Sports fitness and fun gymnastics meet

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sports fitness and fun gymnastics meet

The competition will be held at OCSC from Friday, February 26, its gymnastics programming and Sports, Fitness & Fun Gymnastics Teams. Gymnastics is a fun sport for everyone! Our Pre-School classes give toddlers a head start in fitness and social gymnasts. RED, WHITE & YOU MEET FLYER. Sports Fitness and Fun Gymnastics Booster Club, founded 07/01/ To promote competition at all competitive levels as established by the.

sports fitness and fun gymnastics meet

How many children are involved in the programme? What does the competition schedule look like? All gymnasts perform as individuals. Only one judge is required to judge one floor.

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At the National level, the top eight finishers qualify for the finals, where gymnasts again perform twice. The gymnast with the highest score is the winner. Thereafter they attend a five hour discipline workshop in one of the disciplines.

Also covered in the workshop is how to judge the discipline as well as the competition format. Thereafter, they join the normal SAGF education and training programmes. In general, what do the kids seem to like most about the programme?

sports fitness and fun gymnastics meet

Where does the equipment come from? Provincial and district sport departments assist schools by providing the equipment.


Gymnastics is not exactly the least expensive sport on the planet. How difficult is it to fund the Schools Programme? For this reason our programmes were developed to require the minimum amount of equipment and floor space. Provincial Departments of Sport do assist with equipment, but as their funding is so limited they can only help a handful of schools each year.

How easy is it for an interested school to start the programme? Then they fill in a gymnastics registration form, so that we, as a Federation, can ensure that they receive the necessary information in respect of capacity building and events.

sports fitness and fun gymnastics meet

Do you have any advice for regions or countries looking to develop their own Schools Gymnastics programme? Forget Code of Points and repetitive movements. Make the programmes FUN so that children will learn without realising that they are learning!

A lot of smiles and a little sweat is our goal! Participants are grouped based on skill levels as defined by USA Gymnastics. Participants must pass Beginners Skills class to attend Intermediate and Advanced classes. Pre-Team Pre-Team is for advanced level girls ages 5 and older. Gymnasts must tryout and be chosen by members of the professional gymnastics staff.

The team practices two days a week year round. USA gymnastics routines are taught in preparation for advancement to competition level. Team Levels 2 - 10 Team levels 2 - 10 is a competitive group of girls who have advanced from skills.

The team practices 3 to 4 days per week year round.

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USA gymnastics routines are taught and emphasis is placed on quality competitive training, good sportsmanship, friendship, dedication, and fun. These gymnasts travel throughout the southeast and compete in local, state, regional, and national competitions.

sports fitness and fun gymnastics meet

All fees are due by the last day of each month. You may sign up at any time during the month and fees are prorated.

sports fitness and fun gymnastics meet