T3 rise of the machines ending a relationship

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t3 rise of the machines ending a relationship

When Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines hit this summer, the most canal chase, John and the Terminator stop, talk, and establish their relationship. The bummer of the movie is that the ending is exactly what the first two. Franchise(s). Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines Relationships: John Connor ( target priority) Kate Brewster . The End Battle (6-inch). Add a photo to this. John Connor Portrayed by: Nick Stahl Franchise(s): Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines First Appearance: Terminator Relationships: which is possibly according to the unproduced alternative ending of Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.

Two more terminators show up. The new TX model, a female Kristanna Lokengoes for a late night stroll down Rodeo Drive before driving off to kill him, while the old reliable model Ahh-nuld, excuse me, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger shows up in the desert.

Conveniently, he ends up in the same clothing as the last two films.

t3 rise of the machines ending a relationship

John breaks into a veterinary hospital to steal pain killers and bandages after messing up his leg. At the same time, veterinary doctor Kate Brewster Claire Danes is called in to deal with a pet emergency.

She catches John and tosses him into a dog cage while waiting for her emergency case to show up. And this guy is going to lead a fight against the machines? Just in time, the Terminator shows up, flattens the TX temporarily before grabbing John and Kate and departing, where he fills them in on what's about to happen.

That's almost all of the story. What follows is an orgy of effects and stunts that serve to awe for a second, but do nothing to advance the story.

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The TX at the wheel of a giant crane makes for some outrageous stunts, but ten noisy minutes later we've accomplished nothing. Sure, T2 had them, too, but after the mayhem of the canal chase, John and the Terminator stop, talk, and establish their relationship. More troublesome is these terminators are getting more and more human. When the TX finds a bloody bandage and determines it's Connor's blood by tasting itshe has an almost orgasmic reaction with a big smile.

In the commentary track, Mostow said it was Loken's idea and he liked it. Since when do terminators act like they can come?


Likewise, Arnold's terminator seems to freak out when the TX reprograms him to kill John, and he finds himself in conflict with his programming. Some hitchhikers have to resort to desperate measures to get a ride. What a pathetic figure he's become. He may have been a brat in T2 but he was a tough brat who was independent, self-determined and resourceful. Now he's scared of his own shadow, even though T2 ended so definitively.

Kate kicks butt from the beginning to the end and is more fearless in the face of danger than he is, even with all of her screaming. By the way, what happened to Claire Danes? She's 24 and looks ten years older. The bummer of the movie is that the ending is exactly what the first two movies tried to avoid, but the disappointment for me was its lack of substance.

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Think of T2, where Sarah notes ironically that this machine would be the best father she had seen for her son, or where Sarah confronts Dyson over his monstrous creation. The human element that broke up the crash-bang-boom of T2 is traded in for non-stop crash-bang-boom.

Arnold, we have enough fires in the California desert right now. We didn't need the King of the World for this one, we needed someone to use his brain. I hope with Arnold in the Governor's mansion, and his age, this means no one will screw up the franchise any more. Get up on stage. The video is, by and large, top notch, with good color separation and sharp detail. If there was any edge enhancement, I missed it.

There's no blurring or ghosting during action sequences and the special effects don't have the blatant fakeness that plagued portions of The Matrix Reloaded. They were, in fact, quite seamless in most cases. The only real problem is some grain in black areas, particularly during night time shots. Then there was noticeable grain in several scenes.

t3 rise of the machines ending a relationship

Other than that, it's outstanding. Let's see you get out of that cage. The disc really shines here. With all the explosive mayhem and firepower, the mix really gives you an immersive mix, making you feel like you are in the middle of the warfare.

The use of positional audio is outstanding, every bit as good as The Matrix Reloaded if not better. The sound and voices are free of distortion and clear. An error or a revision? Judgment Day Terminator 3 screws up the series' timeline in other ways.

t3 rise of the machines ending a relationship

Directly because of the events in Terminator 2, the original "Judgment Day"—Aug. But screenwriters John Brancato and Michael Ferris suggest that Judgment Day was merely postponed and that the T Terminator was sent back in time to help John and Kate Brewster Claire Danes survive rather than stop the inevitable nuclear holocaust. This means that Judgment Day occurs on July 24, In addition, Terminator 3 depicts Sarah Connor's headstone, with her birth in and her death in This means that John's mother probably contracted leukemia before the events in Terminator 2 if we believe they took place in and died two years after them: John says explicitly that she was diagnosed three years before she succumbed.

If we believe that the events of Terminator 2 actually occurred inthen Sarah was dying or already dead by the time they happen. In the recently canceled Fox TV series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, we first meet a year-old John Connor [Thomas Dekker] and an adult Sarah Connor [Lena Headey] in the yearwhich we are led to believe is only a couple of years after the events of T2. But McG and the producers of the fourth movie say they don't view the events of the TV show as canon for the purposes of the film franchise.

Thankfully, Terminator Salvation manages to stick mostly to the timeline established in the first two films.

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InJohn Connor is 33, and it will be 11 years before he sends Kyle Reese back in time to protect his mother. Kyle is still an adolescent, although it seems like he'll be age-appropriate by the time the events of the first film take place. Release Dates The theatrical release dates of all of the films since the original Terminator have also caused their share of problems for viewers.

Terminator 2 was released inand the present date was never specified on screen, which made the heavy thinkers in the audience dizzy at the prospect of a year-old kid playing 10 in a film that was set nine or 10 years later but released only seven years after the original. Terminator 3 was released in Julya year before the events in the film take place, eight after the events in the previous film and 12 after the release of T2.

Terminator Salvation is being released on May 21,nine years before the events in it take place and six after T3 was released. Grandfather paradox Then there's the multiple paradoxes that occur in the series during each adventure, a problem inherent in all time-travel scenarios.

The first film is pretty straightforward: Kyle comes back tosaves Sarah from the Terminator, makes a baby and fulfills his destiny. According to the plot of Terminator 2, Cyberdyne Systems—the owner of the factory where Sarah kills the original Terminator—finds the arm and CPU of the deactivated cyborg, providing the foundations for technology that leads to the development of Skynet.

But when Sarah, John and the second T destroy the remains of the original Terminator and vaporize Cyberdyne, that should not only logically annihilate all Terminator-related technology, but also erase the very existence of John Connor. There is also no suggestion in the first Terminator that the John Connor of the future knows he's sending his own father, Kyle Reese, back in time at least at the beginning of the film, before Sarah records the audio tapes informing him of that fact.

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

By Terminator 2 and certainly by T3, young John knows the truth: Does John Connor actually cause Judgment Day and the war? This raises a question: Did John Connor and Skynet come into existence directly as a result of the events in the first Terminator? Or was John's birth, and the advent of Terminator technology, predestined regardless of whether the Terminator and Kyle Reese went back in time?

All along, we see that the time incursions affect the events of the subsequent movies, and not always in intended ways. The events of the first movie, far from preventing Judgment Day, actually facilitate it through the Terminator's leftover parts.

Was John Connor trained to be a great military leader because of the strength of his character or because Kyle Reese told Sarah Connor that he would become the leader of the resistance?