Relationship between personal ethics professional and business

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relationship between personal ethics professional and business

Personal and professional ethical systems are interrelated but personal ethics It makes sense for a company to post a code of ethics and use this on long term relationships and carefully built reputations, If your business. What is the difference between Business Ethics and Personal Ethics? or a member of a certain profession whereas personal ethics are the. Personal ethics varies from person to person. Business ethics is the consideration of what is right and honest in discharging of professional duties. Business.

Ethics followed at the workplace are related to how religiously you follow the protocol laid down by the company. There might be situations where the two may coincide, yet most of the time, they are different, and this must be clearly understood. Personal Ethics These involve your morals and values.

They are instilled generally, during childhood, by your parents, family, and friends.

relationship between personal ethics professional and business

They relate to your deep-rooted principles, and how religiously you follow them determines the kind of person you are. The nature of your personal ethics depend on whether your principles have an optimistic effect on the people surrounding you, i. Examples I will always speak the truth.

This is something that you would have been taught by your parents and teachers since the time you first began to understand the world. By the time you grow up, this thought would have been ingrained in your system.

Following this principle will make you feel satisfied and happy, and in case you face a dilemma wherein you need to compromise on your honesty, the result might make you feel sick and remorseful. I will respect all those who are elder to me.

Business and Personal Ethics

Following this will invariably make you a patient and dutiful human being, yet, you might have to compromise on it if someone is taking advantage of your sincerity and humility. I will never hurt anyone purposely. This will help hone the way you speak and behave with you family and friends.

relationship between personal ethics professional and business

You will think twice before unnecessarily hurting someone with either your words or actions. If you do so, you will not hesitate to apologize thereafter. Following this principle will make you humble, which is an essential quality that we need in our lives. I will maintain a caring attitude towards everyone. This will evoke your compassion.

Difference Between Business Ethics and Personal Ethics | Definition, Examples

It might sometimes be difficult to care for people who have been rude to you in the past, but if you start reacting in the same way, just to be vengeful, what is the use of you laying down this principle for your self?

Thus, this ethic is a stringent test of your patience. Your caring attitude even towards your opponents will win them over one day. Professional Ethics These involve a strict code of conduct laid down at the workplace.

When Personal and Professional Values Conflict

Your ethics here involve adherence to rules and regulations. Non-compliance to such rules may risk your reputation, as your behavior will immediately be reported as brash and unprofessional.

Your personal views and concerns about any topic will not be of much help in a corporate setting, how well you follow the protocol of the company is what will matter here.

Some examples of work ethics include time management, punctuality, transparency, and confidentiality. The employees of an organized have no choice to follow the ethics of that particular organization.

Sometimes, an individual personal ethics may conflict with business ethics. For example, you might have to lie to your client a white lie, but lying might be a breach of your personal ethics. Difference Between Business Ethics and Personal Ethics Definition Business Ethics are the code of conduct imposed on an employee or a member of a certain profession. Acquisition Business Ethics are learned when a person joins an organization.

Personal Ethics are acquired from family, religion, friends and close surroundings. Personal ethical systems can be categorical, or geared towards doing good for its own sake. Personal ethical systems can also be utilitarian, or geared towards doing good for the sake of creating outcomes that improve quality of life for as many people as possible. Treating friends and neighbors with kindness can be the basis of a personal ethical system. Telling the truth is a personal ethical value as well, as is refraining from theft.

Video of the Day Brought to you by Techwalla Brought to you by Techwalla Professional Codes of Ethics Some professions, such as medicine and accounting, require licensed practitioners to adhere to a specifically articulated code of ethics that helps to create legitimacy for the profession as a whole.

Certification and membership in the group of professionals is contingent on following this code and professionals who are found to violate it risk losing their licenses.

relationship between personal ethics professional and business

Following such a professional code of ethics is a practical matter because it is necessary for job stability, and it's also a matter of personal and professional integrity.