Relationship between public administration and other disciplines

relationship between public administration and other disciplines

The Development of the Relation Between Public Administration and disciplines and at other times to a growing tension between them and even separation. Public Administration as a field of study relies heavily on theories from other of Government Laws, rules & regulations & level of education among the stake holders. of the study of public administration on theories from other disciplines. . of public policy; executive-legislative relations; public budgetary processes and. 'In this unit, we shall examinkthe place of Public Administration among Social Sciences and its relations with other Social Sciences, in particular, with Political.

This explains the interaction of economics with public administration at the national level.


It is worthwhile to conclude by reminding ourselves that, we, in Nigeria, have taken to planning as means to establish socialistic pattern of society 15 It implies that whatever we plan must be implemented most efficiently. It implies that whatever we plan must be implemented most efficiently. It is therefore, the task of administrators to plan and implement. If our administrators and administration fail, our planning fails.

Most of the failure of our planning in the past has been on account of the administration not coming up to the burden of planning. It studies various types of groups and how they influence human instincts and activity.

In sociological research studies, Historical method of study is very relevant and important. History is not only history of events but it is key to understand present events.

relationship between public administration and other disciplines

In the same way sociology gives social background for the study of historical events. Harward to remarked that History is past Sociology ,and Sociology is present history.

Describe the relationship of public administration with politics,economic and psychology.

But, in spite of their close relationship the two sciences are distinct: Sociology is general science which covers all human aspects ,while history is special science which study only historical aspects of events. History is related with past events an there is no relation with modern events.

Contrary to it Sociology is basically a modern science, which study present social situation of human behavior. Durkheim's book 'The Rules of Sociological Method' says ,sociology is entirely different from history.

He further says, historical events have record of individual roles, while sociology means ,it is study of social facts and social representations occurred by social circumstances. History means only description ,while sociology means analysis, interpretations and classifications. The nature of History is not scientific, which can not be retested. But the test of social phenomenon is possible. Relation between sociology and political science: Sociology and political science are also related in the sense that they both concern the welfare of people in a society.

Political science basically deals with the distribution of power and the exercise of power ,democracy, dictatorship, communism, how people vote etc. These two subjects have much common in subject matters. The important point is that king of any place is social as well as political.

There is no separate existence without each other. In words of Giddings,"to teach the theory of the state to men who have not learnt the first principles of sociology, is like teaching astronomy or thermodynamics to men who have not learnt Newton's law of motions". Principles of Sociology p. Both sciences explain the interdependency between man and society.

Political science says man is political while sociology say man is social. Both need a group of people ,where he interacts. The process of socialization is done by both sciences. Both are helpful in development of social an political consciousnesses. Sociology makes theories for people and political science try to implement it.

But in spite of their close relationship the two sciences are distinct: Sociology is science of society.

relationship between public administration and other disciplines

Political science is the science of state. Gilchrist says,"Sociology studies man as a social being ,and political organization is a special kind of social orgnisation; political science is more specialized science than sociology. Sociology is science of society which studies all organized and unorganized activities while political science is science of society which studies only organized activities.

Sociology studies only present society while political science studies present and indicates future side also. Sociology is older than political science.

relationship between public administration and other disciplines

Human society had first come in existence. State and other political system arise after years. Relation between sociology and Anthropology: Anthropology and sociology also deal with society but the only difference is that social anthropology mainly considers small groups and their culture but their area of study is basically the same.

Actually both are same, two names for the same field enquiry.

What is the relationship between public administration and other social science discipline

The study of ancient and simple societies are done by Anthropology ,while on the basis of that sociology studies the wider and complex societies.

It is also create social harmony and maintain peace and stability in the society.


Public administration generally concerned with the activities of the government, it also concerned with the people, and it is also distinct from private administration. Public administration is thus, not a separate and independent discipline but it is only a part of the social sciences.

Politics and Public Administration Public administration was a part of politics and the field of administration is the field of business. Politics is state activity in things general and universal while administration is the activity of the state in individual and small things. Politics is thus the general administration of the technical official.

Politics is the pursuit of power and it aims at the advancement of public interest but Administration is the exercise of power. Thus, public administration and politics does not stand deviated from each other. Administration must know the political conditions and a politician must know as administration.

The study of public administration deals with all the processes of policy formalization, political parties and public opinion. But International relations and public administration meet not only in the matters of organisation, but also in those of management and technique.