How to let go of control in a relationship

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how to let go of control in a relationship

You're likely to want to move a relationship along prescribed lines and most people Show up to the date, wear what you feel comfortable in but let go of any . If you find it hard to let go of the past, a bad relationship, grudges, etc., these 12 tips could help: We really only have control over ourselves and how we act. While you've probably heard of letting go of bad relationships, or your past mistakes, it's still possible that nobody has taught you how to let go.

People go through emotional rollercoaster. Do not be shocked — too shocked, that is — when the person you left yesterday feeling happy and excited about you suddenly shows up not wanting to speak with you. All these confusing habits are part of what it means to be in a relationship with another human. Any person who tries to control everything will soon burn out. Such a person will not be helpful in the relationship.

Ironically, such people end up losing the control they wanted to display in the first place. They end up disappointed to notice other people not giving as much as they do. At times, it is better to accept that your way is not the only option. There are times when you will be better off accepting that another idea could just be as good.

Be Flexible and Open-Minded Third, flexibility is crucial for the success of any relationship. Be flexible in all your relationships.

4 Simple Ways to Let Go of Control

Be open to the idea that the other person also has feelings and thoughts that differ from yours fundamentally. Flexibility also involves a bit of detachment from the outcomes. Some people end up suffering greatly in relationships for the simple reason they have an unhealthy attachment to outcomes.

how to let go of control in a relationship

If you are such a person, it will not be long before you begin suffering. Open your mind to all the possible outcomes. Do not be afraid to experiment. Find a way of making yourself capable of adjusting where necessary. For example, appreciate the fact your partner can cancel a dinner date at the last minute. Your partner does this — not out of disrespect to you — but probably because something more urgent came up.

how to let go of control in a relationship

Do not throw a tantrum because somebody now asks to meet you later than the time you agreed on previously. Effect of Letting Control and Expectations Go Anybody who takes any of the measures prescribed here will soon begin enjoying healthier relationships all through. Taking the measures highlighted above is the first step to repairing a friendship or relationship that has been on the rocks for a long time.

While following this piece of advice, remember not to appear or act indifferent. It is so easy to make the situation worse even when your intentions are sincere and pure. Therefore, stop expecting others to think or behave like you. Stop thinking that you are too superior to everybody else.

Forgive those who hurt you. Do not hold grudges in your heart towards anyone. Remember to live open-minded.

how to let go of control in a relationship

Approach all your relationships with an open-mind. After all, life is not a series of straight lines. It is replete with interruptions, twists and turns.

how to let go of control in a relationship

A psychic reading can help or guide you through this struggle. We know that letting go of expectations especially in relationships with others can be a hard thing to work through, and sometimes can lead your relationship into the garbage. With empathy and honesty, take a look at where, how and why you hold on tight to control in whatever way you do.

And, be real with yourself about what this costs and how it impacts you and those around you. In some cases and in certain situations, the answer to this question may be "no. And, at the same time, the more willing you are to ask and answer this question, the more likely you are to start letting go of control consciously assuming it is something you're truly interested in doing. You may not know how to do it or what it would look like, but authentic willingness is always the first step in positive change.

The irony of asking for help is that many of us don't feel comfortable doing so and fear it makes us seem weak or needy, and on the flip side most of us love to be asked for help and really enjoy helping others. We can't do it alone! And, the good news is that most of us have lots of people in our life that would jump at the chance to support us -- if we were willing to ask for help more freely.

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Surrendering doesn't mean giving up or not caring, it means trusting and allowing things to be taken care of by others, by the process and by the Universal Intelligence governing life -- some call this God, some call this Spirit, some don't call it anything, but most of us have an experience of It at some level. Surrendering is about consciously choosing to trust and have faith.

It is something that can liberate us in a profound way and is all about us choosing to let go. When we look back on our lives in hindsight, we usually see that things happen for a reason.