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maldives china relationship

China is “bracing for the worst” after the Maldives voted to oust Beijing-friendly President Abdulla Yameen, analysts said on Monday, while. Speech by H.E. Ambassador Zhang Lizhong at the Handover Ceremony of China -Aid Sea Ambulance to the Maldives(); H.E. Ambassador Zhang. The China Maldives Friendship Bridge, under contusion in Malé, the a sign of the times that the continuity of the Indo-Maldives relationship.

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In SeptemberPresident Xi paid a historical state visit to Maldives. The two sides decided to establish the China-Maldives Future-Oriented All-round Friendly and Cooperative Partnership and conduct mutually beneficial cooperation in various fields within the Framework of Jointly Building the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, ushering the bilateral relations into a new era.

During the return visit by President Yameen inthe two sides reached a series of consensus on jointly building the Belt and Road Initiative and deepening practical cooperation, and signed multiple cooperation agreements.

Driven by the mutually beneficial cooperation in various fields within the framework of Belt and Road Initiative, China-Maldives friendship is now on the fast track of development with considerable progress in the current stage.

China-Maldives relations

The dream of Maldivian people for generations finally came true. The inauguration of the Bridge is of great significance, highlighting a latest achievement of jointly building the Belt and Road Initiative and a new symbol of time-honored friendship between the two countries.

maldives china relationship

The mutually beneficial cooperation between China and Maldives is for the Maldivian people and in the common interests of our two peoples. It fully respects the will of the Maldivian government and people, takes local development needs into consideration and delivers benefits to ordinary Maldivian people. China-Maldives friendship lies in the people-to-people friendship and exchanges.

China–Maldives relations

Maldives is renowned as the Paradise for tourists in the world. OverChinese tourists come to Maldives annually.

China has remained the largest tourist source market of Maldives for eight consecutive years. More than patients regained their sights thanks to the cataract surgeries by Chinese experts.

maldives china relationship

A friend in need is a friend indeed. During the Indian Ocean tsunami disaster in and water crisis inthe Chinese people lend their hands to the Maldivians in the first place. China and Maldives are now standing at a new starting point in the history to further cement our bilateral ties. March 21,5: That now seems like a long-forgotten past.

maldives china relationship

The current crisis unfolding in the Indian Ocean nation of the Maldives is a grim reminder of just how much times have changed: China has emerged in recent years, because of its economic ascent, as a neocolonial practitioner of predatory economics, which is sparking a new Great Game in the Indo-Pacific.

Since both nations gained independence from Great Britain, India has played a major role in helping build the Maldivian economy, as well as in underwriting political stability in the country.

Exclusive: Maldives set to pull out of China free trade deal, says senior lawmaker

India backed the authoritarian President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom for several decades, even sending troops to preempt a military coup attempt. Mission Impossible in the Maldives, Indian troops arrived at Hulhule airport in the Maldives just 16 hours after receiving a request from Gayoom. However, it is simply a sign of the times that the continuity of the Indo-Maldives relationship has been shaken to the point it has been by external interference.

Yet today, the country is awash with Chinese tourists, as well as large streams of Chinese foreign investment.

Exclusive: Maldives set to pull out of China free trade deal, says senior lawmaker | Reuters

The Chinese are also building a story apartment complex and a hospital. China has emerged as a ubiquitous presence in the Maldivian infrastructure, trade, and energy sectors. Opposition politicians within the Maldives fear the Chinese are setting a debt trap, as they did for Sri Lanka.

maldives china relationship

Just has been the case in other small and poor nations where China has exercised its geo-economic clout over in recent years, it seems that the Maldives is on the verge of conceding its sovereignty to Beijing as a direct consequence of Chinese business taking advantage of the economic opportunities present in the small island country.

It is important to consider that often Belt and Road projects do not always serve economic but rather geo-strategic, grand motives. Furthermore, these are not a slew of projects that have been shown to always be successful. In Sri Lanka, the Chinese-built international airport is a rarely used white elephant.