6 of wands tarot relationship layout

6 of wands tarot relationship layout

I got the Six of Wands, which I feel is heading toward victory in the future. I pulled Judgement .. I thought 8 of wands was a fast action card when it came to timing ? .. The layout answered: the Eight of Wands crossed by the Nine of Cups. Card Imagery and Description. If you were hoping to experience peace and quiet in the Six of Wands after all the din and commotion in the Five, you will be. More clarification can be made when compared the Six of Wands with RWS Death card. Anything exoteric requires each individual to look beyond superficial .

Everyone agrees that you have accomplished great things. So go ahead and tell your story for the 27th time. You have inspired them! Kabbalists call the Six of Wands tarot card the Lord of Victory, and your victory is outward as well as inward.

As the crowned rider, you have built on the energetic momentum of the Ace of Wands. You have succeeded by doing the right thing. Your head is crowned with laurel as well.

Six (VI) of Wands – Truly Teach Me Tarot

People admire you not only for your deeds but also who you are as a person. Yellow is associated with air. In the Tarot, horses are symbols of movement and power. The horse in the Six of Wands is white to signify your pure intentions. The green cloth barding shows creativity, prosperity, and love. The five staffs held by the men on the ground in the Six of Wands are a reference to the Five of Wandsmeaning that this card also promises victory after a struggle.

This shows that you can face any challenges that may lie ahead with confidence. You know this is just another step in your journey through life. Yes, it looks like the scene in the Six of Wands is a bit of a boys club. But that victorious rider coming home from battle can easily be a woman. In fact, young Sgt. Leigh Ann Hester showed exemplary bravery when she saved the lives of her fellow soldiers in Iraq when their Humvee was disabled by a roadside bomb.

There is still much for you to achieve and a lot more work to do. Staying at the top can be quite tough. However, now is a time to hold your head up high and feel extremely proud of all you have achieved. The Six of Wands appearing in a Reading suggests that you are extremely passionate about a certain area of your life right now. You may be putting all your effort into this area. You should be feeling very confident and self-esteem is on the rise.

You have enough self-belief in yourself to convince others of your goals and ambitions. The skies are clear suggesting a trouble-free time ahead. They look to you for inspiration, motivation and guidance and are happy to do your bidding once they are benefiting from the situation. You are watched closely by them and indeed are looked up to and even put on a pedestal. The continued goodwill of your supporters may depend on this.

The Six of Wands can also suggest that you are being called on to the lead the way in a certain situation. Others believe in you so get out there and show them you can do it. You rely on them to pave the way and will help them in their success because you get nicely rewarded too.

It is a balanced situation all round and one that all are happy to be involved in. Sharing and rewarding is key here. You could have thrown the towel in ages ago but you had the relentless determination of a terrier. If you have been accused in the wrong then the scales of justice will be balanced.

6 of wands tarot relationship layout

Good news may be on the way for you. Generally, the couple involved would be naturally competitive but not with each other. Which of you feels superior to the other and why? Which one of you expects the other to dance to their tune?

Do you put your partner on a pedestal? As a couple, any difficulties you may have experienced in the Five are now resolved and you can move forward. A successful career in sales is often represented by the Six of Wands. If you are a leader of a team working on a project that will be pitched against others, then success is indicated once you are prepared and have put in the necessary work.

The same advice applies if you are involved in politics.

6 of wands tarot relationship layout

Remember, that you got there by making promises and outlining plans for the beneficial future of your constituents. In Business, all the hard work and effort have paid off as you begin to reap the rewards and acknowledgment.

Your business may be gaining a lot of public attention or you could be receiving endorsements from celebrities or people in high places.

It is important not to grow arrogant or become unapproachable to the ordinary man or woman on the street.

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Having an inflated opinion of yourself or your business could be your eventual downfall. Touch base with the shop floor and shop worker regularly to ensure everyone is happy with their work and environment.

6 of wands tarot relationship layout

Keep your eyes open and ear to the ground for the competition gets closer every day. As an Entrepeneur, you are bound to be dynamic and extremely ambitious. You or someone you work with, or work for, is a powerful influence on staff, motivating and encouraging all those around.

Long awaited good news regarding a career move may be on the Cards. If involved in any career involving sport, then it is a very positive card to appear in your Reading.

You could end up in danger of isolating yourself from family and friends along with losing the support of your backers. This trait will be explored in more depth in the Reversed Six of Wands.

Impatience and forcing situations will only trigger further delays or the whole thing might blow up in your face. Try to calm down and let things fall into place of their own accord. Keep up the hard work and momentum. Check for areas that you are neglecting in favour of others.

6 of wands tarot relationship layout

You may be putting too much energy in the wrong direction. Step back and see how you can strike a better balance. This can often be as result of resting on your laurels and getting laid back and complacent with your win. You have had your fifteen minutes of fame but now it is over. You might come back down to earth with a loud bang and feel at a loss for what to do.

You may have been listening to bad advice from those you trusted. Now is not the time to turn to others for you must look to yourself. Be very careful in who you confide or trust in.

When the Six of Wands appears Reversed, there may be a situation of success but that it has not being fairly won or that it was earned off the back of others. The credit for success may lie with another who is not acknowledged. The person may be able to fool others into thinking that they are solely responsible for any success but deep down will know that they are not entitled to claim it as their own.

6 of wands tarot relationship layout

Doping of athletes or horses, throwing a game or taking bribes may be another form of unfair practices. Winning at all costs. Pride comes before a fall. You or someone you know has been toppled off their pedestal. Treachery and underhand behaviour may have been afoot. When the chips are down you may realise that you had no friends in the first place.

You must ask yourself how this has come about? What have you done or not done? Have you kept all your promises and delivered on time?

Six (VI) of Wands

People have abandoned you for a reason so come down from your high horse and have a good look around and think about your role or responsibility in this. Look to the surrounding Cards in the Reading to support this unhappy scenario. Perhaps you have been discovered as an ineffectual leader.

You might dream of success but are too insecure in yourself to go and get it. You might believe that success is something that only happens to others. Picking them apart and running them down is your answer to getting even or perhaps makes you feel better about your own shortcomings.

You might easily have the capabilities but shirk any situation that asks you to take that extra step for you fear the responsibility of success and the demands it might make on your life.

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