Relationship between glaciers and icebergs youtube

Iceberg 6 kilometres long breaks off from Greenland glacier | CTV News

relationship between glaciers and icebergs youtube

The effect of climate change on the world's ice is almost that simple. Global temperatures are warming, and that warming is fastest at the poles. As a result, ice sheets and glaciers melt and shrink. A smattering of icebergs appears in the dark, open waters. Facebook · Instagram · Twitter · YouTube · Tumblr · Foursquare. Scientists have recently discovered a large rift on West Antartica's Pine Island Glacier that could result in a massive iceberg breaking away. External Links A glacier is a large mass of ice, formed at least in part on land, that shows evidence of present or past movement. With approximately , km2 of glacier coverage in the Arctic and the West, . See also Glaciation; Iceberg; Cold Places in Canada. Twitter · Facebook · Youtube.

When a political or societal process takes a very long time, the adjective glacial — a reference to the slow movement of glaciers — is often used to describe its pace. Tens of thousands of valley glaciers exist worldwide.

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In Canada, they are found mainly at higher elevations of the western mountain systems and in the mountains and highlands of the Arctic Archipelagoe. Many are less than one kilometre long. Others are much longer, such as the Hubbard Glacier in Yukon and Alaska, which stretches more than km.

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Cirque glaciers form in high-elevation depressions at the heads of valleys. These small glaciers may expand to become valley glaciers. Piedmont glaciers form when ice flows out of valleys and onto flatter land. This category contains two types. Glaciers that measure more than 50, km2 e. Smaller continental glaciers are called ice caps. Continental glaciers are dome shaped and not greatly impeded by topography; thus, they are able to move outward in all directions. Ice caps and ice sheets generally move at slower speeds than valley glaciers.

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Canada has several ice caps, located in the Cordillera and Arctic Archipelago. This image shows the rate at which glaciers flow away from the centre of the Devon Ice Cap. Dark blue indicates a rate of 0 to 20 m per year, while deep red indicates a rate of motion up to m per year.

Its surface exhibits crevasses, i.

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Icefalls — steep, unstable masses of ice blocks — have resulted from crevasses formed where the glacier hangs over a sharp formation of bedrock such as a cliff. The glacier is said to be feet deep. Athabasca glacier from Wilcox Pass.

relationship between glaciers and icebergs youtube

In addition, glacier meltwater carries and deposits debris, forming such features as deltas and glacial outwash plains composed of sand and gravel see also Esker. That is, a snow patch becomes a glacier when the deepest layers begin to deform due to the weight of the overlying snow and ice. Why are glaciers blue?

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  • Iceberg 6 kilometres long breaks off from Greenland glacier
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Because the red long wavelengths part of white light is absorbed by ice and the blue short wavelengths light is transmitted and scattered. The longer the path light travels in ice, the more blue it appears.

relationship between glaciers and icebergs youtube

Light does not penetrate into snow very far before being scattered back to the viewer. However, the next time you are in an igloo, notice that it is blue inside. You can also poke a stick into some snow, shade the area around the hole, and look deep into the snow pack.

The light that has traveled some distance through the snow will be enhanced in blue. Is glacier ice colder than regular ice? No - indeed, all of the physical, thermal and electrical properties of "regular icebox ice" and glacier ice are identical: The few small differences in characteristics are solely due to grain size differences see 3. High-pressure forms of ice with different properties have been produced in laboratory experiments, but none occur naturally on earth, not even at the base of the Antarctic or Greenland ice sheets.

But doesn't glacier ice last longer in drinks!!!??? Yes - a little, but only because the ice crystals are larger. Crystals melt from the outside and large crystals expose less surface area per unit volume of ice; therefore, ice with larger crystals melts more slowly. When a glacier retreats, does the ice go back up the valley?

relationship between glaciers and icebergs youtube

No - like water, ice flows down its surface gradient, is rarely pushed up, and never goes back up valley. Retreat occurs when melting or calving removes ice more quickly than glacier flow replenishes it.

How many glaciers are in Alaska? There is no certain answer. There are approximately glaciers in Glacier Bay National Park. A new story map details the glaciers in Alaska's National Parks!

How many glaciers in Alaska have floating termini or terminuses and which is it?

relationship between glaciers and icebergs youtube

None - all the calving glaciers in Alaska fill their fjords completely to the bed. In Alaska, parts of some retreating calving glaciers are close to floating such as Columbia and Portage Glaciers.