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After You Move In Together, Here's How Your Relationship May Change, According To Women There was definitely an adjustment period. Relationship advice: The first year of marriage can range from bliss and excitement to adjustment and transition. This article lists that are required for adjusting. Of course, it's common to go through an adjustment period, as you get used to sharing a space and combining your lives. But several issues.

It is never too late to learn the skills and to take the risks to effectively move through the power-struggle stage in order to achieve a stronger more satisfying relationship. It requires honesty with self, the willingness to confront and communicate with the partner, and letting go of control to experience what needs to surface. This includes facing your fears and allowing all your feelings to be explored.

Feelings are not right or wrong. When denied, however, anger turns to rage and playing "ostrich" to avoid dealing with issues turns to depression. Healing these may require both inner work and therapy. Steering through the power-struggle stage can take years if a couple does not look for help outside of their frame of reference.

Marriage and family therapists offer helpful information and objectivity when a couple is at an impasse. Unconditional Acceptance In its third stage, a healthy relationship moves beyond regular power struggles and control issues to unconditional love and acceptance. However, during the transition from stage two to stage three, partners must still confront and resolve issues in the relationship, taking risks to make positive change wherever possible and accepting those conditions that cannot be changed.

Even in stage three, it is healthy to discuss anything that upsets you.

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Differences are approached positively, not seen as things to brush over, hide, or suppress. Tolerance and forgiveness are part of the equation, because there are always two different individuals with points of view, interests, desires, goals, and rates of growth. At this stage, each person is highly aware of various traits in the other. Some you like and others you dislike, but you learn to accept the ones that cannot be changed. This is a time when expectations are readjusted and both of you become more realistic.

Part of the process involves grieving the loss of expectations that cannot be met, and forgiving your partner for not conforming to your ideals. This third stage, acceptance, also includes enjoying the partnership and supporting each other on the journey of life.

On the path to mature love, these three stages blend into one another.

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While communication is ongoing, it is imperative that we do not hold grudges, withdraw our love and affection or punish our partners with the silent treatment. Communicate often, let it go and never go to bed upset with each other.

Adjustment Period In Marriage: How To Deal With It?

Create a technology free evening In email, social media and text messaging have become the go to when communicating, even with loved ones. How many times have you seen a couple on date night with their heads buried in phones? Our lives are so full of distractions and oftentimes, technology can be the biggest distraction or barrier to communication.

Try committing to 1 evening per week even if it is a few hours to no technology. Focus solely on each other, really date each other and keep that fire burning. Neglecting our individuality or losing our identity in our marriage can result in feelings of regret, loss, resentment, anger and frustration.

Scheduling time apart also allows us to be more appreciative of the relationship and makes the heart grow fonder.

Remember, each day is different, each marriage is different. Just because your first year is not filled with vacations, roses and expensive gifts does not make it any less special. Expect challenges in the first year. Embrace these challenges and obstacles as opportunities to grow as a couple. Marriage And Beyond By Anwesha Barari on August 4, The adjustment period of marriage is the crucial litmus test of a relationship.

Many marriages break up during this stage of marriage. This is because most young people do not understand the value of adjustment in marriage. Just like a child grows up in phases, life after marriage too develops in phases. Every phase of marriage has to be dealt with in a different way. The adjustment period by far is the most difficult stage of marriage but once you get past it, life after marriage unfold as a beautiful symphony.

The Duration of Adjustment in Marriage Phase: It will begin right after your honeymoon ends and you start living together under the same roof as man and wife.

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This phase of adjustment in marriage may last for one year or a couple of years. But even after 3 years of marriage if you feel that the adjustment phase is not over, then it is something to worry about. May be you are not spending enough time together. The Salient Features of the Adjustment Period: