Izak davel is he married relationship

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izak davel is he married relationship

Izak Davel is a South African actor, singer, dancer and male model. He matriculated at the Lady Grey Arts Academy in after which he proceeded to study. Buhle Samuels Biography, Age, Husband, Family and Career she however lost to Izak Davel who plays the role of Bradley Haines on SABC 3's Even though she didn't confirm whether or not she is in a relationship in an. Oct 24, It is no different for homegrown celebrities, Rugbyfromawheelchair recently Celebrity Corner: Izak Davel Izak: I was born into a music family. a better year than has been South Africa with regards to race relations.

She often graces the social pages of magazines and has just wrapped presenting duties on the Afrikaans magazine show, Pasella after five years. She recently walked down the aisle, much to the devastation of hot-blooded males across the nation.

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Cindy is supporting two charities for Survivor, namely WAG, an animal rights and welfare organisation, and The Chrysalis Foundation, a charity that provides counseling and support to girls between the ages of 14 and 18 who have been victims of physical or emotional abuse.

Craig Jacobs Claim to Fame: Fashion Entrepreneur Craig Jacobs has been catching the eye on South African catwalks with his unique fashion label Fundudzi, which is renowned for incorporating environmentally friendly materials including bamboo; soy; corn; and organic cottons.

The Trust — a web portal that aims to make it easy, affordable and risk free to find and contribute to charities throughout South Africa and other African countries. The Trust provides a network for reputable and accountable South African charities who have been qualified through ongoing due diligence - irrespective of size, purpose or geographical location.

Why he could win: Darren Maule Claim to Fame: Actor and comedian Darren Maule started his career in the entertainment industry when he joined a live daily soap drama for Radio Punt called Seepbel.

izak davel is he married relationship

From there he flexed his comedy muscles, doing stand-up comedy as well as physical theatre being one half of a comedy duo mime act. The Wesley Flavell Heart Foundation, which raises funds for a small child who was born with three heart chambers instead of the usual four. This has rendered his body immobile and unable to separate oxygenated and deoxygenated blood. Humour can go a long way in winning friends. So can good food!

izak davel is he married relationship

Garth Collins Claim to Fame: The show has been off air for many years, but people of all ages still stop in their tracks when they spot Granite, the formidable villain from Gladiators. Garth is not only an action man. On the big screen, Garth featured in a number of feature films including Mr Bones ; Berserker ; Red Water ; and Mercenary Engaged, two children, one grandchild. Guide Dogs Association for the Blind - an organisation that seeks to enhance the mobility; independence; and dignity of blind and partially sighted people and to advocate the recognition and protection of the rights of all persons with disabilities.

He was one of the celebrity contestants on the fifth season of the reality dance competition Strictly Come Dancing.

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His professional dance partner was former winner, Hayley Bennett. Garth holds a Shodan first Dan in Shotokan and is a previous power lifting South African record holder in the deadlift kgs. Most people would like to stay close to a muscle-man on a deserted island. GiGi Claim to Fame: She might have danced her way into the limelight with voluptuous moves, but as a trained actress she's also stunned audiences with her phenomenally successful stage productions, Nipplecaps and G-strings and Whore and recently appeared on the big screen in Poena is Koning.

Hospice Houghton, Johannesburg - part of the Hospice group that offers palliative care service that focuses on the quality of life, promoting physical and psychosocial well-being for people with active, progressive and advanced diseases for whom the prognosis is limited. GiGi has a Bachelor of Drama at the University of Stellenbosch and is trained in ballet; jazzart; mime; and piano.

Celebrity Corner: Izak Davel

Girls don't necessarily like exotic dancers, but showgirls like Gigi know how to survive in the urban jungle and how to manipulate the guys. Gys de Villiers Claim to Fame: Lives with wife Jaci in Knysna. Apart from being a legendary South African actor and performer, Gys is an artist as well. These days, he spends his days sculpting; walking on the beach; and eating home-cooked meals. He is the oldest Survivor contestant on the show. Why could he win: Having studied and played thousands of characters over the years gives Gys a desirable edge — he understands what makes people tick.

Hanna Grobler Claim to Fame: Hanna obtained an Honours degree in the post-modern discipline Performance Art at the University of Stellenbosch and was a teacher at Paul Roos Gymnasium.

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Why she could win? Izak Davel Claim to Fame: After his stint on Egoli, Izak launched his debut album, Ken Jy My, which has been received well by fans and critics alike. Married to Mericke Charity: Ons Huis Trust — an organisation that offers a permanent, full-time, protective home and activity centre to mentally handicapped adults.

izak davel is he married relationship

Here they can enjoy adequate physical care and grow spiritually and emotionally so that they are able to make a contribution — no matter how small — to the community. Izak launched his career in musicals, such as Joseph and his Amazing Techicolour Dreamcoat and started acting for screen in the BBC production, Uncle Max, where he played a head banger.

Izak is a strong young leader — physically and mentally. Jub Jub Claim to Fame: The Ithuteng Trust is the only organisation working in the Orlando section of Soweto that strives for the positive development of at-risk and traumatized youth and focuses on preventing these young people from engaging in criminal activities. He's blessed with a sharp mind and has always been a mover and shaker.

izak davel is he married relationship

Kaseran Pillay Claim to Fame: Comedian Kaseran had audiences roaring with laughter in Leon Schuster's Mr Bones and has become a familiar funny face on South African television. The Durban Children's Home is a non-profit organisation, which was founded in This KwaZulu-Natal charity drive provides needy children, young people and their families with a range of services. They focus on the children's existing strengths and provide opportunities for them to meet their developmental needs.

Inhe began recording an album with his friends in the music industry. The first song - a duet with Patricia Lewis and his last song as it turned out, as he died within a week of finishing it - was "The First Kiss Goodnight" by Dennis East; it was recorded on 21 March His biggest hit was "Ruiter van die Windjie" Rider of the Windwhich was released in In the s, he held a concert in support of the Volkshulpskema People's Help Scheme of the Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging, a far right paramilitary organisation, which raised R10, He had cancer during the s and gave generously to charity for cancer research after his recovery.

It was his custom to hand out roses to some of the female audience members in the front row at his concerts.

izak davel is he married relationship

This was also the basis for a Leon Schuster skit, in the hit movie, Oh Schucks In the skit, Shuster, dressed as an Afrikaner lady, became irate when Bridges refused to give her a rose. His career highlight was when he performed to a soldout 8,seater Superbowl at Sun City, five times on one weekend, becoming the first and only artist to do so, as feature artist on 14 and 15 November He actually managed to draw a bigger crowd than Frank Sinatra did when he opened the Super Bowl in