Iran france hail new relationship

Iran, france hail 'new relationship' as leaders seal host of post-sanctions deals -

iran france hail new relationship

Top Stories AFP: "Iran's President Hassan Rouhani and his French counterpart Francois Hollande hailed a 'new relationship' between their countries Thursday. Iran's President Hassan Rouhani and his French counterpart Francois Hollande hailed a "new relationship" between their countries Thursday as the leader of. PARIS: Iran's President Hassan Rouhani and his French counterpart Francois Hollande hailed a “new relationship” between their countries.

He said interrogators tried to videotape a confession admitting to attempts at overthrowing the Iranian government, but he refused. Addressing a large group of worshippers here in Tehran on Friday, the city's Provisional Friday Prayers Leader Ayatollah Kazem Seddiqi appreciated the Iranian nuclear negotiating team for finalizing the nuclear deal known as JCPOA with world powers back in July as well as its implementation on January Ayatollah Seddiqi, however, warned against the excessive imports of European and American goods to the Iranian market, saying that it would make people consumerists and lead to a liberalist economy.

The department targeted Mohamad Noureddine and Hamdi Zaher for providing financial services to Hezbollah, which the U. Thursday's action freezes any assets they have under U. Treasury claims Noureddine has laundered money through his company called Trade Point International S. He is accused of using his network across Asia, Europe, and the Middle East to provide money laundering, bulk cash shipment, black market currency exchange and other financial services to clients, including members of Hezbollah.

The planemaker said the deal, signed amid a raft of others during a visit by President Hassan Rouhani, was conditional on getting U. The order for 73 wide-body and 45 narrow-body jets allows Airbus to steal a march on US rival Boeing as Iran seeks to renovate and expand its worn-out fleet of planes. The inclusion of As - the world's largest jetliner - sends a commercial signal to established carriers in the Gulf, and is a boost for Airbus, which has been struggling to sell them. However, they will not be delivered before end-decade as Iran expands its airports and focuses on urgent needs.

Boeing has so far held back from Iran amid what industry sources and diplomats describe as political and legal concerns, but Iranian officials are urging it to mimic its European rival. The Airbus deal depends on unraveling a knot of financial issues including whether and how Iran can avoid using the U.

Deputy transport minister Asghar Fakhrieh Kashan told Reuters the deal would be financed using a mixture of European export credits - which guarantee loans by commercial banks - and lease financing The deal was negotiated partly on the sidelines of a major CAPA aviation conference in Tehran this week, where Iran outlined requirements for planes and offered flexible new regulations Other models ordered include 45 Afamily jets and 45 longer-haul As.

Iran also ordered 16 long-range A twin-engined jets. Deputy Transport Minister for International Affairs, Asghar Fakhrieh, told MNA correspondent that two deals have been struck with Europe's Airbus, one of which is a comprehensive cooperation with Airbus in the aviation sector on various issues such as maintenance, service and spare parts supply, management and even help with the country's technical air condition.

Fakhrieh added that Airbus plans to cooperate with Iranian knowledge-based companies which are capable of building certain aircraft parts and can export these parts abroad.

iran france hail new relationship

It has even been decided that the French company would purchase some of the Iranian-built parts,' he said. Noting that Iran has plans for buying a total of Airbus aircraft from the French company, he added 'the aircraft will gradually enter Iran bywhile to meet our needs, a number of these jet airliners in various classes will enter the country within the next seven years.

But I had to give up,' said an official at Greek tanker owner who initially agreed to book a loading of Iranian crude before failing to find insurance. The insurance problems have put a brake on Iran's efforts to ramp up exports by 1 million barrels a day this year with the end of western sanctions over its nuclear program in January.

Iranian officials say their plans to increase exports bybarrels a day in the short term and by 1 million barrels a day later this year, largely rely on the return of European buyers. Western insurance companies are reluctant to underwrite voyages to Europe with Iranian crude oil because several layers of Americans sanctions remain in effect, despite a broad set of restrictions that were lifted this month in exchange for curbs on Iran's nuclear program. That is problematic because the U.

Treasury recently reminded the International Group of these prohibitions, the insurers' group said in a circular last week, adding it is trying to find solutions to insure Iranian oil ships without breaching U. The insurance issue has cast a cloud over recently announced deals between Iran and western companies. On Thursday, Total said it had signed a long-term crude supply deal with Iran for up tobarrels a day, hard on the heels of a similar deal with Greece's largest refinery Hellenic Petroleum.

But Total, Litasco, a trader owned by Russian oil giant Lukoil, and Cepsa have run into similar issues, shipping officials said In Asia, shipping companies have obtained tanker insurance through their governments.

Shipping officials said that solution hasn't been applied in Europe yet. The source, familiar with export operations, said three supertankers with additional volumes of crude have been sold to buyers in Europe and three to Asian customers for delivery in February.

Trading sources said Litasco, the trading arm of Russia's Lukoil, looked set to become the first buyer in Europe since the lifting of sanctions. Iran is also talking with its traditional customers in Asia, especially India. The source said that by the end of March or start of April Iran will also introduce a new heavy crude blend, West Karun, to win back more customers.

The data is the first sign of a resurgence in crude shipments as the OPEC producer begins to raise output and clears out oil that has built up in offshore storage over the past four years of curtailed participation in world markets The Islamic republic's overall exports will total around 1. Those shipping levels would be more than 20 percent higher than Iran's average daily exports last year, with the loadings this month at the highest since February Iran's shipments have surged nearly a quarter over the last four weeks from average tanker loadings of 1.

An Iranian source has said the country is targeting India, Asia's fastest-growing oil market, as its main destination for oil, which was backed by the shipping schedules. India will load more thanbpd in February, up frombpd in January, according to the data.

Definitely it should go up. It has to go up,' said an Indian oil ministry official, speaking to Reuters earlier this month about the end of sanctions on Iran Exports to Asia in February are set to total 1. Iran plans to loadbpd for top customer China in February, down 5 percent from a six-month high expected in January, according to the source.

Iran is planning to loadbpd next month for India, up 66 percent from the month before and highest since May Shipments to Japan and South Korea are expected to be lower in February after hitting multi-month highs in January.

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But Iran's rehabilitation in the international commercial system is proceeding fast, with oil exports surging this month and next, according to data obtained by Reuters. Billions of dollars of deals have also been agreed with companies from Italy, France and other European countries since sanctions were lifted at mid-month. The imports were slightly above 1 million bpd, down 8 percent from the year before Japan's purchases of Iranian crude rose more than 30 percent in December from a year earlier to aboutbpd, trade ministry data showed on Friday.

The service would be the first time in five years that ships from the company, Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines, would tie up at European ports. The plan comes just two weeks after the lifting of broad economic sanctions against Iran, part of an international deal to curtail Tehran's nuclear ambitions. Since sanctions have lifted, Iranian officials have announced a host of deals with European companies, including an agreement earlier this week to buy Airbus Group SE jetliners.

Also this week, Total SA agreed to start buying Iranian crude again More ports could be added later. Executives hope the sailings will be the first step in an ambitious plan by the Iranian company to win a slice of the global container-shipping market.

The company is also contemplating purchases of giant Triple E container vessels, the largest class of container ships in the world Tehran expects to reach that level within three years after sanctions are lifted Saeeidi said in the interview in October that IRISL had a fleet of 41 container vessels, with the biggest ships having a maximum capacity of around 12, containers But in a business environment marked by scarce data, tax evasion, outdated accounting practices, corruption and an inefficient judicial system, foreign investors often look to local partners to help them navigate what could be a due-diligence minefield.

Fixers are everywhere, but finding one with the right expertise is no easy task. Enter Ms Afrashteh, who is confident her 13 years in the western healthcare sector, coupled with the local knowledge of Mia Mortazavi, her Iranian partner, will benefit their Arta Corporate Business Services consultancy Business consultancies such as Turquoise Partners, Ara Enterprise, ICG Group, Cyrus Omron International and Atieh Bahar are well established in the country, working largely with investors in the private sector, where business relationships and structures have become opaque after many state-run organisations, including the elite revolutionary guards, set up their own 'private' front companies Corruption remains a problem in the state sector, with Iranian businesspeople complaining of the need to bribe officials in customs, the judiciary and elsewhere - a practice that would be unacceptable and even illegal for many foreign organisations.

Outside Iran's own business culture, remaining US non-nuclear sanctions have alerted international investors to the risks of entering the market too quickly.

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Iran's industry minister Mohammad Reza Nematzadeh, speaking at a Franco-Iranian business forum, said there were no longer obstacles to keep French banks from doing business with Iran. Senior French bankers said the memory of BNP Paribas' fine remained too fresh and the current sanctions framework, with a possibility to snap them back in place, was off-putting.

Iran, France hail 'new relationship'

However, smaller banks such as Natixis may be more willing to do business with Tehran, he said. Businessmen hope French export-credit insurer Coface could also help get things moving. Coface signed a deal with Iran on Thursday, the French president's office said.

Nematzadeh said it was a major step, but no details were immediately available But so far it's still just talk, things have not started in practice. The agreement was signed during the visit to Paris of President Hassan Rouhani during which France and Iran agreed to a series of transactions with several French firms Sanofi said in statement it would consider expanding partnerships with local manufacturers to enhance the sharing of its expertise in industrial quality standards and increase the transfer of pharmaceutical production technology and know-how Sanofi said that 55 percent of is sales in Iran were from products manufactured locally Iran's President Hassan Rouhani has been on a tour of Europe, signing billions of pounds worth of business deals with different nations, after economic sanctions against the country were lifted.

He was due to dine with President Francois Hollande at an upmarket restaurant in the French capital. The French insisted on serving local food and wine but the Iranians demanded a halal menu in keeping with their Muslim faith. Hollande's officials said preparing the meal to be 'Iran friendly' went against France's republican values. The Elysee Palace suggested a breakfast with Rouhani instead, but this was said to be snubbed by the Iranian leader for being 'too cheap' In contrast, the Italians made sure the Iranian visit went smoothly by keeping alcohol off the menu for state dinners and covering up its nude statues.

Rouhani called the question 'strange. The problem is terrorism and Islamic State,' Mr. Assad to step down. The stalemate over Mr. Assad bodes ill for a meeting set for Friday in Geneva, where the Syrian regime and opposition groups are meeting for talks to push for an end to the nearly five-year war.

Rouhani's comments sounded a note of discord at the end of a four-day trip to Rome and Paris-the first for an Iranian president in 17 years Iran has urged the Afghans to defend Shia sacred sites and offered financial incentives and legal residence in Iran to encourage them to join pro-Syrian government militias.

Human Rights Watch in late interviewed more than two dozen Afghans who had lived in Iran about recruitment by Iranian officials of Afghans to fight in Syria.

Some said they or their relatives had been coerced to fight in Syria and either had later fled and reached Greece, or had been deported to Afghanistan for refusing.

One year-old said he had been forced to fight without being given the opportunity to refuse. Others said they had volunteered to fight in Syria in Iranian-organized militias, either out of religious conviction or to regularize their residence status in Iran. While Iran officially claims that thousands of Afghans living in Iran have volunteered to join the militias, their vulnerable legal position in Iran and the fear of deportation may contribute to their decision, making it less than voluntary.

Many said that the threat of arrest and forced conscription in Iran was an important contributing factor in their decision to leave Iran. A Geneva-based spokeswoman for the International Baha'i community, Simin Fahandezh, said the 24 individuals are being imprisoned strictly because of their religious faith, which is not officially recognized by Iran.

Finally an agreement was reached in France refunded more than 1. However, Iran refrained from asking for the produced uranium. Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska, and chairman of the U. Senate Appropriations Committeeto declare France's selling of military equipment to Iraq as "international treason". ByFrance had become Iraq's largest supplier of military and dual-use equipment, according to a senior member of Congress who reportedly declined to be identified.

Rajavi in any wrongdoing and the case has essentially died. As ofthe PMOI have received support from many members of the political and judicial classes, from different backgrounds. Economic relations[ edit ] With 6. Fifty-five percent of French exports are concentrated in the automotive sector. French companies are also very active in the oil industry, rail and shipping transport, and the financial sector. For the most part, imports from Iran are crude oil.

A reciprocal agreement protecting and encouraging investment signed by the French Minister Delegate for Foreign Trade on 12 May in Tehran came into force on 13 November Mohammad Shariat-Madari, made an official visit to France from 20 through 23 January The nuclear issue will determine any changes in the business climate in Iran.

iran france hail new relationship

France and its European partners have emphasized to Iran the promising prospects that would result from a negotiated solution. However, the present worsening of the nuclear crisis could damage France's economic cooperation with Iran in the long run. The Minister received his Iranian counterpart, Mr. Kamal Kharazi, who was accompanying the Iranian President. The declarations made by the Iranian President promoting the destruction of Israel and negating the Nazi genocide have been strongly condemned by the French President.

The French government has expressed its concerns to the Iranian government about the human rights situation in Iran.

France–Iran relations

Sadegh Kharaziceased to hold office on 22 November His successor Ali Ahani is currently the new ambassador under President Ahmadinejad and thereafter. The Franco-Iranian relation has cooled off in recent years. Some leaders of MKO were admitted to France and they have actively campaigned against the Islamic regime. Since election of President Ahmadinejad inthe relation has become more contentious.