Relationship between differentiation and continuity plan

The Difference between Business Continuity Planning & Disaster Recovery

relationship between differentiation and continuity plan

Continuity and Differentiability. Up to this point, we have used the derivative in some powerful ways. For instance, we saw how critical points (places where the. The Ratio and Root Tests · 8. To develop calculus for functions of one variable, we needed to make sense of the concept of a limit, which we needed to understand continuous functions and to define the derivative. Limits difficulty is largely due to the fact that there are many ways to "approach'' a point in the x - y plane. How to teach the concepts of limits, continuity, differentiation and integration in actually get the feel and make connection to graphs and then to algebraic notation. . So a better plan is to read and understand a section of the text before .

relationship between differentiation and continuity plan

Identify two or three different scenarios and your corresponding responses. Establish specific communication strategies for each. Be sure to include strategies for internal and external communications. Set up employee information sessions and tabletop exercises so everyone is on the same page and understands the policies and procedures.

Develop resources to distribute emergency contact information, wallet cards, and other vital materials.

relationship between differentiation and continuity plan

Test your alternate site and remote access locations to ensure your business operations will resume quickly and efficiently. While business continuity planning is designed to ensure your investment business and personnel are prepared in the event of a disaster, you must also ensure that your systems and infrastructure will be equally able to sustain a disruption. Hedge Fund Disaster Recovery Disaster Recovery Planning is directly related to the technology and infrastructure that supports business operations.

In developing a disaster recovery strategyhedge funds typically examine what applications and services they have in production and which ones are mission-critical.

Relationship between differentiability and continuity

File shares, email, accounting and trading applications and voice capabilities are often the first that come to mind, but firms should evaluate which are most essential to them.

The two most important factors associated with disaster recovery planning are the recovery point objective RPO and the recovery time objective RTO. Recovery Point Objective The RPO is the point in time to which a firm must recover data as defined by the organization. The RPO dictates which replication method will be required i. Recovery Time Objective The RTO is the duration of time and a service level within which a business process must be restored after a disruption in order to avoid unacceptable losses.

Here the function is not defined at the points and near these points, the function becomes both arbitrarily large and arbitrarily small.

Since the function is not defined at these points, it cannot be continuous. Again, if this function arose in a situation which we wanted to optimize, we would have to be careful when applying our usual methods from calculus.

relationship between differentiation and continuity plan

There are some situations which present us with a function which has an "unusual" point in fact, we'll see an example of this later on. Here is an example: Again, if we were to apply the methods we have from calculus to find the maxima or minima of this function, we would have to take this special point into consideration.

Mathematicians have made an extensive study of discontinuities and found that they arise in many forms. In practice, however, these are the principle types you are likely to encounter.

Differentiability We have earlier seen functions which have points at which the function is not differentiable.

relationship between differentiation and continuity plan

An easy example is the absolute value function which is not differentiable at the origin. Notice that this function has a minimum value at the origin, yet we could not find this value as the critical point of the function since the derivative is not defined there remember that a critical point is a point where the derivative is defined and zero.

A similar example would be the function. Notice that which shows that the derivative does not exist at.


However, this function has a minimum value at. An example To illustrate how to deal with these kinds of situations, here is an example.

Suppose that you are on one side of a lake listening to the radio. There is an announcement that you have won a special prize, but you must call the radio station quickly. The nearest phone is on the other side of the lake and you would like to reach the phone as quickly as possible.

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The situation is drawn to the left. The lake is shaped like a circle of radius 1 kilometer and there is a bridge running across the lake. You are at the point -1,0 while the phone is at the point.

relationship between differentiation and continuity plan

Let's find out how long it would take to reach the phone if you first swam across the lake at an angle t and then ran along the shore to the phone. Remember that distance is equal to velocity times time so that the length of time it takes to swim is equal to the distance that you swim divided by the velocity at which you swim.

To compute the distance you swimwe can use the law of cosines.