Hack gu redemption ending relationship

hack gu redemption ending relationship

badz.info vol. 3//Redemption on the PlayStation 2, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "The ending I hate open-ended endings. As far as I'm concerned, the main character's relationship at the end of the game. I heard that in a post before, and I haven't hit Redemption to see what they changed, but if I . 4, and yeah, no marriage ending (well, one, but. badz.info vol. 3//Redemption on the PlayStation 2, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "comments about ending + marriage ending.

I always thought his big arm was a huge cannon or something, lol The last portions of the game almost seemed rushed. I mean, by the time we are introduced to final Cubia arc, which is supposed to be the biggest threat to the World, we find that it is also the shortest arc in terms of story.

I think they spent way too much time focusing on Ovan. They should've dedicated more to the Cubia arc. I thought a lot of the story seemed like filler and wasn't that important. The only times I seemed to really the game was when you first get Alkaid in your party.

It was fun fighting alongside her and the cutscenes were like awesome especially with the love triangle going on. AFter Alkaid went comatose, it started getting not so exciting again.

I guess the only thing that pushed me to finish the entire game was to see the marriage endings. So far, I have seen all the female ones.

As you can guess, I liked the Alkaid marriage ending the most. Haseo sure treats each girl differently. He's like a jerk to Atoli even in their marriage ending "shut up and follow me. He seems nicer to people like Alkaid.

I guess Haseo knows that even he tried to be mean to her, Alkaid would just overpower him like how they first met in the Icolo home, lol. In my opnion, Haseo and Alkaid seemed like the best match for each other. They both have so much in common.

hack gu redemption ending relationship

Haseo treats her pretty nicely when you compare it with Atoli, yes. I wouldn't say they spent a lot of time together as much as the other girls since Alkaid wasn't involved in GU's activities, but it was evident that it was enough time for Haseo to really care about Alkaid. I mean, look at his reaction when he saw Alkaid going comatose.

I must say this event was one of my favorites, but I sure hated the bad camera angles and the fact that didn't make it movie cutscene. Although Haseo spent so much time with Shino before in the Twilight and the fact that his whole involvement in this whole series is to save Shino, when they are finally reunited, Haseo doesn't display the same emotions as he did with Alkaid no hug and no emotional voice, baby.

I guess that was the other thing abou thte ending I didn't like too much.

hack gu redemption ending relationship

The long awaited reunion between Shino and Haseo were like I felt a little sorry for Tabby though. I don't recall even once besides the mentions of the Twilight Brigade that Haseo even mentions Tabby in the entire 3 games.

Tabby, who has tried hard to help Haseo, gets absolutely no mention at all. It's almost like Haseo completely forgot about her. It's also unfortunate that most of the good characters you could use in your party aren't usable till after main storyline is over natsume, azure kite, bourdeau, etc.

Well, those are my comments on this game sorry for the ultra long post. If we think about it he did all of this for shino but now he is going to ditch her, the creators gave us such an unsatisfying ending.

I will admit though that I found my self not caring about anyone in this game series, the only person that I even liked, we couldn't use.

If they had only let us use Ovan then I probably would have liked these games better. Thats the only option. FScell FScell 10 years ago 12 You keep saying "ditch her" and yet Shino is the one that tells him to go after her anyway Sekai no hate made Hence why I want that retconned.

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I don't think Haseo and Atoli make a very good couple. But she has much more character development and scene time than 5 - 10 minutes. Unless you mean 5 - 10 minutes in the first half of the first volume. Both of them had quite a bit of development in the second volume.

hack gu redemption ending relationship

Especially Atoli since she overcomes Sakaki and all. While I agree with your opinion that she shouldn't be with Haseo, I don't agree with how you came to it.

hack gu redemption ending relationship

I just like them because they're snazzy. I hate open-ended endings. If he did choose Atoli, it would almost seem weird. Just think of how many actual screentime she had, involving further character development.

Yeah but minutes is more then a lot of the others get. Vol 2 gives you a pretty decent look at her real life persona and it's really the only time someones real life comes out in the game. But the greeting card responses do a better job then the storyline does and it's pretty much the same for all the girls.