The story of david relationship with bathsheba

David & Bathsheba - Biblical Love Stories

the story of david relationship with bathsheba

Bathsheba and her husband David fell in love under unfavorable, even sinful, but somehow were able to turn things around and have a healthy relationship. What is the attitude of scripture about David's adulterous relationship with Bathsheba and the fact that both he and Solomon married “many. in the Biblical Story of David and Bathsheba, and Two Excursuses on the Theory the reading process continues The complex relations between initial read-.

After relating the parable of the rich man who took away the one little ewe lamb of his poor neighbor 2 Samuel The king at once confessed his sin and expressed sincere repentance. Bathsheba's first child by David was struck with a severe illness and died, unnamed, a few days after birth, which the king accepted as his punishment.

Nathan also noted that David's house would be punished for Uriah's murder. Bathsheba later gave birth to David's son Solomon. In David's old age, Bathsheba secured the succession to the throne by Solomon instead of David's elder surviving sons by his other wives, such as Chileab 2 Samuel 3: David's punishment came to pass years later when one of David's much-loved sons, Absalomled an insurrection that plunged the kingdom into civil war.

Moreover, to manifest his claim to be the new king, Absalom had sexual intercourse in public with ten of his father's concubines, which could be considered a direct, tenfold divine retribution for David's taking the woman of another man in secret 2 Samuel Judaism[ edit ] Relationship to Ahithophel[ edit ] John Gill mentions that in Rabbinic literature Bathsheba is supposed to have been the granddaughter of Ahitophel.

The assumption is then that these two Eliams are the same person. However in 1 Chronicles the names are very different: Bathsheba is called Bathshua the daughter of Ammiel in 1 Chronicles 3: And in the list of David's thirty in 1 Chronicles The Haggadah states that Ahithophel was misled by his knowledge of astrology into believing himself destined to become king of Israel. He therefore induced Absalom to commit an unpardonable crime 2 Sam.

His astrological information had been, however, misunderstood by him; for in reality it only predicted that his granddaughter, Bathsheba, the daughter of his son Eliam, would become queen Sanh. Bathsheba was bathing, perhaps behind a screen of wickerwork. Satan is depicted as coming in the disguise of a bird. David, shooting at the bird, strikes the screen, splitting it; thus Bathsheba is revealed in her beauty to David Sanhedrin a.

the story of david relationship with bathsheba

Christianity[ edit ] In Matthew 1: Bathsheba is recognized as the archetypal example of the Queen Mother, foreshadowing the role of the Blessed Virgin Mary as Queen of Heaven. Bathsheba's son, King Solomon, rises to greet her, bows down in veneration, and furnishes her a seat at his right hand. This demonstrates her exalted status and share in the royal kingdom.

Mary, who is mother of Christ the Kingis accorded the highly-favored status in Catholicism as the Queen Mother in the Kingdom of God, and continues to intercede on behalf of the faithful who pray to her. While David was walking on the roof of his palace, he saw Bathsheba having a bath David was the first person to break this tradition. So after Uriah was incidentally killed in the war, David married his wife, but people could hardly accept this anomalous marriage and subsequently legends were made about this marriage.

The passages in which Bath-sheba is mentioned are 2 Samuel It was so beautiful that it took my breath away. David had laid out a lovely feast for us to enjoy together. From the moment we met we had an instant connection.

David and Bathsheba - Bible Story

We talked all afternoon until it became dark outside. I told the king that I should return home, even though I really did not want to leave. He suggested that I stay there that night with him in the palace. It was truly one of the best nights of my life. By morning I knew we were in love. I was on cloud nine for weeks until reality set in and I found out that I was pregnant, but not by my husband.

I sent word to David that I was pregnant. He immediately came to me to discuss what we should do.

David and Bathsheba

I felt terrible that I had betrayed my husband. David suggested that he could send for Uriah to come home and sleep with me, which would make it appear that this pregnancy was from him. I had no idea what to do but agreed to this because I felt like David had more wisdom than me. Uriah came to the palace but of course could think of nothing but war. For two days David tried to convince him to go home to me but he would have none of it. He slept with the servants because he felt that it would be unfair for him to go home while his fellow comrades were out sleeping in tents.

My husband returned to war and I was sick with guilt for weeks. Then one day I received word that he had been killed in battle. I was so upset! I had never loved him but I had also never wished him to die. I did feel a slight sense of relief though. My husband had died doing something he was truly passionate about so I knew he was at peace. Also now I was free to marry my true love David.

the story of david relationship with bathsheba

We were quickly married and soon I gave birth. However, this child only lived for seven days.

the story of david relationship with bathsheba

I was so devastated! I knew that what David and I had done was sinful, but why would the Lord take the life of our child? I was so upset, but David comforted me and assured me that things would get better for us. I gave birth to another child, a son, named Solomon. The Lord blessed Solomon, as well as our marriage, from then on.