The relationship between god and abraham

Why was Abraham called "the Friend of God"? (No. 35)

the relationship between god and abraham

Articles, sermons, and essays for Abraham's Relationship with God. but was added because of Israel's sins, with the intent of pointing to the need of a Savior. Abraham is a type of new Adam figure in Scripture--God seeks to reverse the fall of Adam through the promises given to Abraham. Adam was kicked out of the. So that so the Lord will bring about for Abraham what God has promised. What connection between God's grace and man's deeds do you observe in Genesis.

The force of the promise is Abraham having gone to the land where he could have a seed and where that seed could be a blessing to others. In other words, the force of the promise was to have done what God wanted him to do. What is the issue in response to this initial call? Here are a couple of issues in response to this initial call: Abraham had his immediate and extended family that must move.

He does not own the land he was moving to and did not appear to have the ability to purchase it. The land was already occupied. Because the land God had promised to Abraham was already occupied, it could have become apparent to Abraham that the land was not promised to him, but to his seed.

What is clarified in what God has promised? However, in Genesis And through that son, many people would be born v.

the relationship between god and abraham

Furthermore, not only would Abraham have an heir, but he would have descendants as numerous as the stars. Because of this, all of the blessings God could give to Abraham would feel worthless if they all went to a servant instead of a traditional family heir. It seemed to trouble Abraham that he did not have a son. The object is that God said in Genesis It is apparent that Abraham might have been confused. Abraham simply believed the Lord. And, in a way, there was nothing that Abraham could have done.

Only God could control and determine if and when a son would be born. It would have been easy for Abraham to begin to think that God had changed His mind about His promise to provide a son. What are the terms of the covenant agreement?

There does not appear to be any terms of the covenant agreements. However, Abraham presented a sacrifice as part of the covenant, but the sacrifice did not appear to be something offered in order that the covenant would be fulfilled. Instead, it appears to be something he did in reverence to God. No requirements were placed on Abraham as part of this covenant.

Two verses in chapter 15 lead the reader to see that there were no covenant agreements placed on Abraham: The only term of this covenant was that Abraham needed to accept it and be sure that he occupied the land that God had given to him. Why is it unilateral?

the relationship between god and abraham

The covenant was unilateral because God gave nothing in response that Abraham had to do. There was not a reciprocal act that Abraham had to do in order to fulfill the terms of the covenant. God did not require or even allow Abraham to participate in the sacrifice with Him, therefore signifying that the covenant was unconditional and unilateral. Why is it unconditional? The covenant was unconditional because there was no explicit warning of what not to do or explicit command to do anything.

As has already been shared, Abraham was a passive recipient of the promise God had provided to him. The covenant being unconditional was also true for the descendants of Abraham who would be enslaved for years as foreigners. Nothing was told by God that these foreigners had to do anything.

When looking at the biblical story from Genesis chaptersit appears that this covenant might have been unconditional because God knew that if it was a conditional covenant, it would not have been fulfilled. Because God needed to send his Son to die for the sins of His people, He might have decided not to make this covenant conditional because Jesus needed to come, therefore the covenant was not conditional.

What does inheritance include? In a general use of the word, inheritance includes stewardship. It means that you have to maintain what you have been given.

You have to defend it and fight off others who might try to steal it. This land was already occupied by more than 10 nations. Because the land was inhabited by ten nations, there must have been a large amount of land which Abraham was promised and it must have been discouraging to know that what was promised was occupied by so many people.

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More specifically, it was the faith of Abraham that God would fulfill the promise originally promised in Genesis Did Abraham really trust to God what God had entrusted to him? Prior to this, Abraham had trusted God and allowed God to bless him. Made on top of the mountain. Used for the burnt offering to ignite what had been sacrificed.

the relationship between god and abraham

Was the item used to burn what was to be burnt as a sacrifice. The RSV captures this sense: RSV The context of the passage is given in the preceding verses. In the covenant He promised to protect them and bless them. They in turn promised to obey Him and keep His laws.

There was this coming together or agreement reached between Israel and God, about their plans to set out on the path to a new life in the Promised Land together. However, Israel let down their side of the agreement and veered off course. In this, Israel failed to follow the example of their forefather Abraham who: Abraham was in precise and continuing agreement with God — and that was one of the factors contributing to his friendship with God. The parallel for us as Christians is that we make an agreement with God at baptism.

At baptism we covenant with Him to love Him and obey Him. He in turn promises forgiveness, the gift of His spirit, and eternal life in His Kingdom. If we stick to our covenants with God and make sure we submit our wills and desires to His will — if we let Him set the pace and determine the route we will take, then we will be in agreement with Him which is one of the necessary factors for Him to call us His friends.

Loyalty and dependability A second vital factor contributing to endearing friendships is that of loyalty and dependability. If you reflect on those people you count as your closest friends, it is those who have been loyal to you through thick and thin. It is those who you can count upon when the chips are down. We use it of those people who are pleased to be our friends when everything is fine and going smoothly.

But as soon as problems or troubles hit, they make themselves scarce. Fair-weather friends behave as they do because they look for what they can get out of a relationship — rather than what they can give and put into it.

However, true friends are loyal and faithful to one another when the going is easy and when it gets tough: On the evening of his death, Jesus Christ described the need for loyalty, dependability and sacrifice as a component of our friendship with him.

Speaking to his disciples Jesus said: RSV He was true to that statement.

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Christ showed us the ultimate gesture of friendship in laying down his life for us as a sacrifice for our sins. He practised what he preached. He went all the way for us. RSV Christ was explaining that just as he was prepared to go all the way for us, we need to go all the way for him in demonstrating our loyalty and reliability to him.

Of course, loyalty and dependability are really only made fully manifest when we are tested and tempted to go against these principles.

the relationship between god and abraham

But if we are true friends of God and His Son, we will be loyal to His commands, regardless of the consequences. God will see by our actions that He can depend upon us to come through with the goods. He will not let such loyalty go unrewarded. We will be recompensed in the process of time, either in this life or the age to come.

When Abraham received the instructions to kill Isaac, no doubt turmoil would have erupted in his mind. Human sacrifice was common in the false religions of the day. So, maybe, on one level the demand to kill Isaac did not seem utterly unreasonable to Abraham. There is no record of Abraham questioning God about it.

the relationship between god and abraham

On the other hand, Isaac was dearly loved by Abraham. He was the child of promise. It was through this son that God was going to fulfil the promises he had earlier made to Abraham Gen.

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Plus, Abraham might also have reasoned that to kill another human being was murder and therefore sin. Regardless, Abraham did as God commanded and made preparations to slay Isaac.

He demonstrated his loyalty to his Creator. Hence, God considered Abraham His friend. The ability to be able to confide One last aspect of what constitutes true friendship that we will consider is the ability of true friends to confide in one another.

This point builds upon the previous two points. Our closest friends are those in whom we can freely confide.

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With real friends we can discuss what is on our mind, we can share our joys, our observations, our plans, and even our sorrows and regrets. When there is deep and intense friendship, nothing needs to be held back. Christ described this dimension of friendship.

RSV Friends confide in one another, and Christ considers us to be such good friends of his that he is able to confide in us and share all the plans, hopes and dreams he and the Father have for us and mankind. He says that all that he has heard of the Father, he has made known to us.

Now, depending on the degree of our friendship with others, we tend to hold back certain information.