Kanda allen relationship help

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kanda allen relationship help

dgmpains. Allen's gonna kiss the big boo-boo in Mana's head away. of is, well Allen: I know what you are. Kanda: Say it. Out loud. Allen: Douchebag. Warning: Yaoi (male x male relationship). #allen #allenxyuu Allen deactivated his innocence, move towards Kanda and shook him using his foot. +. “Kanda, hey ! He wants to beat that drunken Kanda first before anyone helps him out. +. He helps Allen sit up in bed and then walks over to the table to 'I didn't realize he knew about Allen and my relationship,' Kanda's thinking.

When Kanda found Alma, though, Alma, who had also synchronized with his Innocence, had slaughtered the staff of the Sixth Laboratory and had made the decision to kill Kanda, as well.

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For nine years, Kanda would serve the Order under the impression that he had killed his best friend, never knowing until the events in North American Branch that Alma was alive and had been salvaged for a continuation of the Second Exorcist Program, the Third Exorcist Program.

Kanda became Tiedoll's student, travelling the world with him for a year before going to the Black Order. There, he met Lenalee age 8 and Marie, his teammate.

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Daisya Barry joined the Order. Jeryy became Head Chef. Kanda tried soba for the first time, was impressed, and began to eat it for all three daily meals. Lavi joined the Order.

kanda allen relationship help

Kanda nearly decapitated him for calling him "Yu" after Lavi heard Tiedoll do it. After returning to Headquarters from a mission, Kanda met Allen; Kanda thought he was an Akuma because of the Gatekeeper and drew Mugen on him. Plot Introduction arc Kanda intercepts Allen at the gate. When Allen Walker fails the Gatekeeper 's exam, Kanda is one of the many to hear the alarm [33] and the first to respond.

Allen Walker/Relationships

On the morrow morning, Allen and Kanda clash again, Allen defending a FinderBuzzwho had attacked Kanda out of rage for a callous comment Kanda made about the worth of non-Exorcist personnel. When they arrive in Mater, Kanda informs Allen that he won't be going back for him if he falls behind.

kanda allen relationship help

Once underground, Guzol steps forward and claims to be the doll, and when Kanda says that he wants to take the Innocence from him then and there to make traveling easier, Lala puts herself between Kanda and Guzol, saying that Kanda would get lost without him. The Akuma mocks Kanda for not realizing that he hadn't been Toma all along, then delivers a devastating blow to Kanda's body. Allen you are freezing!! I told him I'm fine….

Allen was walking through the snow, when he tripped over a tree root. He went to get back up but a searing pain tore through his right leg, he screamed in agony. I never thought you would actually kill him, and those two traitor Noah's!!

Allen started coughing out blood as his ribs cracked and pierced his lungs.

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Lenalee continued choking Allen, although her kicking's had stopped. Allen's eyes bolted open, he saw Kanda standing over him protectively, his cobalt eyes filled with worry.

kanda allen relationship help

It was just a bad dream…. Please get some more rest…. You still have a fever….

Lenalee Lee

Allen blushed and rested his head on Kanda's chest as the samurai rubbed his back calmly. The small boy blushed even deeper and shut his eyes. He was fast asleep in seconds, Kanda soon followed. Kanda woke up first the next morning, when he saw Allen still sleeping peacefully; he smiled and didn't move, he trailed his fingers through the soft white hair.

Allen slowly started purring at the gentle and pleasurable touch, the small boy opened his eyes and saw Kanda, he blushed a deep red. Your food that I went to get you earlier is frozen by now; I'll go get you something warm to eat. When he came back with a piping hot bowl of soup, he gave it to Allen who welcomed the bowl gratefully; he dug in while trying to keep his hands warm. Allen sneezed again, a longer coughing fit also followed.

I don't want you getting hurt while we're on this mission….