Post bpd relationship horror

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post bpd relationship horror

Did any amount of smashing new girls after help or were scars still prominent? . but every model or hot woman I know has Borderline behaviors. .. to get preggers to anyone atm as though a baby will fix her life, scary chit. After leaving and going back 4 times previously, naturally her, and those I'd love to hear from anybody else who's been in a BPD relationship. Borderline personality disorder is a mental illness marked by an . There is a reason why all these BPD horror stories sound so similar (that's a link to issues in that post—but common signs of gaslighting are definitely there.

I am trying to convey the seriousness of this illness when it is left unchecked, and protect others from having their lives ruined by someone with it. She Will… It will all start out like a Disney movie.

Witness incredible traumas WOMEN have caused: How to spot toxic personalities (BPD & Sociopath)

You will feel love at first sight, and you will think that you have found your soul mate. You will then talk to her and form an instant connection—one that will feel almost too good to be true.

She will quickly tell you that she is in love with you.

post bpd relationship horror

And girls do these things right? This will be apparent when she mirrors you—she will feign interest in your favorite hobbies and adopt notable features of your personality. Now granted, any girl who likes you will do this to some extent, but she will take it to the extreme, to the point where she is trying to become you or whoever she thinks you are. She will make you think her needs are easy to meet, but then increase her requirements as soon as you try to meet them.

She will always play the victim—even when facing consequences that are a direct result of her actions. She will still proclaim her love for you but act increasingly avoidant towards you and your attempts to improve the relationship. She will explicitly state how good she is for you—something no one who is actually a good part of your life will ever have to do.

post bpd relationship horror

Then she will start splitting. What will you do to earn such a monstrous label you ask? Or maybe the vicious crime of looking in the direction of another woman. That is when you will turn into evil incarnate.

She will accuse you of manipulation, cheating, and slander while she will be doing all three herself a. She will tweet about how terrible of a person you are.

She will see a picture your mom took of you while you were out to dinner with your family and accuse you of cheating. She will be a stream of passive aggressive behavior. She has a cute image to maintain, remember?

She will use a nasty form of manipulation called gaslighting —a subtle tactic that will make you question your own sanity.

She will fabricate stories so much that you will apologize for things you never did. And unless you have close ties to any of these people, they will believe her victim act. This will leave you isolated and afraid. After months of giving her the benefit of the doubt, you will finally try to leave her, but her obsessive cries for you, the abuser, to come back will make you feel guilty for doing so, and you will believe that she has changed for the better.

You will be wrong. Still man, I wish there was something I could do or say to convince you otherwise. This was my experience with a self-proclaimed BPD chick. At that time I had the feeling I was completely done with even thinking about this girl.

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But little did I know that the next day I would be on the computer, in a chat room, lonely. Much to my surprise a girl was actually in the room, and she needed attention bad. It was funny too because she had the same name as the girl I was done thinking about. Anyway I messaged her and got her digits, called her.

She had a really sexy voice! I checked her MySpace too and she wasn't even that fugly! That was Mistake 1. Desire had it's hold on me. I didn't even think the girl might be bad for my health. So we talk on the phone for awhile and she tells me about these "cuts" she has. She was a cutter.

I don't believe everything I'm told. The more I talked with her the following days, the more she "opened up", or rather dumped her life issues on me. After a barrel of bullsh1t must be taken in small doses! So I told her I only wanted her to be my fvck buddy. She did not want to be "seen as a toy". I thought this was cute, seeing as we lived over miles away.

In later days she tells me she had a 3-sum with her best friend and some d1ck. I got angry at that, because I still desired her.

post bpd relationship horror

That was Mistake 2. Do I just let myself accept the fact she is going to fvck other guys? Fvck I want the poon too!

It was most likely a sh1t test and I failed it. I got so pissed at what she said I was ready to give it up. But desire had it's claws in me and I kept talking.

post bpd relationship horror

I told her stuff like she will catch a disease if she fools around, trying to scare her. At this point she set me as her 1 friend on MySpace lol but I was heated! I told her I was "dumping her ass" and removed her from my friends list.

She calls me after that, crying and her best friend is on the phone saying she is going to cut herself.

post bpd relationship horror

I thought, "O no, maybe this girl IS crazy! I also had the crazy idea of setting up a PayPal donation fund so people could donate money to help me "see my new girlfriend! Anyway I told the girl about the PayPal thing and that I already made 30 dollars!

The next night we are on the phone and she is drunk and tells me her mommy bought her a new dildo so of course she has to try it out. Things couldn't have went smoother. After all that I dug up a chick I used to know on MySpace who's a real hottie and I befriended her once again.

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Then I put her MySpace profile right above the crazy chicks. Ooo I could feel the heat of jealously radiating out of the computer monitor That was Mistake 3.

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I pumped my own ego which was about to be debased, hard. One night we were talking again and I called her ugly. This is when the tragedy starts. I needed some drama, I was bored as all fvck. She hangs up on me and won't pick up the phone!