Austrian american relationship with israel

Israeli minister meets Austrian FM, breaking boycott of far-right FPOe | The Times of Israel

austrian american relationship with israel

Israel is resuming full diplomatic ties with Austria and will soon appoint an ambassador to Vienna, Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom announced yesterday at a. It behaved as if its diplomatic relationship with Israel was a normal one, It was portrayed as a partnership of American economic interests and. Israeli minister meets Austrian FM, breaking boycott of far-right FPOe Kneissel once studied international relations at Hebrew University and speaks . US president laments that Jews across the world 'continue to face many.

Did we forget that we were also once refugees? About human rights that we so respect? And, finally, they will hope to attract some support and votes from Austrian Jews. Kurz, 31, might actually consider moving the embassy, the official argued, only to show boldness and willingness to do things differently than his predecessors, as he promised during the election campaign. Austria would of course continue to endorse a two-state solution, but argue that time has come to recognize that in all possible outcomes West Jerusalem will remain a part of Israel and thus there is no obstacle to moving the embassy there.

Most countries refuse to locate their embassies in Jerusalem, saying the whole city is subject to final-status negotiations.

austrian american relationship with israel

In private conversations, however, officials say they are planning for any possible scenario, though Jerusalem is unlikely to make any public statement before coalition negotiations in Vienna are concluded.

He quoted a senior Foreign Ministry official saying that Israel, a country in which nearly a quarter of the population is Muslim, cannot allow itself to be working together with an Islamophobic party. Analysts say the scandal will likely bury whatever chances the ruling Social Democratic Party SPoe had of winning the election.

Austria–Israel relations

The campaign included suggestions that Kurz held anti-Semitic sentiments, prompting the rival party to charge that the SPOe was violating anti-Nazi laws on Facebook. The goal of the anti-Semitic and xenophobic messages was clear, observers say — to discredit Kurz with the right-wing camp. In recent days, evidence has emerged showing the campaign was masterminded by Silberstein, a former adviser to Christian Kern.

The SPOe had fired Silberstein in August after he was arrested in Israel over his alleged involvement in money laundering, charges he denies, in a case connected to diamond magnate Beny Steinmetz.

Weiss sees himself as a bridge between Austria and Israel with the aim of raising the level of interest among the people of both countries. Every ambassador has a story to tell about his or her country, he says. In the old fashioned realm of diplomacy, ambassadors may have been invited to lecture to a university group, and would be speaking to perhaps 30 people, but with social media, such as Facebook, an ambassador can get the story out to tens of thousands of people.

austrian american relationship with israel

Weiss also has a blog and a Twitter account. Austria has been an EU member country since Januaryso it was inevitable that in the interview with Weiss, the issue of marking products from across the Green Line would come up.

austrian american relationship with israel

Labeling goods, wherever they come from, is customary in all EU member countries, he explains. If he buys an Austrian egg in a supermarket in Vienna, it contains not only the fact that it is a local product, but the name of the region, and the village from which it originated, and even the name of the farmer who supplied it.

We just tell people which is which. If you are in a club you play by the rules.

Austrian protesters condemn govt. inaction on Israel

Labeling is what we do. We have to be clear about which is an Israeli product within the Green Line and call a spade a spade. The customer has the right to know where the product comes from.

Austria–Israel relations - Wikipedia

They feel a sense of shame as they realize what a huge loss the murdered Jews were to Europe and especially to Austria. How could they cheer the Nazis and not see what was happening? Since then relations between Austria and Israel are consistently improving except for an occasional ripple.

Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz visited Israel only a few months after Weiss rook up office, and there have been other dignitaries and high ranking political figures since then.

The large wave of migration from the Middle East and Africa is causing antagonism all over Europe and bringing right-wing radicals out of the closet.

austrian american relationship with israel

Jewish communities in Europe, including Austria, are suffering a backlash from both the radicals and the migrants. The extreme-right groups are very troubling and are gaining a following by providing simple answers to complex problems such as unemployment, whereby they blame the migrants for taking jobs away from Europeans, says Weiss.

Like all his fellow ambassadors, Weiss and his wife, Susan, like to explore the country in their spare time. There is no mention of Jerusalem. When this is put to him, Weiss says that he is in Jerusalem three or four times a week for meetings in government ministries, the Knesset, the Hebrew University, the Israel Museum, etc.

austrian american relationship with israel

He also belongs to a bike club and frequently rides to work. He likes reading history and biographies — especially about Israel.