The charioteer mary renault ending relationship

Loose Ends: Favorite Books: The Charioteer by Mary Renault

the charioteer mary renault ending relationship

The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller The Persian Boy by Mary Renault Maurice by five stars to books that I feel have affected my sense of self and relation to the .. inside of me started with Andrew's letter and followed through to the end. Review: The Charioteer, Mary Renault (plus, a giveaway) . Love, a book in which the protagonist develops a relationship with a man who has. Mary Renault () wrote six contemporary novels between and Romance has an axiom that “x meets y = eventual happy ending”. It can be seen informing the relationships in The Charioteer, the other.

The Charioteer has been described as "a book of immense and subtle power and almost painful beauty" [2] It combines a philosophical analysis of gay love, a war story, a classic love triangle, and a novel of character.

However, it is much more than a "gay novel", and is one of her most popular within Renault fan communities. Fans of The Charioteer have been described as "an active, tight-knit, thoughtful and opinionated fandom". Here he meets Andrew Raynes, a Quaker and conscientious objector assigned to work as an orderly at the hospital. Laurie is immediately attracted, forcing him to confront the reality of his homosexual inclinations. However, his love for Andrew is perforce platonic, since the younger man gives no indication of sharing his preferences.

As Laurie's physical recovery progresses, the relationship is tested when he becomes reacquainted with Ralph Lanyon, a man whom he had hero-worshipped at school.

Review: The Charioteer, Mary Renault (plus, a giveaway)

Ralph is now a naval officer, reassigned ashore after being injured in the evacuation of the army from Dunkirk. Unlike the idealistic Andrew, Ralph is very much aware of the nature of his own desires. Where Andrew represents an innocent Platonic ideal, Ralph represents an earthy reality. Laurie is forced to confront his own nature in order to make an ethical choice between the two men he loves.

Two Editions Inlorie purchased a copy of the original Longman edition of The Charioteer only to discover it differed significantly in content from the version she had previously read.

Fans have subsequently debated which edition should be preferred, as well as the significance of the cuts to the interpretation of events and characters in the novel. Book Discussion General discussion of The Charioteer's characters, plot, themes, and motifs has been popular in all journaling communities for Renault's works.

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Beyond this, though, it has been the subject of several extensive, detailed lit-crit-style fan analyses on a chapter-by-chapter CBC basis. Three separate CBCs were held by members of the maryrenaultfics LiveJournal communityand there was a further chapter-by-chapter discussion of The Charioteer on Naraht 's blog in One minor by-product of these various book discussions has been greater awareness by the fans of minor inconsistencies in the novel e.

Only two of ten participants actually finished the book. One loved it; the other had mixed feelings. Scheduled discussions The maryrenaultfics community completed three lengthy chapter-by-chapter CBC discussions of The Charioteer, in, and Perhaps if one met more of them.

the charioteer mary renault ending relationship

With everyone but Ralph and, on most topics, AndrewLaurie is on guard. A side effect of these eyeline-mismatch conversations is that Renault produces elegant descriptions of the small and large shifts in persona any kind of human interaction can dictate. But what I mean, these lads come along, college boys like yourself, reading literary books and that.

the charioteer mary renault ending relationship

Well, stands to reason, ordinary, you have to keep a lot of your thoughts to yourself. Here again, by the way, these two men are not in the same conversation. Renault does the incredibly difficult thing in The Charioteer of writing about three main characters who are all strongly moral, variously flawed, and flawlessly differentiated from each other. Lest I be accused of panegryic-peddling, I will say this: She is not always at her awesomest on this subject. Renault slapped a frame of classical antiquity on homosexuality; and she could be monumentally unkind about people who framed it otherwise.

I shall make one more point and then retire from the field. Promises of Love, a book in which the protagonist develops a relationship with a man who has previously been in a relationship with her brother, was published in The Charioteer says outright that Laurie and Ralph have sex, and it was published the year after Alan Turing got convicted of indecency and sentenced to chemical castration.