The relationship between peace conflict and development

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the relationship between peace conflict and development

This article considers the changing nature and needs of United Nations (UN) peace building in the post-Cold War era. The focus of the analysis. Peace ends conflict and ensures sustainable development. Call +1 to know more about our social sustainability solutions. At the moment we see a number of paradoxes when analysing the link between conflict and development. Indeed, historically, those working in peace/conflict.

the relationship between peace conflict and development

Conflict has arisen in response to stabilisation programmes where Southern regimes under pressure from Northern financial institutions and growing balance of payments constraints introduced policies abandoning social services. Policy moved from fulfilling popular demand to the removal of market barriers so that state-society relations became highly confrontational.

But conflict, including violent conflict, can also drive forward development and the fight for liberation and justice, as in South Africa.

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It is the reaction of social elites which determines whether such conflicts become violent. Violence may also be a liberating outlet for disaffected youth with no economic future and available for clan warlords as in Somalia or for gerontocratic leaders hanging on to power in Zimbabwe.

the relationship between peace conflict and development

Emergency aid in s Somalia for the victims of war and drought subsidised clan warfare. Terrorism is not strongly linked to poverty, but more to frustration, alienation and humiliation by, for example, colonization or marginalisation.

Peace or 'negative peace' in Johan Galtung's words may hide major fault lines and human rights abuses, as is currently happening in Zimbabwe.

the relationship between peace conflict and development

Often gender discrimination is the most hidden, which poses problems for those who want a quick fix in peace-making and development. At the moment we see a number of paradoxes when analysing the link between conflict and development. Rethinking started in the mids after post Berlin Wall hopes of a new international order were dashed by Somalia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Angola.

Conflicts subsumed under Cold War ideologies have now become more properly understood. The conflict and development disciplines are edging closer to each other nervously bringing 'identity', 'democracy' and 'good governance' with them.

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Increasingly, both spheres are aware that globalisation in making the world safe for investment is simultaneously widening inequalities and provoking insecurity as it reaches into less opened up regions. The research profile of the discipline thus focuses on the link s between peace, security and development.

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The traditional research field of peace research is constituted of insecurity as a result of violence and conflict while the problem area of development research is related to insecurity as a consequence of resource scarcity, inequalities and poverty.

Of fundamental weight is the issue of sustainable development, where sustainability involves a relationship between ecological, economic and social factors.

Peace and conflict studies

Wars are acted out in new ways in the forms of civil wars in failed states with a multitude of actors involved. Politics of identity as well as development issues have entered the problematique of war with a new force. Development is no longer an issue only for the South or the so-called developing countries, as poverty, structural inequalities and socieoconomic insecurities are evident in all parts of the world, although in different degree.

Globalisation and its impact on states as actors, on political institutions and economic transations are of overall importance in this regard.

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Peace and development are then in a fundamental sense related to processes of globalisation and global social development. Of particular interest for peace and development research is also how local communities are affected by global change and how local actors navigate in a global system, in relation to peace, conflict, security and development.

Approach The scholars apply a normative and critical approach.

the relationship between peace conflict and development

The intention is to make research results relevant to decision-makers, policy-making bodies, non-governmental organisations, private and public actors.