Keystone motel ending a relationship

keystone motel ending a relationship

[Steven Universe] Keystone Motel Rant. I cannot look at Ruby and Sapphire and their relationship the same And then there's the ending. Discussion. Forum > Steven Universe Discussion board > Keystone Motel Discussion . Awww that was an adorable moment at the end with Ruby and Sapphire. .. I wonder if people are still going to be in denial about their relationship. Steven Universe Recap: “Keystone Motel” this episode is a real breather after “ Cry for Help” and the ending of the last Steven Bomb. Long-term, healthy relationships (especially ones where the participants, y'know, like.

When fused into Sardonyx they still had glasses looking things, while the gauntlets and spear turned into the hammer. And Sugilite also has eye gear. I loved the single stream of tears from Sapphire's one eye and the subsequent reveal of her cyclops state.

We haven't seen Sapphire without her bangs in the way while she is using future vision. So I think Garnet has two power items and the glasses just don't combine with the weapons of others, but they all get mutual power ups.

I loved how Greg met an Internet person. I have absolutely returned from meeting online people IRL and reported "well she wasn't an axe murderer! And if Sapphire needs one lens for her one eye, Garnet's indicates that they cover two eyes.

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Best summoned weapon glasses since Gurren Lagann? No more effed-up than your average human family. AV Club dinged this episode for being too "cartoony" with Sapphire and Ruby, but I liked that, personally.

You're allowed to be cartoony. Ruby was pretty funny and Sapphire illustrated how irritating Zenlike composure can be. Greg is a reformed old-school computer nerd. One day Pearl will find out and they'll become besties. You think it was cold in that Motel room? Y'all ain't seen nothin'. That cheesy yet romantic line of "I get to look at you"!

I think a lot of the matter over fusion comes from it being a relatively new thing to gems homeworld seems to mistrust it, I'm thinking maybe Rose or Garnet invented itdifferent gems seeing it in different ways, and those differences are the root of the conflict here.

I've read about what happens in it, and I don't think I could handle watching Garnet's rage, or Pearl's joy turned to self-loathing. It seems incredibly uncomfortable. Especially when she would go tight-mouthed with bulging eyes. The show is good about mixing upbeats into sad stories. Does Garnet inherit the ability to manipulate temperature on top of future vision?

Is this a thing that's likely to happen? Even so, it seems very unlikely; Steven Universe is one of Cartoon Network's most popular shows.

keystone motel ending a relationship

It regularly gets better ratings than Adventure Time. Her gem is on her left.

Keystone Motel Discussion

I had kind of assumed that the gauntlets projected from the gems, just like how Pearl and Amethyst draw their weapons out of their gems. I guess she did put her hands together, which means she might have been sort of materializing it from her left hand but onto her right. But that's definitely not how it works when she's Garnet. Throne for a Loss Removed Redlink We learn that they don't quite see eyes-to-eye pun will be explained later on the whole ordeal; Ruby is furious for Pearl tricking them to fuse - fusion is obviously a very sensitive subject to her - and she can't understand why Sapphire is not as angry as she is.

So the twist is Sapphire has seemingly forgiven Pearl whereas Ruby hasn't. Garnet did not ignore Pearl because she was mad at her; only half of her was and she probably had quite an internal conflict over it.

Here we not only get to know their personalities better, we also learn of their abilities. Ruby is getting quite steamed up over their argument - literally.

keystone motel ending a relationship

She starts causing scorch marks on the floor of the room! She grows increasingly mad at Sapphire for not sharing in her anger, to the point where she storms out of the room. Sapphire, relying on her future vision, coldly states that everything will be fine. Steven, not quite Steven's plan backfires. She is outside ranting and raving, causing getting hotter and hotter.

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A worried Steven suggest she join him in the pool to cool off - an idea which hilariously backfires on him as she causes the water to boil.

Sapphire, literally too cool for Steven. Steven gives up and returns to Sapphire in order to try to get her to talk to Ruby. Now we learn that Sapphire is quite literlly the cool side of Garnet - she radiates cold and causes the room to look like freeze over like a meat locker!

We get some further confirmation that Sapphire is indeed the one with the Future Vision as we get a cute moment where she helps Steven find the channel on the TV he'd enjoy the most.

keystone motel ending a relationship

Sadly, "nothing good is on". Finally Greg returns in the van and he and Steven share another father-son moment over a pizza which is square rather than round! Naturally, it goes anything but. Ruby is still mad over Sapphire's apparent lack of emotions and her cold Vulcan-like responses doesn't exactly help calming Ruby down - quite the opposite. It all goes downhill until Ruby finally Removed redlink erupts, summoning her weapon which, as I have always guessed was a single gauntlet!

It finally becomes all to much and Steven breaks down crying, leaving the diner in tears. Ruby and Sapphire pause their argument and rush after him outside. Sapphire realizing her mistake.

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Steven goes on a very touching rant on how "home is awful" and "here is awful" coming to the conclusion that the only constant in both situation is him - is this whole mess his fault somehow?