Relationship between elrond and thranduil pictures

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relationship between elrond and thranduil pictures

May 20, image. ((These were both multi-question asks, so I blocked out the Ancestors: Elrond is the son of Earendil, who basically saved the day in the First Age. It also seems that he had a good relationship with Thranduil (and. Mar 11, Because Thranduil was a Sindarin elf who ruled over thousands of his Silvan kinsfolk while Galadriel and Elrond Peredhel were Noldorin and neither had. Jan 2, [LotR]What's the relationship between Rivendell, Mirkwood, and Lothlorien? but Thranduil and Legolas, and presumably many other nobles and rulers The basic picture seems to be that Galadriel and Elrond were fairly.

Oropher became king, and seems to have been on good relations with Amdir. Meanwhile, the remaining Noldor and mainstream Sindar settled on the west coast of Middle Earth: The Noldor or High-elves of Hollin, a race Legolas calls strange, were smiths and craftsmen and loremasters, good at making weapons, and, unfortunately, Rings of Power.

She did stay behind at the end of the First Age, after all, seeking a realm of her own. He was glad to receive help and advice from Celeborn after Sauron revealed himself and things went badly for Eregion.

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At the end of the Second Age, Oropher put aside his misgivings about the Noldor and Noldor-friendly Sindar, recognizing the need to join the fight against Sauron. However, it seems he refused to recognize Gil-Galad as High King. Oropher and Amdir marched together, leading a large host of Silvan Elves to the Alliance. And when the Last Alliance reached the gates of Mordor, King Oropher would not wait for the command to advance, but led his household and champions on a personal charge of the Black Gates.

Thranduil was one of the few to survive.

relationship between elrond and thranduil pictures

Third AgeDol Guldur started going nasty, but nobody at the time knew why: In defense, Thranduil hired the dwarves to delve a stone fortress for himself on the far corner of the woods.

Legolas, speaking about this, says something very interesting: Also, if that had been the reason, then why did Thranduil hire dwarves as Gimli mentions while describing the Glittering Caves to build it?

They seem to be aware of the political problems. Apparently Gandalf did not explain the significance of the prisoner, for Legolas expresses shock and dismay when he learns about Gollum at the council.

relationship between elrond and thranduil pictures

Therefore, after orcs attacked Mirkwood and freed Gollum, Thranduil sent his son to Rivendell to get word to Mithrandir of what had happened. And had Gollum not been dropped off in Mirkwood, Legolas might never have gone out in the world and made a name for himself. I can find not one case in the entire Lord of the Rings where anyone acknowledges his father is a king.

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Instead of lore or power, he is distinguished mostly by his formidable hunting skills of hand, foot, and eye, something one would need to survive the peril-fraught darkness of Mirkwood. Everywhere else calen is used, even for the many names of Mirkwood.

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Elrond then decides to send Legolas with the fellowship to represent the elves, showing that he certainly trusts Mirkwood elves if he decided to give Legolas such an important mission, rather than an elf of Rivendell.

When Rivendell sends out scouts to see which roads are safer for the Fellowship, Gandalf mentions that the scouts will perhaps liaise with the Mirkwood elves. So by the end of the Third Age, there was contact between Rivendell and Mirkwood. We can also only guess how Thranduil felt about Elrond sending Legolas away on such a dangerous mission - he could feel honoured, horrified, or both.

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This is where I use the less reliable sources. The Sindarin royal family. It would also make sense that they are all part of some kind of royal family, since Oropher self-proclaimed himself king once he got to the Greenwood.

relationship between elrond and thranduil pictures

Oropher and Thranduil may also see Elrond as their kin, either by blood via Thingol or by marriage via Celebrian, though in both cases they are certainly not closely related. Yes, there was distrust between elves and men in the First Age.

Thingol forbade the relationship between his daughter Luthien and the human Beren unless Beren could complete an impossible task: Beren and Luthien succeeded and subsequently became great heroes.

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It is also true that during the Battle of Unnumbered tears, Men betrayed the elves and brought about a terrible slaughter. However most of the elves in question were Noldorin; only two were from Doriath. Oropher certainly did not seem to want to have anything to do with Men in the Second Age - but these were wild men who were a danger to the Greenwood.

Oropher and probably Thranduil knew Elrond as a child. They were joined by the survivors of Gondolin. So chances are that both Oropher and Thranduil knew Elrond as a child.

relationship between elrond and thranduil pictures

The survivors of Sirion were taken in by Gil-galad and lived on the island of Balar also home to Cirdan afterwards. Elrond and Elros were found by Maglor and Maedhros, who took them in. Depending on the version, either Maglor or Maedhros had a big role in raising the twins and they seemed to form a sort of family.

It is unclear how long Elrond and Elros spent with Maglor and Maedhros, but any way you want to turn it, Elrond and Elros came to love those who killed their kin and kidnapped them. Or, if they are wise, they might see it for what it is, ie, a pretty sad screwed up story for all concerned.

relationship between elrond and thranduil pictures

In any case he was probably not much older than 60, a very young elf, when Gil-galad took him in. We also do not know what happened between Oropher and Gil-galad for Oropher to refuse his authority during the Last Alliance.

Perhaps there were already disagreements between Gil-galad and Oropher on the Isle of Balar or in Lindon before Oropher and Thranduil left for the East. Oropher and Thranduil may well have resented all the Noldor who brought a lot of trouble to their relatively peaceful land. Elrond was always by Gil-galad, who lived in North Lindon.

Elrond is of Noldorin culture.

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The Silmarillion, Unfinished Tales Elrond spent most of his life utterly surrounded by Noldorin culture, meaning that even though his bloodline is mostly Sindarin and Vanyarin, culturally he is very much Noldorin. More evidence of this is that he moved his fortress in the Greenwood several times, and one of the reasons is that Galadriel a Noldo was infringing on his territory.

At least Gil-galad, Elrond, Celeborn and Galadriel attended Celebrian was also present in Rivendell, but we do not know if she took part in the Council. This is when Elrond was given Vilya and was appointed vice-regent of Eriador. Galadriel kept the ring Celebrimbor had entrusted her with, one was given to Elrond to reinforce Rivendell, the third Gil-Galad kept and gave to Cirdan before the War of the Last Alliance.