Buddhist mentor disciple relationship memes

Nichiren Buddhist: Oneness of Mentor / Disciple

buddhist mentor disciple relationship memes

Buddha Memes, Possibly Fake, False, or Misinterpretations. A well-taught noble disciple likewise experiences pleasant, painful and neutral feelings. .. I am not even sure if the Teacher Student relationship is even an. Sogyal Rinpoche pictured with Buddhist teacher Joan Halifax and Fundamental to this relationship between master and disciple is the bond. If one were to summarize the Buddha's teaching in one word, we would have to say that Only six months to become a Buddhist teacher and to get a full time position .. 'False Flags', Memes & Trolls: The Death Of A Website And The Birth Of A . The Guru-Disciple Relationship – Advice by HH the Dalai Lama /02/

The Many Similarities Between Jesus and Buddha

The nature of water is one, but a stream, a river, a well, a pond, a valley stream, a ditch, and a great sea are different from one another. The nature of the Law is like this. Though each washes equally as water, a well is not a pond, a pond is not a stream or a river, nor is a valley stream or a ditch a sea. Though preaching at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end all alike effectively wash off the delusions of living beings, the beginning is not the middle, and the middle is not the end.

Preaching at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end are the same in expression but different from one another in meaning. In Japanthe one-vehicle teaching of the Lotus Sutra also inspired the formation of the Nichiren sect.

Therefore, Mahayana Buddhist texts sometimes use terms like "followers of the two vehicles" to refer to Buddhists who do not accept the Mahayana sutras. First, here are three paths to liberation that culminate as one of the three types of Buddha: A path that meets the goals of an arhat who achieves liberation after listening to the teachings of a samyaksambuddha fully enlightened buddha.

The Pratyekabuddha achieves liberation, but does not teach other beings.

Yana (Buddhism)

Pratyekabuddhas do not depend on a teacher and can discover the Dharma even if they do not encounter a buddha. Rutter shows in his book that it is a misunderstood longing — based on a projection — that leads in a therapist-client situation to sexual activities. This projection is that the longing to be healed is projected onto the therapist and the client thinks by uniting with him she will be healed and gets rid of all her problems … I remember a story from the Pali.

There was a monk practising much metta. A woman fell in love with this monk and approached him to marry her. She said she loves him. Ringu Tulku Rinpoche stresses that Dharma practice needs a strong and healthy samsaric ego. A centre I am affiliated with started to invite a Buddhist Psychiatrist who also has some Buddhists in therapy to the centre.

He was asked to talk and to discuss about these problems. He gave public talks and had also a public discussion with the Rinpoche and the Dharma students.

buddhist mentor disciple relationship memes

It was well attended, and it was well used by people with schizophrenia, borderline disorders, paranoia etc. I think such an approach might be a good way to help people to better discriminate their situation and what therapy and Dharma Centres can offer or cannot offer. Many people are misled by distorted claims about what Buddhism or meditation can do for them.

buddhist mentor disciple relationship memes

There are people who suffer seriously on depression. Genuine lamas I know say directly to their psychological unstable students that they should do a therapy. They neither misguide nor exploit them. For example I know a very saintly elderly bodhisattva lama, the most compassionate, caring person you can imagine. And what he teaches is almost exclusively renounciation, compassion and bodhicitta, he teaches these over and over again in a very traditional manner.

Now what is the lesson in this?

Yana (Buddhism) - Wikipedia

The 8 worldly dharmas are very much about longings and fears. And these are exactly the patterns that are relevant in mental illnesses, too.

I feel that dharma should start for westerners with a thorough and honest personal motivation and projection check. A lot of westerners, me including, are not even ready for the bodhisattva vow and struggle with even healthy basic renounciation. But the problem starts when vajrayana is saddled onto that too indiscriminately and merrily mixes up with those neurotic patterns. But in Rigpa I know people who tripped out on their personal neurotic interpretation of the teachings to quite an extent or they have developed completely unrealistic expectations about vajrayana and the guru-disciple relationship and how this is going to help them overcome their problems.

And because I know it from my own experience I find it pretty easy to detect what is going on in other people suffering from similar patterns and I find it pretty frustrating that nobody educates them, when in a lot of cases it would be fairly easy to remedy with knowledge and insight. I saw that the way he related to me could change completely.

buddhist mentor disciple relationship memes

He absolutely ground me down. And he really took advantage of that. But, inevitably, allegations of impropriety began to leak out on the internet. Tibetan culture is such that it will never criticise another lama, especially one within your own group Stephen Batchelor In the same year, a Canadian documentary called In The Name of Enlightenment was broadcast with more allegations of sexual abuse by former devotees.

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Critical thinking is prohibited around him. Negative feedback never reaches him — only praise is reported because people in the close circle are afraid of him.

buddhist mentor disciple relationship memes

He was denounced as an opportunist who was simply seeking publicity for his own career as a meditation teacher. Take all loss and defeat upon yourself.

Sogyal Rinpoche visits Paris Credit: The goal, Gaffney wrote, was to accumulate million syllable mantras every year — a practice that would require 3, students chanting for 40 minutes a day.

No-one wants to go to Vajra hell. His fellow Tibetan lamas. But at the same time these abuses have to be addressed. And the Tibetan tradition has to come to terms with that. There was no acknowledgment of abuse, and no expression of apology or regret.

While no longer spiritual director, he said, he would continue as their teacher. I have a solemn commitment to help bring you to enlightenment and I will never renege on that!

How does the teacher-disciple relationship function in Theravada Buddhism? : Buddhism

So you join an organisation; you feel good, people are nice, you start to participate more; you invest a lot of time, perhaps a lot of money The Telegraph magazine contacted Rigpa with a detailed list of the allegations contained in this article, asking for a response. The organisation replied saying they had no comment to make on the allegations. His speech, on the subject of meditation and peace of mind, made no mention of the scandal that had engulfed him.

Even when difficulties come you will be able to turn them to your own advantage. At the same time former students are exploring pressing criminal charges. So you join an organisation; you feel good, people are nice, you start to participate more; you invest a lot of time, perhaps a lot of money. At some point it becomes interwoven into your psyche.

buddhist mentor disciple relationship memes

And to give that up is incredibly difficult and painful. Getty Images In July, as the furore over the damning letter from the eight students gathered pace, stories circulated on Buddhist sites of the incident in when the nun, Ane Chokyi, was punched in the stomach. And with that, I started to reflect on all the ways in which I had allowed it to happen. The complaint alleged infliction of emotional distress, breach of fiduciary duty, and assault and battery.

August Sogyal Rinpoche hit a nun in the stomach in front of 1, students during a teaching session at his retreat center, Lerab Ling. More than a year later, following abuse allegations made by eight long-time students, which mentioned the incident, she issued a statement describing what happened as a soft punch.

She says it was not abuse because she had agreed to let her teacher work with her in this way, and that it helped her move through a blockage. However, several students sitting within a few feet of the incident perceived it differently. They heard the wind knocked out of her, saw her immediately double over, and witnessed her running off the stage in tears. They felt deeply disturbed by the incident. Some of them sent letters of complaint to Sogyal Rinpoche via his feedback system.