Nigeria china relationship with obama

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nigeria china relationship with obama

Up to now, President Barack Obama has never visited Nigeria. That has been appropriate given the country's history of rigged elections and the. President Obama's weeklong visit to three African countries should reinforce trade (China's trade with Africa was nearly U.S. $ billion last year, while U.S. trade The three largest by population—Nigeria, Ethiopia, and the Democratic. President Obama took a swipe at China in a speech to a summit of largest trade partners in Africa are Angola and Nigeria because of oil.

The 3-odd-year-long experience of the development of China-US relations can be summed up as follows: Xi Jinping emphasized that bearing crucial responsibilities in safeguarding world peace and stability as well as boosting global development and prosperity, China and the US share extensive common interests. The development of a long-term, healthy and stable China-US relationship conforms to the fundamental interests of both peoples and is the common expectation of the international community as well.

I have already held telephone talks with Mr. Donald Trump after his election as the new President of the US. I am willing to work with Mr.

nigeria china relationship with obama

Donald Trump to expand bilateral cooperation in various areas at bilateral, regional and global levels, manage disputes in a constructive manner and realize non-conflict, non-confrontation, mutual respect and win-win cooperation, so as to push China-US relations for greater progress at the new starting point.

President Barack Obama at a welcome ceremony in Beijing. As a rule of thumb, a US president would not visit China unless he had won the second term. From May to this past July, the two countries were once at loggerheads over the South China Sea issue and their relationship didn't ease until after this past July. During the US presidential transition, the two countries are expected to maintain stability in their bilateral ties. Among the four pillars underpinning this strategy, the third and fourth pillars are also conflicting to each other.

China has also been advancing by leaps and bounds on the technological front. For the past five consecutive years, China was ranked first in terms of patent filings.

Obama suggests US is better partner than China to African leaders

In all the hot areas of defence, there are a dozen Chinese players competing head to head against a limited number of two or three companies from other countries. An employee works at the production line of an automobile factory in Dalian, Liaoning province, October 18, The crisis robbed five million US families of their homes and left seven million families dependent on legal acts for the continued use of their homes even if they could not pay their mortgages. The Federal Reserve instituted several rounds of quantitative easing, but did little to reform Wall Street.

The US also failed to deliver its gun control, immigration reform and middle class support plans.

nigeria china relationship with obama

Despite its moderate economic recovery and improved job figures, its real economy remains weak, fraught with a further divided society. The several rounds of quantitative easing didn't help a lot beyond buoying the stock markets on Wall Street. For example, the two countries are, more or less, willing to cooperate on issues such as anti-terrorism, nuclear security and climate change.

nigeria china relationship with obama

In other words, Obama has neither rejected nor accepted the construction of this new type of bilateral relations. Whether the US can accept this concept or not, the failed rebalance strategy of the US has allowed China to gain the strategic initiative with a slight upper hand.

This has helped it gain more strategic initiative. By contrast, the US has regressed significantly in terms of strategic thinking when compared with the Cold War period. When it comes to the disintegration of the Soviet Union, there is a false belief among US elites that the dissolution was a result of the US triumph over the Soviet Union rather than the result of its internal problems.

This has encouraged the US to be arrogant and belligerent and make lots of enemies. Cooperation is the best choice The fact that Donald Trump won the presidential election is also a reflection of public discontent with the Obama administration.

The US still has a great sense of superiority, viewing the world from a US-focused perspective without appreciating the most important fact in this world—China has already become the strongest industrialized nation in human history. It also neglects another historical fact - the US had always benefited from its cooperation with China in the Asia-Pacific throughout the 20th century.

However, when it gathered some small nations against China, the consequences were the Korean War and the Vietnam War. China is a natural big power, which can never be beaten even if the US has the support of some small nations. The US remains focused on itself and its allies, unable to treat China as an equal. If it reverses its approach and considers China as an equal partner, both its Asia-Pacific and global strategies will gain a new life.

Security is a tricky issue for the US and African states alike.

Xi Jinping Meets with President Barack Obama of US

While Washington is involved in joint operations with Uganda against Joseph Kony's Lord's Resistance Army, directly assisting the armies of countries including Kenya and Ethiopia against Islamic extremism, and training several militaries for peacekeeping operations, it could not find any country on the continent willing to host the US's Africa military command, Africom. John Campbell, a former US ambassador to Nigeria, said Washington also wanted to avoid being drawn in too close to confrontations such as Abuja's battle with Boko Haram because it risks becoming associated with widespread abuses by government forces, including the killing of civilians and destruction of property.

nigeria china relationship with obama

That's the face of the Abuja government in parts of Nigeria," he said. Human rights groups want to see a strong emphasis at the summit on issues such as spreading anti-gay legislation and increasingly authoritarian regimes in US allies such as Rwanda and Uganda.

nigeria china relationship with obama

The White House says there will be "straight talk" about human rights but it has sent a mixed messages by ignoring the international criminal court's indictment of Kenya's president, Uhuru Kenyatta, for election violence by inviting him to the summit. Perhaps watched most closely of all will be how Obama is received by the visiting presidents.

The president's Emergency Plan for Aids Relief Pepfar is estimated to have saved well over a million African lives, transformed health systems and provided education to the children of people living with HIV.

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There was a wide expectation in Africa that Obama would build on Bush's successes on the continent - a belief more rooted in the fact that the future president's father was born in Kenya than anything he actually said. Foote said that six years later Obama's reputation was mixed. While "there is a lot of pride" in having a president of African descent in the White House, Foote said he had been confronted at African Union summits with claims that Obama should have done more for the continent.