What is the relationship between monomers and polymers

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what is the relationship between monomers and polymers

Examples of these monomers and polymers can be found in the sugar you might put . In the dehydration synthesis reaction between two molecules of glucose. Monomers and Polymers, Monomers are small molecules, mostly organic, that They were trying very hard to make an explosive gas (ethylene) react with a. Explain the relationship among atoms, elements, and compounds. oven cleaner, ammonia, bleach; Explain the relationship between monomers and polymers.

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As additional monomers join, this chain of repeating monomers forms a polymer. Different types of monomers can combine in many configurations, giving rise to a diverse group of macromolecules.

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  • What is the relationship between monomers and polymers? Give an example using proteins.

Even one kind of monomer can combine in a variety of ways to form several different polymers: During these reactions, the polymer is broken into two components: In the hydrolysis reaction shown here, the disaccharide maltose is broken down to form two glucose monomers with the addition of a water molecule. These reactions are similar for most macromolecules, but each monomer and polymer reaction is specific for its class.

The Relationship Between Monomers, Polymers & Nucleic Acids

For example, in our bodies, food is hydrolyzed, or broken down, into smaller molecules by catalytic enzymes in the digestive system. This allows for easy absorption of nutrients by cells in the intestine.

Each macromolecule is broken down by a specific enzyme. For instance, carbohydrates are broken down by amylase, sucrase, lactase, or maltase. Proteins are broken down by the enzymes pepsin and peptidase, and by hydrochloric acid.

Difference Between Monomer and Polymer

Lipids are broken down by lipases. Breakdown of these macromolecules provides energy for cellular activities. Link to Learning Visit this site to see visual representations of dehydration synthesis and hydrolysis. Summary Proteins, carbohydrates, nucleic acids, and lipids are the four major classes of biological macromolecules—large molecules necessary for life that are built from smaller organic molecules.

what is the relationship between monomers and polymers

Macromolecules are made up of single units known as monomers that are joined by covalent bonds to form larger polymers. In some forms these chains branch, and they all coil and fold.

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Modern manufacturing methods start with ethylene gas which is heated under very high pressure until it becomes what is known as low-density polyethylene. This material is a crystalline, transluscent thermoplastic which softens when heated. Today, consumers buy and use polyethylene in a huge number of ways, everything from packaging, garbage bags, soda bottles and containers, around wires it's original useand in almost every toy or house ware product on the market.

Modern humans are very, very dependent on this particular artificial polymer. In it's pure form PVC is quite rigid and will not easily catch fire, so it forms the basis of all kinds of pipes, and coverings for such things as siding, windows and doors.

When other things, called plasticizers, are added to PVC, the material becomes much more flexible and can be used to produce everything from garden hose to shower curtains.

Such a universal, and safe, material has a dangerous start.

what is the relationship between monomers and polymers

The monomer used in it's synthesis is a deadly poisonous gas called vinyl chloride. This gas is made by passing oxygen, hydrogen chloride and ethylene over copper, which acts as a catalyst. After very careful storage and handling, the vinyl chloride is mixed with initiators that begin the polymerization process.

What is the relationship between monomers and polymers? Give an example using proteins.

PVC is a homopolymer, which in its pure form is too stiff for most applications. However if a second momomer, vinyl acetate is also incorporated into the chain, a more flexible product is created that has many more uses.

what is the relationship between monomers and polymers

Inthe Union Carbide Corporation first began making this 'copolymer', called it "Vinylite", and pressed music into it to make phonograph records. Carbon and Natural Bio-Polymers The carbon atom has six electrons, four in the outermost energy level. Carbon atoms can link to other carbon atoms to create long carbon strings that form the backbone of many natural organic molecules. It is this special property of carbon atoms that make them so important.

Life is based on the chemistry of carbon.