Magical diary donald ending a relationship

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magical diary donald ending a relationship

Professor Hieronymous Grabiner is a magical instructor at Iris Academy, as well as a Romance Option. After things go wrong, don't say that his actions are unforgivable, or he will To get the final scenes for his ending, do not go to the May Day Ball. While not affecting his relationship points with you, you can get a special. I was hoping for more time after the relationship ended so I could play Thank you Magical Diary for surprising me in a culturally relevant way. Most romantic characters also have a'friends' relationship available, for players not interested in pursuing the romance. To romance Damien you must agree to.

It's good, even though my mind's too full of questions to properly enjoy it. One thing is foremost in my mind, however. I- I guess it was my fault for not telling him anything, but after the treatment I suff- experienced, I wasn't feeling too friendly anyway. Can we talk about something else now? I don't feel quite ready to talk about this anymore. My curiosity protests, but I push it down.

magical diary donald ending a relationship

You come here often? I just figured you'd do the same. Well, I suppose you could ask for another serving if you want, but that's just gauche," he winks. Part of what makes this place's food good is the hospitality blessing over it, but that only works if you show hospitality as per magical tradition dictates.

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I don't know, seems a little suspicious. Not only that, but considering that you were willing to hear me out, that's another one and a half points!

I couldn't take it anymore- his gameshow host voice is so over-the-top smarmy, I break down into laughter, and the next moment, so does he. We chat a little more about inconsequential things, and I feel bad when he pays the bill and tries to keep the amount from me.

All too soon, it's time to go back to campus. All throughout, he's been a perfect gentleman. A friend- "-and for the last time," I say in the hall corridor, trying to rub away my headache, "nothing more! We shared a meal together, and that isn't what dates are!

magical diary donald ending a relationship

Why are you beating your head against the wall?! I have no idea what on Earth she was talking about, and I doubt I ever will. The rest of the weekend passes without incident, save for a series of flyers placed in the halls informing us of a special assembly on Thursday, which means we won't be able to schedule class activities.

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Eh, it's an extra day of rest, I can't complain. Indeed, the first few days pass without incident, and I even learned a new spell, much to Grabby's annoyance. I do not recall you scheduling Red Magic classes with me today, a fact for which I am eternally grateful.

There are ways to refine such a spell, but the magical principles needed to do so are far beyond even your bull-like determination and intelligence. See me after class; I shall do what I can to ensure you don't blow yourself up. Today is a special occasion, for you will now practice casting spells on each other, without the pressure of a test or being graded. Honestly, it's been days, but since 'Get over it!

You are not trying to defeat each other! Think of it as a game of catch- one of you throws a spell, and the other catches it! Then you switch places! No fireballs, ice storms- only spells that would target your partner! And even then, no spells that would hurt your partner! If accidents do happen, I will be here to help or heal you.

That's pure Potsdam all right. I turn to face Donald. You know any simple offensive spells? Counting down from three What do you call that spell? I didn't feel anything! Grabiner doesn't actually restrict the usage of Disruption; I simply thought 'black market Blue Magic' would be a neat way of including the spell, especially since it seems to lack the finesse most Blue Magic spells seem to endorse.

We trade a few more spells like this for a few more minutes, when Donald leans in to whisper something to me. I never asked for this! And there's an indication about why I've been so slow to update lately "Donald! Professor Potsdam isn't finished, though. Danson," she begins, "while your flaming dragon was very impressive-" I missed a flaming dragon too?! If poor Mary hadn't stepped out of the way, she might have been seriously hurt! Blaising hadn't had his spell readied at that moment, you would have seriously burned poor Manuel!

I'm afraid I'm going to have to-" "Uhm, excuse me, Professor? He told me to get down and make sure I was out of the way when he cast it. And also, while I do agree that Donald can be a little Danson, and I know that you're making some great strides in Blue Magic- Hieronymous wouldn't stop complaining, the poor man! Arias down now, Jacob! And you ought to be a little faster than that, Mr. It seems that, while I might have lost a friend from the Danson family the past weekend, I've got a new one today.

Saturday saw me once again inside the detention room with a scowling Grabby. Danson, Miss Sue," he says resignedly. I have ways of detecting whether each pebble has been touched or counted, so please, by all means, try to cheat me. My weekends are ever so dull, and locking one of you in here with no food and water until Monday is looking very attractive, especially if it ends up with one of you eating the other. The jars are at least the size of our heads, and if there are any pebbles in them larger than a marble, we don't see them.

It's not like my reputation's going to get any worse, but yours can. I do wonder- aren't you tired of being here every Saturday? Tell me, Mary, do you have any brothers or sisters? I know you and Virginia don't get along, but what about William? I'd have thought you two would have a lot of guy things to talk about, or something. So does Donald, by the looks of how he's finally trying to open his jar.

Next time you see William, ask him what he thinks of me. When we're finally done, I have a personal count of pebbles. I hurt everywhere, my head's foggy from tedium, and I drop into bed for a nice, long rest.

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That being said, I still remember enough to be prowling ahaha Wolf Hall for William, when I feel something tap me on the back of my neck. I turn around, and pick up the paper aeroplane to give back to its rightful owner.

A few things, actually. Where did that come from?! Why do people keep saying that?! William raises an eyebrow. Man, it's a good thing Virginia isn't here, is she?

Nothing really happened, then we had a fight and I changed Halls. But if he didn't tell you- what did he tell you? Then he calms down, and takes a deep breath.

I came to ask about Donald! Or should I wait while you talk about how, oh, I don't know, my relationship with Professor Grabiner- the one you've just made up in your head- is sick and wrong?

What did you want to know about? I was wondering if there was something similar going on between you and Donald. Some kind of secret masculine bonding thing. He'd rather solve his problems by himself.

Mental gymnastics and jumping to conclusions are not ideal ways to exercise your brain! Judging by the look he's starting to give me, William's brain is training for a large scale sports event- It's the Paralympics, by the looks of it. That being said, if he thinks I'm crushing on Donald, it might give him a good reason to give an honest opinion.

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Think up some embarrassing memories! I need to blush! Thankfully, it's a split second before memories of 7-year old me swearing like a sailor at Disneyland arise "Mommy! Why can she say those words and I can't? William being William, he immediately forms his own conclusions about what my turning red means. He likely was primarily raised by retainers, and would appear to be an only child.

Since his father is the 16th Viscount Montague, Hieronymous Grabiner is the heir apparent for the title, and would become the 17th when his father passes away or retires. Should the main character marry him and not absolve the marriage at the end of the necessary time, she might eventually become his Viscountess.

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Personality Edit The initial impression of this man is of severe and taciturn cruelty, paired with an expansive intellect. This can be clearly evidenced in his frequent allusions, and, for example, that he can read a book about Slovenian hay-racks in the original language and niche readings of paleontology.

He also has a surprisingly dry sense of humor, if not using his wits to insult others. It would appear that he is the routine victim of a few pranks from the students, especially during the Initiation. Thanks to this, his sharp reactions to receiving romantic letters belies a very deep frustration. He apparently administers at least freshman detentions himself, being the acting teacher for any potential detentions the main character serves. Should you fail any of your exams, it's most likely that he'll be the one to transport you out of the dungeons.

He also appears to be the primary teacher class council members report to. Magic Professor Hieronymous Grabiner teaches freshman level Red and Blue magic, but would appear to hold expertise in every field.