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After Barbara Boothe bore a child, they were married. The carefully worded company statement downplayed Ellison and Lee's relationship, while acknowledging he “saw Ms. Lee occasionally The Trust Project Logo. Tags. Between their trusts and independent holdings, each is worth hundreds of While raised primarily by their mother (Barbara Boothe, the third of. Success in business has always been founded on trust, honesty and decency. It's about relationships among people, not simply numbers on a balance sheet.

McClintock began her studies at Cornell's College of Agriculture in There, she participated in student government and was invited to join a sororitythough she soon realized that she preferred not to join formal organizations.

Instead, McClintock took up music, specifically jazz. She studied botanyreceiving a BSc in The course was based on a similar one offered at Harvard University, and was taught by C. Hutchisona plant breeder and geneticist. McClintock pointed to Hutchison's invitation as the reason she continued in genetics: I remained with genetics thereafter.

This group brought together plant breeders and cytologists, and included Marcus Rhoadesfuture Nobel laureate George Beadleand Harriet Creighton. Emersonhead of the Plant Breeding Department, supported these efforts, although he was not a cytologist himself. Sharpboth Cornell Botanists. This particular part of her work influenced a generation of students, as it was included in most textbooks. She also developed a technique using carmine staining to visualize maize chromosomes, and showed for the first time the morphology of the 10 maize chromosomes.

This discovery was made because she observed cells from the microspore as opposed to the root tip. The following year, McClintock and Creighton proved the link between chromosomal crossover during meiosis and the recombination of genetic traits. This funding allowed her to continue to study genetics at Cornell, the University of Missouriand the California Institute of Technologywhere she worked with E. Exposure to X-rays can increase the rate of mutation above the natural background level, making it a powerful research tool for genetics.

Through her work with X-ray-mutagenized maize, she identified ring chromosomeswhich form when the ends of a single chromosome fuse together after radiation damage. She showed that the loss of ring-chromosomes at meiosis caused variegation in maize foliage in generations subsequent to irradiation resulting from chromosomal deletion. Instead, she worked with geneticist Richard B. Goldschmidtwho was the head of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute.

McClintock observed the breakage and fusion of chromosomes in irradiated maize cells. She was also able to show that, in some plants, spontaneous chromosome breakage occurred in the cells of the endosperm.

Over the course of mitosisshe observed that the ends of broken chromatids were rejoined after the chromosome replication. The broken ends were rejoined in the interphase of the next mitosis, and the cycle was repeated, causing massive mutation, which she could detect as variegation in the endosperm. For this reason, it remains an area of interest in cancer research today. She recalled being excluded from faculty meetings, and was not made aware of positions available at other institutions.

As far as I can make out, there is nothing more for me here. The university's retaliation against Stadler amplified her sentiments. She accepted a visiting Professorship at Columbia Universitywhere her former Cornell colleague Marcus Rhoades was a professor.

In Decembershe was offered a research position by Milislav Demerecthe newly appointed acting director of the Carnegie Institution of Washington 's Department of Genetics Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory ; McClintock accepted his invitation despite her qualms and became a permanent member of the faculty.

There, she was highly productive and continued her work with the breakage-fusion-bridge cycle, using it to substitute for X-rays as a tool for mapping new genes.

Inin recognition of her prominence in the field of genetics during this period, McClintock was elected to the National Academy of Sciences —only the third woman to be elected. The following year she became the first female president of the Genetics Society of America ; [2] she was elected its vice-president in He invited her to Stanford to undertake the study.

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She successfully described the number of chromosomes, or karyotypeof N. Beadle said "Barbara, in two months at Stanford, did more to clean up the cytology of Neurospora than all other cytological geneticists had done in all previous time on all forms of mold.

The seed in 10 is colorless, there is no Ac element present and Ds inhibits the synthesis of colored pigments called anthocyanins. In 11 to 13, one copy of Ac is present.

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Ds can move and some anthocyanin is produced, creating a mosaic pattern. In the kernel in panel 14 there are two Ac elements and in 15 there are three.

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In the summer of at Cold Spring Harbor LaboratoryMcClintock began systematic studies on the mechanisms of the mosaic color patterns of maize seed and the unstable inheritance of this mosaicism. She found that the Dissociation did not just dissociate or cause the chromosome to break, it also had a variety of effects on neighboring genes when the Activator was also present, which included making certain stable mutations unstable.

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In earlyshe made the surprising discovery that both Dissociation and Activator could transpose, or change position, on the chromosome.

Thrasher 57 Cal. Rossen 12 Cal. Further, the court has admonished that "[a] member of the State Bar should not under any circumstances attempt to deceive another person, State Bar 71 Cal. State Bar 62 Cal. Numerous cases have applied these basic principles where an attorney in breaching the fiduciary obligation has gained financial advantage.

State Bar, supra, 71 Cal. Greenwald Cal. Millsap Cal. We can find no valid reason to restrict these principles to actions involving financial claims of a client and not to apply them to actions in which the client alleges physical damage resulting from a violation of the attorney's fiduciary obligation.

Rich Cal. Sampson 91 Cal. Zorb 15 Cal. Where a legally recognized fiduciary relationship exists, however, the law infers a confidential relationship, i. Thrasher, supra, 57 Cal. Malouf 95 Cal. If the fact finder determines that a confidential relationship exists or the court determines as a matter of law that a fiduciary relationship exists, it is presumed that the one in whom trust and confidence is reposed has exerted undue influence.

Roeder Cal. Because a presumption is no longer independent evidence, the effect of the presumption of undue influence is to shift the burden of proof to the fiduciary. The undue influence in the case before us is, of course, relevant on the issue of consent in appellant's cause of action for battery and on the issue of justifiable reliance in her cause of action for misrepresentation.