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Main article: Step Up 2: The Streets Moose convinces Andie to join their crew. In Step Up All In, Sean and Andie meet for the first time and, both being very. KH: Andie is my favorite female lead for several rea. Moose Step Up, Alyson Stoner, . bottom right: step up. top right: step up 2 the streets. bottom left: step up top Danielle Fishel as Topanga Lawrence on Boy Meets World/Girl Meets . John Kamps Stars: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Michael Shannon and. Since co-starring in Step Up 2: The Streets in , Mari Koda (the real-life It was also awesome to meet and work with b-boy Kid david from California and Parris Goebel from ReQuest Dance Crew in Australia. If Moose or Andie ever need help, she'll be there—she's gone from . Photo by Joe Toreno.

Chase and Andie form a new crew with help from many people Chase knows at the school, all of not accepted as who they are, including Andie's new friend Moose. Chase has a copied key to the studio and the crew secretly practices their routine late at night when the school is empty.

They perform at the local dance club, but are rejected and kicked out. Andie's best friend Missy Serrano joins the crew after leaving following the event, as she is disgusted by the crowd's reaction. Missy tells the crew that the only way to enter The Streets is to first pull a prank and post it on the Internet to show that the crew is entering the competition.

Wanting revenge for being humiliated before, Chase decides that their prank will be to make a fool out of Tuck, the leader of The crew goes to a family barbecue at Missy's house. Sophie, an MSA student who happens to have a crush on Chase, tags along. She begins to develop a crush on Moose after salsa dancing with him.

When Tuck finds Chase, he assaults him for his prank and warns him to stay away from The Streets and Andie. Chase comes into school the next day badly bruised and hurt.

On top of that, the dance studio has been trashed by the previous night. Director Blake forbids the students from the school to be involved in illegal competitions and expels Andie from MSA for her involvement with The Streets competition, but Andie denies the involvement of her other members.

After she leaves, Chase admits his involvement in The Streets and tries to persuade Director Blake to let Andie back in, but Director Blake refuses as he is too busy with the fundraiser. What's the song playing before Webbie's "Independent"? Who does the Three Days Grace "pain" remix? I've been trying to find it, it's around the last battle. Been looking everywhere for it When they are dancing in the rain and he is revolving around her, what's the name of the song they are dancing to?

What is the name of the beat at the end, the one at the VERY beginning of the final dance with all the scratching noises? It's a remix of this song.

What is the song playing when all the members of MSA dance crew are sad and lonely? Chase comes to director Collin's class late and Collin says "Chase show us what you got". What is the name of the song he performs to in this scene? Lyrics starts with " What's the song playing when Andy is learning with director Collins and Chase is in the next room dancing in front of the mirror? What's the music the Jabbawokeez dance to in the deleted scenes? It has a funky beat and lyrics are like " I got you stuck What is the song playing when Andie is leaving the club after being beat by Tyler?

Chase is in a sweatsuit dancing on the wall. What is the song playing at the very beginning when Andy is talking about her life and what the streets were like when she was growing up? What is the song playing when Andie first walks into MSA?

It's some kind of instrumental that was adapted from the first film when miles was playing with his equipment. What's the song playing in the beginning of the last battle? We hear it after the DJ opens the trunk of the car and it says " What's the song playing after the pulls the prank and the camera shows them all practicing in the school?

Camera is just moving slowly, and the track sounds like it just instrumental! What song does the dance too with the lyrics " What's the song that starts off with the saying " It's the song playing at the end when MSA does the final dance.

I'm pretty sure it's just one line from the song "The New Style" by the Beastie Boys, it sounds like it's been slowed down and stretched out a bit to make the line go for slightly longer than it actually does.

What's the song playing when Chase dances in Dragon Club " It's not the T-Pain song. There's this song, " What is it called and who is it by? What's the first song the red group with white masks dance to? In the final dance sequence where Andy and the other guy is dancing, there is a part where the guy controls Andy like her heart is beating - what is the name of the song in that part of the routine?

That would be "Bounce" By Timbaland.

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I think there'ss an instrumental remix. What's the song playing in the last dance in the rain? It begins when Moose ends his solo. Fast song with an electric guitar - " What is the song playing just before Andie meets Moose? On the deleted scenes it shows the Jabbawakeez dancing to another song other than "Im a G".

What is the name of the song s? What is the song playing when Andie first sees Chase at the Dragon, and he starts freestlying in the corner? It's a remix of N. What is the name of the song that Andy plays during her dance audition at Maryland? Who is the artist of the song heard at the bar-b-que, when they are doing the salsa? What is the song that Andy dances to during her MSA audition?? What's the song playing after Tuck and his crew beat chase up!?! What song is playing when Chase drops Andy by his car?

What is the song playing when the people in red suits and white masks are dancing? They are actually Jabbawockeez, the one in red suits and white masks. What is the song playing when Andy is packing to move away?

It's a slow song. What is the name of the song with the lyrics " What is the song playing in Tuck's car when he gets out to confront Chase and ends up beating him? Haterz Everywhere - Wes Fif ft.

What's the music or song that plays while Chase shows his skills in the classroom after when director Collins asks to dance everyone one by one? Does anyone know the song that plays when Chase is dancing against the wall in the club. It's when he meets Andie for the first time after her face off with Tyler?

It's not Midnight, or Push, or Church. I already have all those songs!!

Collins does not like it, and Chase says "Come on man" and then Dr. Collins changes the dance steps? B, featuring Wes Fif. What is the piano music being performed in class when the teacher says to his brother "show us what can you do"?? What's the name of the ballad when Andy has to leave the school and Chase is walking through the school?

What's the song playing in the last dance? The lyrics are " What is the slow song playing when all their hearts are kinda broken after he finds out that she lied to Luke? Lyrics are like " Seeing is believing, hearing is deceiving This is from Step Up 3D It's instrumental and ends at 0: What song is playing at the end when they're in the airport? It sounds like "make a right" What is the name of Missy's cousin brother who dances with Andy before Chase?

What is the song playing when Andy and Chase are dancing the salsa together at Missy's barbecue? What's the name of the music playing while director Collins is teaching Andie to ballet dance, when she's drinking coke and spitting chewing gum out, it's orchestral and sounds like some kind of symphony music?

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Andie overhears him and is genuinely happy. He and Andie also perform their trick, perfectly succeding. Their crew ends up winning the contest and Andie and Sean share a passionate kiss and end up together while dancing with all their friends to celebrate.

Quotes "I miss my drug dealer. I don't even like moose. Relationships Edit Andie is best friends with Mooseit can be assumed they have kept in touch over the years as in Step Up: All In, he knew where to find her. She is also good friends and looks up to Tyler Gageher childhood friend who is somewhat her dance mentor. He playfully treats her like a kid. She is probably good friends with Camille Gage as well, as she is Moose's girlfriend and Tyler's foster sister.

Andie was in a relationship with Chase Collins. They met and grew interested in each other when she transferred to his school. Together they form a crew of "misfit dancers" after Andie is rejected from They develop stronger feelings for each other and grow closer to one another, though not without any difficulties and trials.

They share a kiss in the rain at the end of the film.

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All In, Andie says they have broken up due to long distance relationship. In Step Up All In, Sean and Andie meet for the first time and, both being very passionate and strong people, they find themselves bickering very often.

Slowly they start to open up to each other and sparks fly. At the final dance, they share a passionate kiss and end up together.