Blood relationship aptitude questions

Blood relation -Aptitude Questions and Answers

blood relationship aptitude questions

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So the answer here is- Son or Daughter Problem 2: How is B related to N?

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So the relationship between B and N is — B is the niece of N In blood relation questions like this, you must be careful and remember not to assume anything because if you assume things, you will not get the correct answers in blood relation questions.

Set II — Blood Relation Questions where Relations are in form of Symbols In blood relation questions under this category, the relationship between two people is given via a symbol and then from the given equation, we need to find the relationship between the two extremes of the equation.

Family tree… That must be the first thing coming to your mind on reading the above question. That is definitely one of the ways to solve such blood relation questions. However, the only problem in solving blood relation questions like these by the family tree is the time taken to solve them.

blood relationship aptitude questions

Therefore we will discuss a new smart method to solve blood relation questions in just a few seconds! This means that we can rule out Option 1, because generation gap between siblings is 0.

blood relationship aptitude questions

Now there are 2 options left- Option 3 and Option 5. Now if you were to use the family tree method to solve such blood relation questions, you will end up wasting time in Exams, which is not advisable. So we will once again use the method of generation gap and gender.

Tricks to Solve Blood Relations Problems in Logical Reasoning

So we will find the gender and generation gap for each of these expressions and the once which satisfies the given conditions will be the correct answer. Therefore this option satisfies both the conditions. However, satisfying the conditions in these blood relation questions does not mean it is the correct answer because the relation can be- daughter or mother also. This expression does not hold true because of the generation gap.

blood relationship aptitude questions

Therefore it is eliminated. Simultaneously try not to draw additional tree diagrams for each new piece of information that you read. Instead, try adding information to the existing tree diagram on reading the new information. The usually stated information or negative info. Would be of immense use in this regard. Finally, with the help of all given info.

blood relationship aptitude questions

The first sentence is USI while all other are is actual information. Since, as suggested above we should begin with the parent-child relationship. And the third sentence depicts parent-child relationship i.

Verbal Reasoning - Blood Relation Test

Therefore, the diagram is as follows Now we should look info. The second sentence tells us more about A. Now we shall add the leftover information and the one that fits the most in the current diagram is the relationship between D and E.

blood relationship aptitude questions

We have finally reached in the position of completing our tree diagram by incorporating the final information which is about F who is a female since her husband had died.

And B is her daughter-in-law. Since we are done with the family tree we can easily answer all the above question on the basis of this diagram. This kind of questions can be asked in the exam.