9 of swords tarot relationship

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9 of swords tarot relationship

Detailed Tarot card meaning for the Nine of Swords including upright and reversed card meanings. Access the Biddy Tarot Card Meanings database - an. When you experience a realization of just how horrible a situation has become, the Nine of Swords will appear in your reading. This is the card of waking up from . When the Nine of Swords becomes present in your reading there is an experience in your life that you This card is representative of ill tidings coming your way.

I believe the Nine shows up when we are currently engaged in wrong thinking, a destructive mental loop, excessive worry, and disempowered thought patterns.

Pay attention to your thoughts! Then we did a new three card spread for her job situation. One Interpretation of the Nine of Swords I pulled three cards for Clare, one for each job opportunity.

Nine of Swords in a Love reading

We had to laugh. This is the magic of the Tarot!

9 of swords tarot relationship

The first job opportunity was going to create a transitional time of financial worry and possibly be the most difficult of the three, as energies manifest in our physical reality when the Discs, or Pentacle cardsare present. The second option would allow her to make a smoother emotional transition and would feel the most stable, at least for now.

This opportunity was, in fact, the one she was most interested in and would involve her starting her own consulting business. The hardships would be of her own creating—in her mind—but she would be incredibly empowered if she took the leap.

9 of swords tarot relationship

In the end, Clare decided to take the job represented by the Four of Cups and began her consulting business on the side. She did, in fact, experience confrontation with her fears around her worthiness and her intelligence, and we are working with those issues now. She also decided to see a therapist to create even more transformation.

If we are willing to let go of fear and really delve into what the card means in our own lives, then these red flags can lead to growth and change—and, perhaps best of all, a letting go of fear. Would you like to move beyond fear and into empowerment with the Tarot?

Nine of Swords in Love and Relationships - Priania

Get the support of an advisor on Keen! You lose sleep over it.

9 of swords tarot relationship

You toss and turn and your head is filled with worst case scenarios. You work yourself up over nothing. But you should not let it take over your life and stop you from living your life.

9 of swords in relationships

If you will be afraid forever, what kind of life will you have? The Nine of Swords tarot also tells you that you are being too hard on yourself.

9 of swords tarot relationship

Quit the negative self-talk. Back it up with positive reinforcement. Nine of Swords Tarot and Love When it comes to love and relationships, the Nine of Swords tarot denotes that your mind is filled with worries and anguish. In a relationship setting, something is troubling you.

Something may be amiss. Your relationship is far from perfect and you feel like something is going on behind your back. Talk to your partner, even if you hate confrontations and fights. Let him know that you know.

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Try to gauge the credibility of his words and actions. Let him earn your trust before you let yourself be completely swept off your feet.

Trust has to be earned. The Nine of Swords tarot can represent every bad feeling that you can think of.

9 of swords tarot relationship