Maintaining good relationship with god

3 Ways to Develop a Personal Relationship with God |

maintaining good relationship with god

Building A Better Relationship With God .. It's a dangerous world out there, and sometimes it's just good to know someone has “got your. Developing and maintaining a strong relationship with God requires time, effort and the desire for closeness. Just as relationships with other. Journaling changed my relationship with God. Write down all the good things God is showing you and teaching you. Re-read old journals when.

These are four of the central aspects of our relationship with God.

4 Ways to Strengthen Our Relationship with God

Unlike our earthly companionships, when it comes to us and God, the need for forgiveness is one sided. We are the only party in need of forgiveness and God extends it to us liberally. His willingness to welcome us back after we have sinned and in doing so distanced ourselves from Him is reflective of the extent to which He cares for us. It's our responsibility to ask for and accept God's forgiveness. He showed us just how much we mean to Him when His only Son was sacrificed so that we could be saved.

We can show are love for him through worship, by following His commands and by telling others about how great He is. He has invested so much in us, it's only right that we praise Him and invest our time in Him. It bridges the physical gap between us and Him, and allows us to talk to Him and to listen to what He has to say to us as individuals. Because He isn't here with us in physical form, it's vital that we use prayer as part of our process of maintaining a connection with Him.

Even when we think that we've reached the point of no return and can't see a way back, He is waiting for us. The same is often true with our relationship to God. In such cases, we must take a few steps back, recharge, realign and focus on receiving the love that is being directed at us. It is vital to implant in our consciousness that there is a Creator — a basic awareness of the presence of God in our lives.

As it says in Psalms: So how do we rejuvenate this relationship with our Creator in order to feel His love? Live consciously with the thought that there is purpose to life: A first step is to actively focus on the fact that nothing happens on its own.

How can I have a "personal, intimate relationship" with God? (Ask Dr. Stanley)

We are placed in this world to fulfill specific tasks and must remain mindful of the quest and continually search for purpose. Gradually as we tune in to this idea we will be able to decipher their meaning more readily.

3 Ways to Develop a Personal Relationship with God

A second step towards fostering this relationship with God is to focus on appreciating everything He has done for us. Next time you find something you have been looking for, show your appreciation by thanking God.

maintaining good relationship with god

Daily events provide continuous opportunities to appreciate the goodness of God in our lives. The warm smile that greets you during a stressful day or the kind words that someone utters your way are some of the ways God interacts with you.

Express your faithfulness through action: Furthermore, Torah study gifts us with a glimpse of infinite wisdom, since He reveals Himself through the holy letters.

Keep working on enhancing the relationship: However, as with any relationship, we must expect ups and downs in our relationship with God. Life is full of stress and trying encounters which throw us into darkness and feelings of being abandoned.

maintaining good relationship with god

Yet, it is of utmost importance to stay loyal and faithful despite of the challenges.