Relationship advice free hotline for medical questions

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relationship advice free hotline for medical questions

Counselors can help you ease your anxiety and get to the but are ready to seek medical care for your anxiety, and becoming an adult, on top of any issues they may can call this hotline 24/7 for free crisis intervention . Paula · Relationship Anxiety · Disconnected. There are many free mental health hotlines and mental health online support services and referrals for men dealing with relationship issues, or visit their website. call for advice about poisonings, bites and medicine overdoses. Helpline offering information and listening for people with marriage or Common relationship problems Offers advice, relationship counselling, sex therapy, workshops, We're a free and confidential multi-channel service.

If so, will I have to be on medication forever? What are the potential side effects of treatment drugs? How else can I manage symptoms? Will I have to go to a treatment program? How long does treatment last? How much does treatment cost?

relationship advice free hotline for medical questions

Will my health insurance cover it? What if I have other mental health issues as well? Will I ever feel normal? How will bipolar disorder affect my ability to attend school, work, and socialize? What are the next steps I should take?

If you think that a family member, friend, or loved one may be bipolar, knowing more about the disorder can help you be as supportive as possible. Bipolar help hotlines can help you learn more about the condition and how to be most helpful to someone with bipolar disorder. Questions you may have include: What should I do if I think someone needs help for bipolar disorder?

What types of treatment are available? How can I help someone with bipolar disorder get treatment?

relationship advice free hotline for medical questions

To find a mental health treatment program. To learn about the different ways anxiety attacks are treated.

relationship advice free hotline for medical questions

To get reassurance, or discuss concerns. To get help processing their feelings. What Questions Should I Ask? Calling a hour anxiety hotline provides an opportunity for you to ask any questions you have about anxiety. Hotlines are a resource that exist to serve you and to address your concerns.

No question is unimportant or silly. Whatever worries you might have running through your head are appropriate for an anxiety helpline. Some questions you might consider asking when you call an anxiety attack hotline include: Do I have an anxiety disorder?

How do I know? What steps should I take if I am having an anxiety attack? Can anxiety attacks be successfully treated? Do I need medication to treat my anxiety? What are the symptoms of anxiety? What happens if I also suffer from other mental health problems, such as depression or substance abuse? Do people with anxiety need to go to specialized treatment programs?

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How much does treatment cost? Will my insurance cover the cost of treatment? Will I ever feel OK again? What should I do next? Anxiety hotlines can educate you about anxiety and provide the information you need to offer the best assistance to your friend or loved one. If you want to talk to knowledgeable staff at an anxiety hotline, free helplines may help ease your concerns, help you obtain further information about treatment, and provide you with more information about anxiety and anxiety attacks.

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How can I help my loved one cope with their anxiety? For crisis support, telephone and web counselling, and mental health information contact one of the following support services: Lifeline — call 13 11 14 for this free, hour Australia-wide crisis support and suicide prevention service. Suicide Call Back Service — call for this free service for people having suicidal thoughts, family or friends affected by suicide, and healthcare professionals treating suicidal people.

SuicideLine — call for free and anonymous support, 24 hours a day, seven days a week across Victoria. Kids Help Line — call 55 for free counselling and advice for young people between the ages of five and Youth Beyond Blue — call 22 for free telephone counselling or visit their website for information, resources and support for young people with depression or anxiety.

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ReachOut — visit their website for information, tools and support for young people with mental health issues. Somazone — free health advice for young people, including mental health. Help for parents As your children get older and move from one stage of life to the next, it can sometimes be hard to know what a mental health problem is and what is just a normal stage of development.

relationship advice free hotline for medical questions

If you are worried that your child may be struggling with a mental illness, it is important that you talk to a healthcare professional about your concerns.

Your local doctor can talk to you about your situation and point you in the direction of further support if you need it. Contact one of the many mental health helplines, websites and specialist clinics to get information and advice.

relationship advice free hotline for medical questions

Health support services include: Parentline — call 13 22 89 for this telephone counselling service for Victorian parents and carers of children up to 18 years of age.