The relationship posts instagram followers

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the relationship posts instagram followers

Step 5: Growing to 20, Instagram followers and beyond out the email though, make sure you already have a couple of engaging posts up. Over the past couple of weeks, I've noticed a significant drop in my The sad truth is that Instagram will show your post to more followers if you. Your Instagram feed is becoming more chronological with the new uses three main factors to determine this: interest, timeliness, and relationship. Tip: You might want to try encouraging your followers to tag you in posts.

Yes, each individual image works for driving engagement from your existing Instagram followers who see the posts in their feed. However, the overall grid look is one of the most important things if not the most important in helping you get followers on Instagram.

It shows that you take your brand seriously, and lets them know that they can expect similar quality content consistently. In every post, include a lot 30 per post of different hashtags to make your initial posts more discoverable to potential followers.

the relationship posts instagram followers

Moving on… Step 2: Growing to 1, Instagram followers Once you have that initial traction, the following strategy will really give an extra boost to get followers on Instagram. People are more inclined to follow back accounts that: Firstly, turn on post notifications for these accounts. Every time they post something be the first who leaves a comment.

Try to write something related to the caption. The more human you are, the better. Identify the key accounts that are similar to yours and follow them; Turn on post notifications for these accounts; Leave a comment as soon as they post; Follow their real followers.

Explore the data behind your Instagram account.

the relationship posts instagram followers

I think those methods are great even if you have passed the 20, follower mark. Giving users what they want will boost engagement overall and send powerful interest and relationship signals.

How the Instagram Algorithm Works in (And How it Doesn't)

The chronological feed is gone for good People have been slow to give up hope that the chronological feed might come back. Rumors have spread that chronological sorting might become an option.

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But Instagram says the algorithm—and only the algorithm—is here to stay. That said, a business account gives you access to features not available to personal accounts, like access to analytics and the ability to run Instagram adsso you should consider switching to a business profile. How to make the Instagram algorithm work in your favor You now understand what the algorithm is—and what it does. Create great content Sounds obvious, right?

That gives you an advantage over those who are just churning out a large quantity of lower-quality posts. Check out our complete guide to using Instagram for loads of great tips, strategies, and best practices for creating quality content on Instagram. Know your followers Engagement is key to success in an algorithm-based world.

That means you have to know your specific audience and understand what is most appealing to them, and what kinds of photos and captions are most likely to inspire them to interact with your posts.

You can gain some great follower intelligence from Instagram Insightsincluding gender, age, and location information. You can use those details to help create audience personas that will go a long way towards helping you make meaningful connections that boost interest and relationship signals over time.

The location information will also help you determine the best time to share your content on Instagram to maximize the effects of the recency signal.


For more on sharing great content, check out this short video from Hootsuite Academy. Sign up to learn new social media skills with online classes taught by industry pros. Start learning for free. Being engaged is not difficult, but it does take some time.

How To Beat The 2018 Instagram Algorithm

Use social listening to monitor Instagram for mentions of your brand and respond to appropriate posts with a like or comment. You may event want to ask for permission to re-gram fan posts that feature your products. Write captions that encourage engagement Another way to encourage engagement and send those powerful interest and relationship signals is to write captions that encourage followers to interact with your posts. Try asking a question, for example, or asking followers to share an experience similar to the one you write about in your post.

Post your hashtags in the comments vs. My advice is to try it out for yourself and see how it works for you.

the relationship posts instagram followers

I think posting hashtags in the comments look like spam, so I tend to stay away from doing that. Post more to gain more followers.

the relationship posts instagram followers

I know this may seem like a risky option. When more people can see your posts, the more your followers will engage. Post less for better engagement. I know I just said to post more. But from my experience when I post less, the reach of my overall post is higher. The reason being that your post has time to circulate. Because of the algorithm, our feeds are no longer in chronological order but catered to what Instagram thinks we want to see.