Is timing everything in a relationship

HonestTruthDating; Timing is Everything

is timing everything in a relationship

When it comes to relationships, is timing everything? There are so many factors to consider for a relationship to be considered and deemed. When I reflect upon the reasons for why I got in the way of some relationships, it all comes down to the circumstances I was immersed in at that point in time. “I really like you, but I just can't date you right now, the timing is wrong.” How many of you have heard this, or something similar, before?.

I can't speak to your specific situation, but I do know that certain relationships of mine would have been completely different or nonexistent!

I don't think of it as purely timing, as if time itself had been working against me, or as if, had I only enough time, or had I better luck, that I could do just about anything. My life has simply worked out in other ways, and I and other people haven't necessarily wanted to avoid some relationships or continue others.

BUT, at the same time, some people will simply never be fully there.

is timing everything in a relationship

They are the type of people that would use the timing excuse because it can be very vague and is impossible to refute. Looking back at my answer, I think I downplayed the importance of timing. It's ephemeral, it's often hard to pinpoint, and it can easily be used to mask the fact that one person just isn't feeling it, while letting the other person down easily OR leave them hanging on.

I tried to bring both points in, That both people need to be in a similar place emotionally and in terms of availability, but that real effort needs to be put forth as well but I see I landed way, way too hard on the "timing doesn't matter" end of the spectrum with the answer.

We invited all our friends. I told a number of people at work that I expected to meet my future wife at this party.

is timing everything in a relationship

So yes, I would say that timing is everything. It's also a good way of making yourself feel better when you are torn from that perfect someone and you wondered what went wrong.

Like I wrote in another thread today, if Mrs. Silvertree wasn't smarter then me, I wouldn't have the most wonderful wife in the world today. Because I thought I needed to be "exploring my options because the timing wasn't right for me to have a serious relationship" or some other such nonsense.

I don't know where I would be if she hadn't decided to stick around while I worked out my timing issues.

is timing everything in a relationship

Ten years later, we got married to one another and its awesome and amazing. Timing's just one factor.

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Make everything else work for you and timing isn't as bad a hurdle as all that. I met my husband when I was 18 and we pretty actively disliked one another. Thought he was cute, he thought I was cute, but our personalities clashed like crazy.

Almost ten years later we ran into one another and it was lightning bolt city, and we've been married for seven years now.

Love It Or Hate It, Timing Really Is Everything

Timing has some importance. Depends how you define timing. It's a very vague and nonspecific term.

is timing everything in a relationship

Timing can refer to what else is going on in your life, where you are emotionally, how mature you are, whether one of you is currently already in a relationship, effects of previous life choices that you can't get out of to focus on a relationship, and even whether you ever meet the person in the first place. Timing is everything, but this is true of everything, not just relationships.

How much of your life now is due to things that happened because you were in the right place at the right time? If you have ever narrowly escaped a terrible car wreck by a fraction of a second, that's timing.

So yes, you need good timing to form a relationship with someone. You need to be in the right place at the right time to meet each other, to meet the friend who introduces you, to be next to them in line at the grocery store, to have your flight canceled and start talking to each other in line.

You need to meet when one of you isn't being arrested, going to Iraq, or moving to the other side of the world the next day. You need to meet when one of you isn't in the last few days of their life, unless you want a very short relationship, or too young to begin a relationship. If you are in a relationship already and focusing on timing, your focus is probably in the wrong place.

If there's some issue that affects timing in a specific way, focus on that and decide if it's a dealbreaker, and either go your separate ways or work on that issue, whether that's waiting until they get out of jail or demonstrating that you trust your partner. She eventually did marry someone else.

The 5 Types of People When It Comes to Relationships and Timing

And maybe a year or two or five later, when someone asked you about a person who was a big part of your life a heartbreakeryou answered like this: It means your pre-destined soulmate.

The one you should be with forever. I'm not too sure this exists -- but it sounds lovely. When I met Peter who has doubts about my theoryI was 25, just four months out of my brief first marriage, and I didn't want to get involved in a serious relationship. But he was ready. Four months after we met, he bought a condo and moved out of the house on the beach that he had rented with friends for years.

is timing everything in a relationship

He gave up watching girls in thong bikinis roller-blading by every weekend for pride of home-ownership. If ever there was someone ready to commit, it was him. And then he got a dog. And then I moved in. Because with his 14 hour workdays and graduate school two nights a week, who the heck was going to take care of the dog? Yep, he was ready. And I didn't want to lose him, so I was ready, too.

I moved away from another boyfriend, jetting from the midwest to San Francisco, leaving him a bit bewildered for three months while he waited for me to decide if I was staying or coming back eventually, it was neither: I dumped him and moved somewhere else altogether. I always thought this was partly due to personality. You see the wide open horizon where the river dumps into the sea.

He invited me to visit, finally made a move, and it was clear we could both be in for the long haul. Only kink in our love-groove? We lived on opposite sides of the country. I moved across the country for the boy. I moved without even thinking, without frenzy or mania or obsessive highs. I did it with obvious, composed energy like it had been the plan all along. Because in my head?