, especially among girls.

relationship between body fat and obesity

Prevention programs might attempt to improve the situation of Serbian adolescents by promoting more regular physical activities with a reduction in sedentary activities and improving healthy dietary behaviours. References Allafi Ahmad, Ahmad R. Al-Athari, Fahhad A, et al. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition International journal of obesity

relationship between body fat and obesity